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FLIPZ: Yo, please put your hands together for one of the sickest crews on America's Best
Dance Crew. Their technical style, their tuts, their flavor, even the way they dress. They
always rock so fresh. Ladies and gentlemen, Poreotics.
Alright, yo. Come on ya'all. Give it up for Poreotics, ya'all.
FLIPZ: The quarter-finals of The Arena brought us four super hype battles. With Morris, Floor Phantom,
and El Nino moving forward to the semi-finals, it came down to Spee-D versus Gravity for
the remaining spot in our closest battle yet. In the end, Gravitiy edged out Spee-D to capture
the last spot in the semi-finals where he'll now have to face El Nino. SPEE-D: I don't agree
with the judges' decision. I felt like in my heart I did my best like I could and I
felt like I won. GRAVITY: I feel really good about my overall performance. I could have
did way better in the power round. Spee-D's a nasty power head, nasty with power period.
But, at the end of the day I set the standard and I feel confident in my future battles.
I'm Angela Sun welcoming you back to The Arena. The quarter-finals are over and four competitors
will head into the Audience Award battle and four competitors have advanced to the semi-finals.
The path to victory is not easy as everything from here on out intensifies. Flipz, take
it away. FLIPZ: The Arena make some noise for the semi-finals! Whose gonna judge? Legendary,
the man, the myth, the legend. All the way from BX, el boricua from Rock Steady, Crazy Legs.
Miss amazing rocker herself, Asia One. President, founder of Skill Methodz Crew,
seventeen years strong, Abstract.
Those judges right there, it's Asia One, Abstract, and
Crazy Legs. They're all well known in the scene. Everyone knows who they are. To have
one of the guys you first saw ever like dance judging you is amazing. Does it up the pressure
having a solid line-up of judges? I think, it's more of relief. It's an honor to battle
with them judging you, because you know these guys have big names and they've done a lot for
the scene and the community. The level of competition is pretty high. I'm truly looking
for complete dances. I notice everything. I see exactly what they're attempting to do. I see
how they change directions. I recognize the level of difficulty in a move. You want to
make sure that people not only just see what you do but they feel what you do. I look for
the whole, the whole package. From creativity, originality, to difficulty. A lot of other
competitions that I've seen people have won over just flipping and doing big moves and
not overall style. Like I like to see people just take a risk, meaning they're not playing
it safe. ASIA ONE: It's not gonna be enough to just have great dynamics or just great
footwork or just be good on top. Your competitor is gonna come at you with something and you
ideally wanna answer them. When it comes to lights, camera, action, you know all you have
is your skills. You really wanna put your best foot forward.
FLIPZ: Semi-finals. Alright, moment of truth. Yo, comin' to the stage. First Fallen Kings, Sacramento, give
it up for Morris. Yo, killing it in his first round, everybody whooo breaking the ice.
He's won so many battles this year. He knows what it takes to win.
I'm B-boy Morris, but my real name is Morris Everett Isby III. The name belongs to my grandfather,
but I want people to know the name because of me. I wanted to be a famous dancer, so
I just looked at it like while I was in high school just to sacrifice going out partying
and just dance, dance, dance. So like in my city in Sacramento, a lot of the B-boys there
hated my guts because I would go to their schools and call them out. But at least if
they hate you they're still talking about you, they're still mentioning your name.
For me I don't boil it down in style, I boil it down to character. It's how you
you dress, how you move, how you interact with everybody when you're out there. That's
what matters the most. People think I'm aggressive, yes, because of the way I battle.
I'm always, like I'm very competitive and you can see that. As soon as I walk on the
floor it's apparent that I'm here to win. FLIPZ: All right, moment of truth. Morris
is up against Floor Phantom. Ready to rock. The all mighty Zulu Nation, representing the
Bronx, BX, baby. Style, flavor. He defines rocking.
ANNOUNCER: Floor Phantom
My mom was a dancer in 1979. She used to do a little bit of breakdancing, a little
bit of B-boying. I would come home and my mom would be cooking dinner you know doing
the, doing the robot and my father was in the next room, you know with his
old school Pioneer with a needle on the record. I kinda grew up around it, I grew up
in the culture. To me the history is very, very important. Why are you doing the movement?
Is it something you've seen on TV? Did you realize that a lot of those dancers that were doing
that was all they had in their life? That was it. It's disrespectful for someone
not to honor their past. They worked hard for that so that way I can be where I'm at.
FLIPZ: I don't wanna start no beef, but we got the east coast versus the west coast.
Floor Phantom, what's it gonna be? Heads. And it is. It is heads. Morris, that puts
you first, baby. Judges, ready? Wick, show me some love, baby. Semi-finals, number one.
Hit it. Sacramento, Fallen Kings, Morris.
Thirty seconds of flavor, give it to him.
I'm telling you, he doesn't hold back.
Five, four, three, two, one. Floor Phantom, are
you ready to rock? BX. El Fantasma. Nice. Style, flavor, flow, tradition. Text.
Five, four, three, two one. Challenge round. Footwork.
Morris. Five, four, three, two, one.
He's ready to rock. Footwork. Fifteen seconds.
Five, four, three, two, one. Sick. Yo, anything goes.
Round three. Fallen Kings repping Sacramento to the fullest. Whoo. Oh.
Somebody's here to win.
Five, four, three, two, one. He holds the BX down.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Yeah, Morris, this is it.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Five, four, three, two, one. Yeah.
That's it, that's it. That's it. DJ: Give it up ya'all. FLIPZ: B-boying, B-boying
at its finest. Morris, how did you feel about the challenge round that time. MORRIS: I feel
pretty good. I thought I did all right. FLIPZ: All right, Arena, give it up one more time
for these guys. One of 'em will be chosen, one of 'em will not. Give it up.
ANGELA: It looks like they're just about ready. Let's check in with Asia One. FLIPZ: All right.
ASIA ONE: B-boys, B-boys. I guess overall you know, everybody has their good days, bad
days. Phantom is very strong rhythmically, is a classic B-boy. You can't front on that
type of style. Morris, you know, you're a good performer. You know how to bring it on
when it when the moment comes. But I will say, you know, when you do your freezes,
it's really important like in a battle that your freeze is always aimed against your opponent.
FLIPZ: Abstrak. ABSTRAK: Yes, yes. You know, Phantom, hands down nasty with the style, everything.
everything. Morris is also nasty at what he does, so that's all I gotta say.
CRAZY LEGS: I think I'm going opposite. You can be the most flavorful person in the world, but if
you get tired and you throw your freeze and you're kind of collapsing on it, you know
inside, you know you said it in an interview before, you felt winded. The footwork, I'm
surprised, because I honestly I thought you was gonna blow 'em away in the footwork thing.
Morris, I was really questioning what you were gonna do in terms of bringing out more
flavor and style, because I already know you cater to judges. You've done that in the past,
because you know some judges are suspect. And I think you stepped it up in adding more
top rock and your footwork and I applaud that. ASIA ONE: And the winner is...
ANGELA: Wow, you guys, heating up in here. Big up to Morris on being the first B-boy
to advance into the finals. El Nino and Gravity will be next and it's looking to be quite
the epic battle, not to be missed folks. So stay tuned. And did you guys agree with the
judges on this one? We always love to hear what you guys think, so send us your questions,
thoughts and comments. From the whole Arena crew and my co-host Flipz, I'm Angela Sun,
we'll check you back here next time. Peace.