Top 5 Android Games on Samsung Galaxy S3 inc Batman, Real Racing 2 StrikeFleet Omega Androidizen

Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 25.07.2012

So here we are with FL Commando.
Epic start.
Frontline Commando.
Well, if the intro is as good as the game
or if the game is as good as the intro.

So as you can tell,
we're playing this together at the same time.
For the first time.
Oh nice, stereotypical terrorists.
The graphics are quite good.

Now would be a good time to run away!

Well, it's not a bad game, I can see myself spending a little bit of time on this one.

Graphically, it's nice.

Free on the app store, Might as well give it a try. Going to kill a few hours
and a few terrorists, obviously.
Hi everyone, here's a really interesting game that's just launched. It's called
Strike Fleet Omega.
It's a little bit like
air traffic control game, I can't remember what it was called, it was
really popular on the iPhone when it was first launched except with this one you've got guns. Hooray,
So, draw the lines, send out your fighters, intercept the enemy.
Enemies come in waves and over time you get more ships so you get more fighters
and your ships get bigger guns and so on.
It's quite cool like introductory level.
Sort of sees you fully kitted out.
Free on the app store now.
Does have in app purchases but I haven't given those a really good go yet.

It's definitely more of a strategy orientated game
You have to kind of
think about how far you're sending your ships out before
the next wave comes in.
And also if you noticed, the turning circles of the ships are quite important as well.
If your fighters are not facing the enemy
like there for instance they've turned around, they're not going to shoot at anything.
They only shoot
when they're facing towards.
But you can also
do complex paths as well which they follow, so send them on a patrol if you do it just right.

Difficult game to play and talk about because you keep getting distracted by getting your
fighters in the right location.
Hours of head scratching, this game.

Nice to see this sort of game style
as well getting a reinvention.
There's only so many times you can land a Boeing 747.
By the way, it tends to get a bit more hectic.
Great game, up on the Play Store now, go grab it.
Three stars.
Hello everyone. Here we are with RacingMoto.

There's a few of these games been released of late. This one by far the slickest looking.
Feels quite like the Unity game engine.

The graphics are great.
And the accelerometer's not too twitchy either. They've done a good job with the calibrations for a change.
It's quite responsive. It doesn't send you spinning straight over to the sides or anything like that.

It is quite difficult to talk and play simultaneously.

Complete with your own sound effects!

Keep saying this, but the graphics really are great. Frame rate on the Samsung Galaxy S3 as well really nice.
free up on the app store now.
I keep calling it the app store, the Play Store, you know what I'm talking about.
It's Batman.
So you've got a guy up there, we're going to pull him off the top of there

then we're going to kick his ass.

Quite a dark game, ironically enough, it being a Batman game so you know, it's not going to be a good one to play in direct sunlight, let's put it that way.

Very very difficult to play in direct sunlight
Here we go, have a bit of a glide.

if you go too far off the markers that it's given you,
it will pull you back, you've got to follow everything in sequence.

If you notice, as I move my reticle around I get a lock on point and at that point
down here

I've then got access to the...whoops...
Right, let's do some flying.
So there's quite a few different types of sequence you have to complete in Batman

There's Batman being able to fly, and you can use this in the Openworld area, you can use it to move around buildings, it's quite a cool effect, know what I mean?

That's stage one complete.

If you can tell,

if you can see on the footage, you'll actually notice that it's raining.
There's water running down Batman's cape and his helmet
or whatever you want to call it.
Yes, that was Batman crushing a car.
He's just that cool. Batman moment, there to relish.
So the fighting's a bit button bashing
You basically just keep hitting that one
and when you reach a certain level of

having whooped their asses, they'll fall down

You've also got a counter move there. If you get hacked from behind, a counter button popped up.
and that allowed me to block the other guy's attack.

They've not done a bad job on the Anne Hathaway
Not quite as cool as Batman though, They obviously spent a lot of money on Batman.

Like I say, if you haven't seen the film yet, this game does reveal an awful lot of plot from what I can tell.

I've not seen the film completely myself yet,
so I'm using this as a bit of an intro.

It's like a little bit of an openworld section.
You've actually got to get it all the way over there, there's a few different ways we can do it.
We can either run across the rooftops or alternatively, we can fly.
and actually we can do a combination of the two
and can then switch, while I'm flying

They've done a really good job on the recreation of Gotham as well.
Currently £5
on the Play Store. I think probably reasonable.

That's a reasonable amount of money.
There's a lot of content in here.
You are in essence getting to play the story from the game.
for a fiver, which isn't too bad.
It's frustratingly hard
in places, the AI is a bit too aggressive.
Doesn't really give you an opportunity to figure out what you need to do
plus then the controls of Batman and everything else, you find you're just
fighting enemies wall after wall after wall
for quite a while.
And then they just overwhelm you.

So that is Batman.
We'll leave it there for now.
I don't want to spoil too much of the game but as you can see
beautiful graphics,
the game play's pretty good.
Has that kind of
Arkum feel to it.
If you've played any of the
games on the consoles or the PC of the newer Batman titles
It feels very similar to that, being able to jump around between
various elements of the world environment. Anyway, that is Batman!

Hello everyone. Here we are with a bit of a treat, Real Racing 2 by Electronic Arts.
Sequel to Real Racing which was an all right game but didn't exactly fill me with
It didn't
inspire me anyway.
This is very much your Gran Turismo 4 as a clone,
but on a phone. Graphically it is superb looking. You've got your standard kind
of options for a racing game. Your career mode, your time trial and pit lane. Pit lane is
where you can upgrade your cars, buy new cars etcetera.
Time trial pretty obvious
racing against the clock, how fast can you finish a lap.
Quick race, if you're pressed for time and don't want to have to bang through all of the
career menus you can just jump straight into a race, pick your car and off you go.
Great if you're just stood at a bus stop or something like that.
Let's pop into career mode. So you've got quite a lot of different events split down
by divisions.
Obviously, just like any other racing game you have to unlock the various divisions
you have to upgrade your car
obviously you've got a faster engine etcetera
or more reputation. You can see there's one lot you need a high reputation and a paint job on the car.

The first thing you'll notice is how absolutely gorgeous the graphics are
It really is one of the most stunning games on the market that I have seen.
It's tilt control
which is very responsive.
The frame rate tends to sit at 60 frames a second the entire time.
I've seen very little dip from the frame rate
whilst I've been playing this.
As you can see as we're doing this
very very smooth.
If you click on here,
you've got various different cameras
so you can set your camera up exactly as you like it.
I'm more of a bonnet cam guy.
It gives you better spatial awareness into corners.

My line! My line!
As you can see the graphics are just gorgeous.
You have various types of assistance that you can
turn on or off on the
so you can have
braking assistance, racing line assistance, etcetera.
I can't actually remember
normal or medium.
You can see there a bit of car damage to that other car, his bumper was
hanging off.
Very nice to see a proper
damage model on these cars.
Ooh, got a bit up close and personal there with that VW.
There's 16 different cars
available, plus then
all the tune up options that they have.
You've got paint jobs as well, you can do car customisations to having new
wings and things like that.
The car models look absolutely fantastic
and so does the texturing. If anyone remembers the controversy with
last Gran Turismo 5 game where only
some of the cars looked awesome, the rest looked a bit, you know,
The low point in textures, none of that going on here. For a phone,
the textures are spot on.
And the frame rate just holds the whole way through.
No braking system on there.
The game costs £5 which
it's reasonably pricey.
reasonable pricey.
16 cars, loads of tracks,
any replay value you choose new cars etcetera, I think it might be
worth it.
Right now, I'm going to show you something really cool.
Just like in Gran Turismo, they've added a replay mode and just like in Gran Turismo it looks awesome.
Let's do this.
I'm going to zoom in at this point to see if we can get
real close on the screen.
There were moments when I was watching this back yesterday when you get that photo real kind of
thing going on
and just for that split second think I could be watching television.
And again, the frame rate is just stonking all the way around these replays.
In my Dead Trigger review I said Dead Trigger was a killer app for the S3
a great app to show off to your friends and say
look what my phone can do,
Real Racing 2 may very well be your second killer app
depending on whether your friends are into racing games etcetera,
this might be the one that makes them go Whoa!
The engine sound effects etcetera are all right
you can hear them churning away there

They don't add to the immersion particularly
but they sound reasonably realistic.

If the car makes a bit of noise, you know that you've got your foot down, you're fine.
Nothing special and nothing to write home about. Not on this car anyway.
You can see there I've taken some damage on the front of my car.
The bumper's disappeared.
Doesn't seem to be a huge amount of bodywork deforming it does
seem to be the wings and bumpers that are the issue.
That's where you take your damage. I've certainly not seen side panels getting bent up
or anything like that. I think it's a fairly limited damage model but it's still nice to have.
Bearing in mind for a long time
car manufacturers have steadfastly refused to allow any damage to occur to their cars in a game, bizarrely.
It's nice to at least have that there.
You can see there my back bumper, my rear bumper is just starting to come off a little
bit as well.
You can just see it slightly hanging.
Don't know what anyone else thought of Real Racing 1, Real Racing?

I thought it was an all right game but you know, it didn't look the best and
the frame rate
was really really twitchy on my Desire.

I found it a bit glitchy on the Nexus as well.
Real Racing 2 does make you feel like they've made...
bumper hanging off. One more clip
and that's gone.
Really, really stunning game. I gave EA a hard time on their comments because I couldn't
actually get it working to begin with on the S3.
Not too sure what the problem was
all I did was close a load of apps down, clear the memory and gave the phone a
and eventually the game started working but before that it was force quitting
as soon as it attempted to start the race, you were fine on the loading screen
but as soon as the race started
force closed back to the desktop.
Bit irritating
but there you go.
There's the race screen done.
As you can see, the load times are
a bit long.
It does take a fair while.

If you need to brake at any time, if you've got it on the pro setting then all you
have to do is
tap the screen to brake
otherwise you can have auto braking, it just knows when it needs to brake for you.
Really nice looking courses as well, they've done a good job

at making the scenery really nice
as it whizzes past at 100mph.
Some cheats here or there, the crowds are just cardboard cutouts.
In essence, same with the trees.

Some of the trees are full 3D, the others
appear to be just texture maps, basically.

They've got to make some
processing savings somewhere
to allow you to hit these frame rates.
As I say, I think this may very well be the
killer racing game for the S3 and something to show off to your friends.

Certainly looking forward to opening up some of the faster cars,
that's for certain.

I'm going to get him for that one!
It's made my car look all unsightly!

Bit of a strange wiggle on that other car as it was going around the corner.
I noticed that, some sort of glitching to it.
Looked like the car was sort of wobbling.
I've noticed it a few times on the cars in front.

Even with the bumper hanging off.

This is up on the Play Store now, made by Electronic Arts, don't let that put you off
too much, they've done a good job on this one.
Costing £5
There's no in game
play to win
option that I could see so they're not trying to fleece you for some extra money
unlike a few games I will be mentioning later on today.
A real disappointment when games companies charge you a fiver and then offer you
for just a couple of extra quid, you can have all of this.
It's thanks, but I've just paid £5 for a game!
Real Racing 2, buy the game, enjoy all of the content to
your heart's content.
Nobody is going to be trying to charge you for some extras.
Everything is using in game currency as it were.
None of this buy some gold bullion for an extortionate amount of money
and then have this gun.
Faster car, and effectively a win button.
None of that going on here.
Just good old fashioned unlocks.

Ooh, just threw it away!

It's all this talk of monetization you see!
in app purchases
put you off your game!
Threw it away on the last
Well, no Jenson Button am I.

Think that was my bumper from earlier,
that we just drove over.

What I'm not sure about yet is whether car damage means you go slower.
If people are overtaking me I'm going to
But let me know in the comments if you've just bought the game and know that
or if you've looked it up.
It spins on that replay.
It's just a gorgeous game and
the gameplay's good as well.
I was playing it for a couple of hours last night and just found it
thoroughly enjoyable.
It's really unusual to find a game that really pulls me in and keeps me playing.
This one certainly kept me going
playing some quick races last night.
You can see, even with loads of cars on the screen
and loads of action.
The frame rate barely stutters at all.
That is Real Racing 2.
I really hope you go and grab it and enjoy it because it's an absolutely stonking game.
Only thing actually.
No multi player.
which I'm going to let that hang there for a moment.
No multi player.
It could be a deal breaker for some
racing game,
mobile phone
crappy wireless connection, 3G connection to a server,
you're not going to have the most fluid experience. Let's face it, we've seen it done a few times on
mobile phones and it's never a very good experience.
So you know,
It would be nice to have the option for multi player if you're paying a fiver for a game
on the phone
but you know if it meant they compromised the single player game or
introduced really poor multiplayer

then it would just have been a complete fail on their part
so in some respects I'd say
it's got no multiplayer,
it's got no multiplayer!