Dave Pearson-Corporate Entertainment, Trade Show Event Entertainer

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bjbj Dave Pearson is the world's number one pool entertainer and the most exciting pool
player the game has ever seen. He is known all over the world and is without a doubt
the top exhibition player in the world. Dave has broken over 20 world records with the
Guinness Book of World Records and currently owns four of those world records. Dave has
performed in 33 countries and has a line of cues that is currently sold in over 120 countries.
Dave is a marketing dream for any company s corporate event. During the events Dave
will try to break world records and will perform his amazing trick shots that literally have
to be seen to be believed. His quick wit and humor has audiences in fits of laughter and
his skills with the cue leaves them astonished. Need help with a tv spot? No problem. Dave
has performed on thousands of tv networks, from St Lucia to Stockholm internationally
and from L.A to New York in the states. He has had some fun with Regis and Kathy Lee,
Good Morning America, The Today Show and MTV. He was even on NBC s huge summer hit Dog Eat
Dog. From tradeshows to charity events, appearances for actors or sports celebrities, Dave is
a unique and talented individual. If you would like to be blown away with his amazing trickshots,
fascinated by his first class pool skills or have your company and event be part of
history with a Guinness World Record, then Dave is your man. Known worldwide as " The
Ginger Wizard ", Dave has performed in nearly 50 countries He has been requested so much
that he has twice earn well over a million air miles in one year! And twice he has stayed
at unbelievable 320 different hotels in a year. Now what makes Dave the best pool entertainer?
Well that's easy, it s his exceptional ability combined with a personality that is second
to none. He is completely focused on marketing and branding your company during his shows.
He is 100% commited to making sure that the experience is a night to remember. His talent
makes it easy for him to adapt. Whether he is dazzling the top athletes at the Olympics,
or performing for Mall of America and other mall grand openings, be it captivating audiences
at sports and celebrity charity events, to executing with precise accuracy at world famous
art galleries like the Menil, from promoting your products at tradeshows, or just flat
out entertaining millions around the world with one of his exciting world record attempts,
Dave is the simply the best! Dave has broken over 20 Guinness World Records and currently
owns 4! He has the Guinness World Record for The fastest pool table clearance. Where he
had to make all of the balls as fast as he could, but the trick was he must wait for
cue ball to come to a complete stop, and then to top it all off, the 8 must go in last.
Dave owns the record for doing it in 26.5 seconds! He also holds The fastest 2 table
clearance at 1 min 20.1 seconds The fastest 10 table clearance at 8 mins 50 .1 seconds
And Last but certainly not least, he holds the Guinness World Record for the most pool
balls made in 24 hours. An amazing 16,499! Dave is proud to be ambassador of the VNEA,
the world's premier and biggest inter continental pool league. He also has a line of cues sold
all over the world. He has designed cues for Heineken, Carlsberg, Olhausen, the US army
and many of the company s he s performed for. In addition to his many entertainment shows,
his off the chart talents and his astonishing World Record feats, Dave uses his craft not
just to entertain, but also to giveback. Dave does a lot of charity shows to raise money
for Children s Cancer Foundations. He enjoys being able to make a difference in any way
he can. When it comes to putting on a great show and providing loads of fun and entertainment,
there really is just one clear choice. If you want the best, then look no further, just
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