Pottery Barn FEED Demo with Chef Sam Talbot

Uploaded by PotteryBarn on 23.08.2011

I want to welcome everyone to a very special event in our series of in-store events.
Today we have Chef Sam Talbot here. You may know him from season two of Top Chef,
you may know him from his restaurant down at the Mondrian Hotel, Imperial Number 9,
so we're very happy to have him here to demonstrate how to make an eco-friendly lunch using some of our containers,
umm, and products, especially the products that we've partnered with, FEED projects,
thank you very much, and here's Chef Sam Talbot.
Hi guys, how is everybody? Welcome to Pottery Barn, umm, as Mitch said, I'm Chef Sam Talbot,
and today I'm going to demo three recipes from my book,
um, so they're healthy recipes and then we're going to be showcasing in the wonderful FEED products.
Kind of the idea is to go through a few recipes and then present them in these bowls,
and you know, it's an eco-friendly lunch with an eco-friendly bowl, makes sense, right? Cool.
A few years ago, I drove, after I was on Top Chef I was, uh,
you know, I'm a chef, I knew I wanted to stay with food, but I wasn't sure where I wanted to keep cooking,
or where I wanted my career to go, so I rented a car, drove across country, drove to every state,
then flew to Alaska and Hawaii, and in that time, being a diabetic, I was cooking on the road and had to sustain on the road
without eating McDonald's and fried chicken and all that kind of stuff, so, um, literally on the road one time,
I was starving and really wanted guacamole, but I was driving through the middle of Durango, Colorado, so what do you do?
So I got out of there, went to a Whole Foods, and bought all these ingredients, and, um,
I wanted to have something a little more than just guacamole, something that would sustain a little bit longer,
so I added feta cheese and almonds to it, and a little bit of lemon instead of lime, it's really cool, it's kind of unique,
so I'll show you how to do that one, too. This recipe calls for four avocados, just put those in there like that,
this kinda helps mash them up when they're frying out there. Again, roasted garlic oil,
really easy to make, grapeseed oil, ten or fifteen cloves of garlic in there, cook it for like twenty minutes,
medium heat, once it starts to bubble, you're done.
You have a really sweet tasting beautifully scented roasted garlic oil.
Three lemons, juiced and zested, so that's the three lemons, right inside,
a little bit of fresh lemon juice, that's about three lemons, right?
Um, so a little bit of raw red onion, just like that,
some ground almonds, um, I eat a lot of almonds just because they're a super fruit, so
these are marcona almonds, I don't know if you guys have ever had Marcona almonds but they're amazing.
Literally, I eat them all day long, they're like popcorn. It's amazing for you, do you guys eat them?
Yeah, they're the best, the best out there.
These are just toasted, I took them, put them in a dry pan, no fat, no oil, no butter,
dry pan for about 30 seconds on really high heat, put them in there, and just let them sit,
after fifteen seconds, toss them once, let them sit for fifteen seconds and you're done.
So it's really just a one two, it's almost like you're doing a frittata, just let it set,
flip it, let it set. Then I put them in a food processor, ground them up a little bit,
our tomatoes, I'm just going to dice up a tomato really quick,
chefs always get excited right about this time of year because heirloom tomatoes come around,
so if I can recommend, as soon as heirloom tomatoes, you sub these guys out, and,
a lot sweeter.
If you have any questions or anything while I'm up here, feel free.
No? Anybody? You're like, no we know how to dice a tomato.
So we're going to throw the tomato in there,
like that, sort of the modern tweak to this dish, is the feta cheese.
Mix that up like so, a little salt and pepper.
So then, like I said, I just take the back of my spoon,
and mash this up,
it should be nice and chunky and sort of rustic,
yeah, it looks good like that, right? and that's your guacamole with feta.
Good to go? Easy enough, right? Again, fast, simple, and good.