Jet Boy 4/10 (English)

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I'm really sorry, Mr.
It's Boon.
Sorry, Boon.
You could have killed me, you know?
You bleed to death overthere?
I'll be fine.
My name is Nathan.
It means God's gift..
Ypu don't say.
Here, clean that up.
There's the biggest ball of string down that road.
How do you know? I know a lot of things.
Can we stop ?
Hey. Take it out.
It's not as big as I thought.
Mayby it's the heaviest, not the biggest.
But you got to admit, there's a lot of string.
You ever notice how, in the Science Fiction movies ...
... thy always make the World look so grim? Like a nuclear bomb done it or something.
I never noticed.
You probbably never watch many.
So what can we expect?
I hope it's good.
Looks after when you threw it and so do you.
Right now it's enough to think about, thanks.
You are up to something, aren't you?
Everyone has got secrets.
Maybe you too.
I grew up in this town.
Which side do you want?
That's your side.
Come on.
How is it?
First rate.
Nathan, I need that number.
It's important.
I can't give it to you.
Why not?
If you have what you want you will leave me here.
I won't do that.
I promise.
A promise by a grown up doesn't mean much.
Yeah, your'e right.
You have food on your face.
So do you.
You take care number one, Nathan.
If you give away all you get what have you left for yourself?
You understand?
You stay here. I have something to do.
Ireally like you !
How do you like me now?
I'm not your friend.
You need that number !
And you need a ride. So be here when I get back !
How long has he been like this ?
You said he asked for me.
It's me, pap?
I have nothing to say, and never had.
And maybe this isn't that bad so.
I found the stray.
Not like me, he won't bite.
His wags, his tail.
I like him.
You look real good, pap.
Want to play?
Suit yourself.
It's a nice over here.
Did you get your buisiness done ?
I have to stay the night. And we'll drive to Vancouverfirst thing morning.
But I got your number.
You still need a ride!
Why don t you play?
I don't know how.
You hit a ball with a stick. It is isimpossible not to know how.
Come on. Show them what you got!
Oh, come on!
He he, way to go ace!
All right. Choke up on the bat a little bit. Its too big for you.
And watch the ball - hit the bat, OK?
Hey, honey.
This is ..
And ...
Hi, Erin.
It's been a while.
Good looking boy.
So, what are you doing up here?
My father.
I heard, I 'm so sorry.
We gatta go.
Good to see you again.
Good to see you too.
Nice to meet you.
Have you ever seen Forest Rangers ?
The kids with the fort?
Thousand years ago.
Which one you wanted to be?
None. Chip.
She wanted to talk.
Good for her.
You said we were staying.
You stay, I'm out of here.
She broke your heart?
Something like that.
Only love can break a heart.
Neil Young said that in a song.
He did, did he??
Something about mining for gold.
Yeah. Mining for a Heart of Gold.
I'm not shure tht it was exact exact gold.
..that's song - right?
Jesus... I hate this town.
I thought i'll feel different but I don't.
You saw your father. Is that's why we're here ?
Was he happy to see you?
The man is a fucking asshole, all right?
So just save the "happy reunion" quastions !
Do not take it out on me.
I'm just curious.
Do not waste your time.
Did he ever hit you?
I hope that is not your story, Nathan.
My dad never touched me.
We are just on our way out.
I think it's a Ferrari. GTO.
What about mine?
Aurora plastics Corp., 1960.
My dad got it free.
What, on a spelling bee?
No. His best friend got caught stealind, so than he give away all stuf.
My dad got the racing.
And he didn't give it back?
Thats horrish.
Bet they weren't friends long after that.
I guess not.
You never made it back for your mother's funeral.
Yeah, well, you know ...
Hey. You married Ray Sullivan.
He is...gone.
Well, Ray never was a reliable type.
He died when I was four.
Sorry, kid, I...
It's OK.
What do you think you're doing?
What do you mean "what" ?
I did not think anyone will want. It still got four left.
Well, that's not a good idea.
I'm hungry. You're hungry? Angel is he still here?
I'm starving Mom, let's go!
Yah, it's still here.
I'm sorry. I should have asked .
Is just that most of the boys your age does not drink beer, Nathan.
Sometimes, Boon let me have a sip. When we go fishing.
You call him Boon?
Sometimes dad, mostly - Boon.
He says titles are for government officials.
Hey, come on, let's go.
Smoking is not allowed here.
Come on.
It's been a lot of years.
It has been twenty, that's how long it's been.
We did not know if you were dead or alive.
Not a word.
At first I thought it was your father.
Then I blame myself.
I was seventeen.
You did better with Ray.
I never ment to hurt you.
He's quita a little charakter.
He watches your every move!
He's done good, you should be proud.
Yeah, he's something.
What about his Mom?
What did Nathan told you?
He said nothing.
She died of an overdose. He's better off without her.
I loved you.
You didn't know me than well.
Who is your girlfriend, Lloyd?
See the great guy sitting there?
Hes my girlfriend's Dad.
Feel like smoking a bone later?
Might be.
Meet us in front of the temle at 7.
You smoke, right?
How long we staying?
Lloyd and me want to go to the movie.
So can I?
Shure. Why not.
You told her I was your father?
It just came out. I kinda look like you.
No you don't. You don't look like me!
Just a little.
You told her it's true?
Hey. I'm not allowed to enter there.
Why not?
Here, come.
You broke low?
Several times.
For I was a little shit.
Never needed a reason why.
Jesus Christ.
Me neither.
Hey! you know better than that.
You broke em.
I know you're up to something. I don't think it's right!
I ain't going in there alone.
-Ya! Macaroni with ketchup.
Macaroni with ketchup!
Nathan, help up !
She's your mam.
Is he OK?
What is wrong with Nathan?
I don't know , hunney.
I like that car!
Its a Plymouth Superbird. 440 with six.390 horses.
Dodge Supercharger.
A 69 Torino. Totaly ugly.
You read these stuf?
Well, mostly I look at the pictures.
She's pretty sexy for a mam.
Yes, she is.
I can take Lloyd in a fight if I had to!
I thought you like him?
Shure. I just think it is important to you .
What is your favorite car?
GTO. Judge. 69. Convertible.
Want that?
No. You got the real thing.
So what are they doin?
They're still talking.
I think hi's gonna moan the lawn.
I doubt it.
This thing had been electrocute itself.
Last year he was my little boy, and now he is 13 going on 30.
He wants to hang out with all that big kids.
Last week, he invited this boy to a supper and I swear ...
... it was like the Pope coming to dinner - the way Lloyd behaved.
It was Wendy Ferguson's son Clay. He will be sixteen in October.
And you will not gonna believe what I caught him doing in the bathroom last week.
You know.
I think I have to tie his hands behind his back so he doesn't injure himself.
Maybe you should talk to him.
Why? From what you already told me he already has his techniqe done!
Boon, I'm serious.
Does Nathan?
I think he's well beyound all that.
Put some sugar. To make it smoother a little bit.
They're coming!
We are heading now.
Want to to go with them?
You will not like it, Mam. Its just dumb asses and drug dealers.
Really? Then why don't you guys go watch the movie ...
... and ask all folks go sit on their swing and drink lemonade...
Good idea, mam.
I want to treat Lloyd.
Let's see how fast you can spend that.
But its five bucks just to get in!
Since when?
And leave that . My old man always made me bring my own.
It's been in the fridge awhile..
I like to try.
I'll kep this.
Let's go.
You know what? I will walk with you.
I'm gonna walk with them.
Nathan, do not have time for that.
Why not go with them later?
Why yes. Ya, let's go.
Come on!
So you came here to see your grandfather?
Yep. I think he's dying or something.
Do not talk about it.
The old man Palmer.
You know him?
Everyone knows everyone in this town.
Can get all scary sometimes.
Whats your point?
Let's put it this way. I don't think he will be missed..
Why didn't your Mam come with you?
She gets car sick.
You know they used to grow up?
My mam and your dad.
I know.
Did he loved her??
How am I supposed to know?
Yah, I guess so.
It's hard to know with Boon.
Not with my mam.
I wish you guys stay longer.
Me too.
I do not think this is such a good idea.
They are cool, Nathan.
Well, they didn't look so cool.
They got a car. What more do you want?
Hi is drunk.
So what?
Drop the damn bottle down, Dennis.
I mean it!
Your turn, Nat.
Lets go.
So what's that happy face ?
It is a sad face, stupid.
I'm lookin for a bruiser.
I'll be old enough able to vote by the time you finish it, old man.
You suppose you can do better?
Just about anyone could do better.
Do it, hot shot!
On the paper, not in my eyes.
So what else you do well?
Your old man got any job?
It doesn't look like he does. All the dress of you.
We make you said that.
What does he do, exactly?
He is a tattoo artist.
Shure he is!
I got it for my birthday.
You promised me a lemonade.
My - it's right. I did. You did!
Well I'm going to get you your lemonade.
No, no. No.
What is it?
How did you get that?
I got shot.
I trusted somebody I shouldn't have.
I am more careful now.
If it makes you feel any better, the guy who made it went to jail. A long time ago.
I want to see that movie.
Tomorrow night it's half price.
We're leaving in the morning.
I get pissed whenever I want to. I have to hide in the corner of nowhere.
Lloyd is happend fun.
Well he drunk his first beer - what do you expect?
Your eyes gonna burn a hole right trough me.
Your tattoo. Did it hurt?
A little.
Well, a lot.
I live still with my mam.
It turn her on if I wached.
It turn her boyfriends too.
Sometimes I wanna feel all this stuff.
I bet your mam sings in a church choir.
Yah, she does.
I just wannna be a good kid. That's all.
Nathan ... Just don't sanyone, OK?
Our secret. You don't tell mine, I don't tell yours.
It's not real.
It's a hole, man, I am telling you.
No, it's not.
How stupid are you? Ask Clay - his old man saw the X-Ray.
You're a dick.
Man, you give that back.
Your friend's stupid..
Is it real?
I guess is as real as you want it to be.
I'l prove it!
What is he doing?
Do it!
You are OK, man?
Shit! We are screwed!
Looks solid to me.
It's real!
I can not go. You have to get to Nathan for me.
He's your son!
I can't risk going in there.
It's complicated.
What are you talking about?
I can not explain it right now. I just need you to trust me.
Not mine.
Nathan is not my son.
He told you I was, I went along with it. I wanted you to think I had someone.
Who the hell is he?
Who the hell are you?
Do not let them see youcrying, man! It's all what they want.
They don't send kids to jail.
Besides, we didn't do nothing.
You will be okay.
Keep him is as ..
I'd like to see my son now.
Excuse me. I am looking for a little guy - Nathan.
Sorry, Boon.
Come on. Let's get the hell out of here.
Pack your things together. Weare leaving at the first light.
Vacation's over.
I don't have anything.
Then get some sleep!
Where you going?
It's not fair! I could not say goodbye to Lloyd!
You can send him a post card when you get where you're going.
One last screw, ha?
Watch your mouth.
I'm gonna ride you to Vancouvre. Thats all.
After that we go separate ways.
Let me say that to someone who cares.
Erin opens the door.
You have to trust me.
A ball of string crashed the squad car? Why don't you call Ripley
One of the vandals has a t-shirt with yellow 'happy" face. Upside down..
And you think that is our birthday boy?
Maybe. His father grade him out.
Great.Happy ending! Can I leave now?
But I didn't know that Boon Palmer has son.
Hi, Lloyd.
I sneak out..
Whi did you say Boon is your dad?
It is what I wanted.
He loves my mom.
He said that ?
He didn't have to !
Its not so bad. You can stay in my room when you come back.
Why do you think I'm coming back?
Boon said it. I heard him - he's coming back!
You're a liar. You were supposed to be my friend !
Hey, move over.
You can fuck me if you want.
I think that's what I want?
I,m pretty good at it! Full charge is free!
Stop that. Stop that.
She does not need you. Do not leave me.
It's cold outthere.
Is he here?
No, I never so him.
All right, .. if he does..
... give him this.
That simple? simple..
I.. I.. gotta go.
I'll call you.
You have not changed .
I told you anything , I tought you understood..
I don't even know his last name! I can't help him, Erin.
Who are you trying to convince?
He's got a father.
No, Boon. He went looking for one and he found you!
I got something big going down! Can't you understand that?
Not about that kiss and all that some kids bustle off with broken heart.
I take care of myself. And if he issmart, he'll do the same.
He's a little boy, Boon.
You gatta to stop running!
You're not your father!
What's going on?
He never asked for me..
He never asked for me..
So , what are you doing here?
A lot can happen in a day.
Want to talk?
I,m waiting for him to make the call..
I don't think he knows where the drop is yet!
Listen to this.
I need the phone.
An idiot wants to use the telephone.
Fuck you !
Hey, I,m here. Now what?
No, it's a 67.
Look, why don't you close sush the dough of shit! It,s getting a little tiresome..
Forty kilos.
Yeah, that would be the magic number.
Damn. That's almost ninety pounds!
You fuck me - you're dead !
So why are you keep saying that..
What you see is what you get.
Get into the car.
Turn right at the next intersection. At the end of the block turn left.
Then what?
Don't screw up!
You're famous or something?
Not exactly.
Here we are.
You bring a lot of boys up here?
No. You are the first.
Yeah, right!. You're not my first.
You seem nice enough.
I want to go all the way - just so, you know..
Hey, come on.
Let's have some fun, uh?
Where did you go?
See a boy coming here?
Can you be more specific?
Whose's that Cadillac out there?
I can't give that kind of information, I'm not allowed.
This glass is bulletproof?
Are you kidding?
Who's is the fucking Cadillac?
I have to check in my book ...
Open the door.
Ya, let's check the log.
Hurry up, come on.
Get your little ass out here.
We have a deal.
Deal's off.
Go, run.
Open the fuckin door.
Where is he?
In the bathroom.
Get down!
Listen to me. You move.. you move an inch and I'll kill you.
Nathan. You're in there?
I Boon. Open up.
Did he hurt you?
I don't have a dad.
I ask my mam. She didn't know...
How is that possible?
I don't have anyone.
Come here.
Because I said so.
Is this close enough?
Let's see.
Do not worry. I won't let you go.
Everything is fine.
Let's get out of here.
All that money in the trunk of this car...
You need a lot of beit if you go fishing for sharks.
You caught it?
Yes, you can tell, a big one.
I thought you were a drug dealer.
Why makes you think that?
"Federal Police Canada"
I'm hungry.
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