Cults: The Most Devastated People Are The Children.

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the people who are most devastated are the people who are either born into
cults or brought in by their parents who get recruited into a cult when the kids
are very young
and then they come out
uh... whether they're kicked out whether they have a nervous breakdown or they
have a overwhelming health problem and the cult doesn't want to pay for their
they come out to an alien world
it's not unlike someone who's in prison or in a POW camp
and is brought out to society and has to be taught
education has to be brought to the doctor maybe they've never seen a doctor
and had a full physical
uh... is it likely they've been educated while they were in the cult usually they
do their own education which is basically indoctrination and uh...
there's on cult that I'm working with that's prevalent in the northeast
that considers it a sin for children to have imagination
so if the children are playing with dolls they are beaten with a balloon stick
a wooden stick
so that they shouldn't
have these fantasies and imagination and in talking with child psychologists
when i tell them this
they gasp and say i can imagine no worse
forms of abuse but then when i go on and discuss children who are systematically
uh... molested sometimes in certain cults by their own parents at the
instruction of a cult leader
then we see incredible levels of damage
and helping people to come out is a monumental task
and there are literally thousands of cults
and millions of people americans that are impacted here
and most mental health professionals
I know Janja would agree me do not understand even when someone comes
in and says hey i'm having
suicidal thoughts
most therapists are not trained to ask questions like well
have you ever been involved with a group that's controversial that told you
you know anything about that if you left terrible things are going to
happen to you or you should kill yourself
and i believe that there are untold numbers of suicides that are happening
directly because of cults
because of cult mind control 'cause someone's getting out as opposed to
uh... just they're unhappy with their life but again the mental health field is blind
to this matter much as they were blind to child molestation issues
in before the sixties the seventies when it started coming to the
steve you brought up something interesting that i wanna take just a
minute and pause and talk about
is it true that children in cults are often exposed to highly abusive behavior
much of it sexual an example which was cited in the new york times which
should reflect up on the screen in just a moment
uh... children being sexually exploited would you say that type of abuse is the
in certain cults i wouldn't I wouldn't
say across the board and i think it's difficult when you're trying to describe
a broad phenomenon correct uh... because uh... credibility is very important and
and did you want to say something yeah i think what's important you know to always
remember when you're in one of these groups you're under control of
the leader or the next level of leadership right
so that as a parent 'cause people are probably wondering well how could parents go along
with some of these things as a parent your loyalty is not to your children
it's to your leader and to the group
that loyalty shifts the minute you adopt that world view as i talked about earlier so
that whatever happens to the children whether you as a parent are doing it or whether
you are observing it or whether it's the norm of the group you go along with it
may be with that same conflict that i felt all those years in my group but you
go along with it because that's the context you're in so you don't step in and
say you don't step in or if you do step in you'll get smashed right you're punished
you quickly learn that you're not supposed to step in so that
there is a continual again a conflict going on about that because the
loyalties are shifted um the only loyalty you can have is to the leader
again there's going to be an array of experiences not every group is going to
be directly abusive to the children but i know that in my group the
children were just neglected I mean who had time we were working twenty-hour days
who had time for the children they were shunted shuffled off to school picked up
from school thrown into child care somebody was assigned to watch them one night a
week they had no personal attention they had no personal time with their parents right
is that abuse i don't know but in the case of the hare krishnas where
the kids are taken away from their parents and they were sent to schools
where they were being homosexually molested systematically year after year
after year that's what the new york times story was all about
this is horrific
this is absolutely horrific and the leadership of this group have taken little
responsibility to oust those leaders who were doing the systematic perpetration
of doing very little if nothing to get therapy to all the victims larry your reaction
yeah... i have one reaction uh...
again i hope this doesn't strike people as to bizarre but in terms
the fact that a parent
would consider his or her primary uh... allegiance to the leader rather than
to the child that's the norm
forgive me for saying this this is not different from what went on in nazi
germany or under stalin in russia
that's right these are totalitarian societies
little mini totalitarian societies and the mind control that hitler practiced in
germany was just on a larger scale
than the moonies practice but it's the same control of behavior information
thoughts and feelings re-coding identity can i make uh... ask
a question or maybe it's just a quick comment as as they were talking
it occurred to me one could think of nazi germany as one huge
in fact robert jay lifton who
wrote the seminal book on mind control initially at the behest of military
intelligence was his initial research he wrote a book called thought reform and the
psychology of totalism
about chinese communist thought reform programs of the forties and fifties of
uh... went on to write a book called the nazi doctors
and talked and applied the same paradigm to the nazis and in particular
focused on doctors who are
by their training taught to save life and yet they were systematically
destroying life
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