Glee — Batteries HD

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Test, test. One...
Oh, hold on, I get a dead mic.
You know you're not supposed just to throw batteries out, right?
Some people want to do good.
But they're out of juice.
Yeah, but if you don't recycle batteries, then they leak acid into the landfills and it's very bad for the environment.
You know I'm trying to make a documentary about it right now, but Al Gore is really bad for returning phone calls.
Does it count as recycling if you collect old batteries to throw at clouds?
Some people don't.
— I recycle clothes. — I've noticed.
I don't really know what recycling is, but I do know what bicycling is.
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Translated & Edited by AleXander, WiedzminSaga.
Tuesday September 21st on FOX. Translated & Edited by AleXander, WiedzminSaga.