Hot, Cold, and Burning Bodies? Dine & Sign episode 27

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Hi, I'm Alex and this is my father. He's deaf and I'm not. Join us as we share a father-son
conversation over a bite to eat and I start to learn that he's got a unique little way
of saying things to me. This is Dine and Sign.
Why hat? Why hat?
Why not?
Why?? Reason? Why?
I want the same as your shirt.
My reason? … Woods, can't find me is the reason.
For to keep my warm.
Cold in here?
Yes! I tell myself "I can't wait for something coming, cause I feel I want to grow my life."
I'm cold, cold, feel motivates me to go. I laugh myself "Cold? My life cold? Guess so,
Cold? I feel it's perfect. Really cold? You feel cold?
My fingers, my nose, my toes.
Oh… I'm warm. Feel.
Smokin' My god! Because I lost 50 pounds! Skinny- oh I realize but my friend Steve?
Hot, hot, hot. The body- depends, some warm pumping. So I laugh… cold. Before I was
fine, but I Was fat, now that small. I feel cold. Blanket, hats…
hmm.. Interesting.
That's why I'm curious at life- people cold, most of the time cold, or most of the time
hot? I'm curious.
Temperature. What's the temperature?
I dunno, you say 65. 65?
65? It's a little cool, but not cold. I feel cool. But cold outside. Outside cold, cold
outside. Inside, nothing.
So I think moving someplace warm. I wanna live… San Francisco.
One house inside, 80. Inside 80.
Hot! Warm!! Running.
Short sleeves, shorts. Walk around with a bathing suit.
Downstairs. Load wood. Load everyday. Waste! Flow out. Heat.
Why not work? Burn, why not?
Pellet, wow! If I burn, run out! I skimp, I save. Plenty.
Skimp skimp. I feel skimp skimp, persist, why not use it? Use it?
Negative! I stock it. That. Save my life. Fill! Negative. Run out.
Always think the worst!
Backup! Stocked. Life.
You think life is a race? Persist. Extend the game?
For example- Some people… frozen, dead, why? Not prepare. That's it. oh. Dead.
Rare… wrong.
You say-
wait a minute. Many… die, maybe… dead - 7. Finish. 10,000 cold, frozen. Not prepared.
That, life saved.
That's why you say if snow huge! I say "yeah… wait 1 day, 2 days, 3 days…" It's fine.
Blanket, time will pass.
Cold. Different. Cold.
Talk talk…
Before I experienced- minus. I load the heat. Imagine people?
Prepare, prepare. Prepare!
I've experienced… I'm 58 years old. I experience- 56 years old! will be 57! Experience.
So the answer is to use a little bit, so if something big happens…
…have. Waste? Ehh… 1900's long time ago, plenty, cheap. Today's different.
Why not throw dead body. Use dead body. Frozen? Throw it in.
Not allowed in America, not allowed.
They don't know, shh. Fire.
You, jail!
If I'm frozen and die, use my body. I give you my permission.
if worse! Frozen, use my body.
I'll go cut a tree down, chop it up.
If, boom! I die- will you toss, bye! Recycle. Recycle.
You talk stupid.
I get it from you!
Cut this, throw it.
Cut this…
I want to let you know I give you permission!
Cut. Throw.
You talk stupid.
You make me laugh.
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