Professor Layton and the Last Specter - Walkthrough Part 1 (Japanese w/ basic translation)

Uploaded by DionWalkthrough on 17.06.2010

>> Welcome to my translation! Note: This is the only the part im going to upload. Note: Turn annotations on for better translation, but at some people it doesnt work..
>> Hes telling the beginning of the story and about the flute...
>> Professor Layton meets up with Luke. Luke knows about the Flute, if someone plays on the Flute, a monster appears and the world will be destroyed.
>> Professor Layton and The Specters Flute
>> Prologue: Old Assistant
>> This girl is laytons new assitant
>> Layton gets a letter from an old friend about a mystery
>> This is about the letter, its the mystery about the monster and the flute you saw earlier
>> Puzzle 1, took me a while to solve... :P
>> Mystery 1: The Letter
>> Mystery 2: The Town
>> Chapter 1: That strange little town...
>> They arrived at the town where the monster appears. By the way, i really like this soundtrack
>> If you turn annotations on right now, you will see some text with a little bit more of the story. At some people annotations doesnt work, im sorry.