Ozone Therapy: The Basics of Setting Up Ozone Equipment

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Hi, my name is Toby Segal and I am going to show you the basics of setting up ozone equipment.
The basic equipment needed for ozone therapy is a high purity ozone generator and an oxygen
source that provides pure oxygen. Either an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank.
First I'm going to show you how to connect an ozone generator to an oxygen concentrator,
and then I'm going to show you how to connect an ozone generator to an oxygen tank. Make
sure to run the oxygen through your ozone generator for a short time before turning
on your generator.
Oxygen concentrators have many different looks but ultimately they all perform the same way.
The flow meter on the concentrator will allow you to choose the flow rate needed. The green
fitting on the concentrator is called the Christmas tree fitting. This is where you
will attach the oxygen tubing to the concentrator. Some concentrators come with humidifiers but
you should never flow humidified oxygen through your ozone generator.
Once the tubing is attached to the fitting, simply attach the other end to the O2 In on
your ozone generator.
Oxygen tanks come in many different sizes. What makes oxygen tanks different is the type
of stem on the tank. Oxygen tanks with a 540 style stem usually are considered industrial
which are typically easier to get filled. Oxygen tanks with 870 style stems are usually
considered medical and usually require a prescription to fill.
You need an oxygen regulator in order to use a tank with ozone therapy. Tanks with an 870
stem do not need a wrench to install the regulator while tanks with a 540 stem do.
Once your regulator is hooked up to your tank, simply connect the tubing and then attach
the other end to the O2 In on your ozone generator. From there you can adjust the regulator to
the flow rate needed.
The next step to setting up your ozone generator is to attach the silicone tubing. Take the
end of the silicone tubing which has the male Luer lock and connect it to the side that
says O3 Out.
Now you are ready to turn on your ozone generator and use the accessories you've chosen.
Remember to always turn the oxygen source on first before you turn on your ozone generator
and turn the ozone generator off first before you turn off your oxygen.
The O3 Elite Ozone Generator is low frequency which means it's a cold process ozone generator.
Cold process, also known as cold plasma generators, have very stable ozone outputs and don't produce
heat. Another benefit to low frequency ozone generators is the lack of noise they produce.
High frequency generators produce noise and heat which degrades the strength of ozone.
The O3 Elite Ozone Generator is designed with universal voltage which means it can be used
anywhere in the world without a step down transformer. The correct country plug is also
included when units are shipped overseas. We also gave the O3 Elite Luer lock connections
which allows for ultra tight tube connections. Cleanable ozone cells have also been incorporated
with the O3 Elite which can vastly extend the life of your machine.
The O3 Elite Ozone Generator is available with or without a case. The Professional model
comes with the O3Elite Ozone Generator, a 250 liter oxygen tank, low flow regulator
and a crush resistant waterproof case. The Professional model is also set up so you can
use the ozone generator while it is in the case or use the unit while it is out of the
From here on out, everything you see will connect to the O3 Out of the ozone generator.
Make sure to never hook up anything between the ozone generator and the oxygen concentrator.
It is important whenever using an ozone accessory with water to always use the check valve.
The check valve will prevent any water from accidentally entering the ozone generator.
Place the check valve between the ozone accessory and the ozone generator. Whatever side air
will enter make sure that side is pointed toward the ozone generator. If you have any
questions about attaching the check valve, feel free to give us a call at 888 742 3404
or visit our website at www.promolife.com.
The Promolife Ozone Water Bubbler is designed to efficiently ozonate water while only coming in contact
with glass. The water will not touch any plastic or metal while ozonating.
The water bubbler has a unique crushed glass diffusing stone which efficiently disperses
the ozone into the water. Another benefit to the ozone water bubbler is its built in
ozone destruct system, also known as an ozone filter. What this does is neutralize the smell
of ozone so you don't smell any ozone until you are ready to drink the water. The water
bubbler holds 1000 mililiters of water which is usually enough for two to three people
and usually takes ten to fifteen minutes to fully ozonate. The water bubbler also comes
with an extra silicone stopper in case you wish to store the water. Now I'll show you
how to attach the water bubbler to an ozone generator.
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The Ozone Humidifer basically does what the name says, it humidifies ozone. The reason
people humidify ozone is because it's very dry, especially when attached to an oxygen
source. People humidify ozone for insufflation purposes causing the ozone to be less irritating
and less drying. The type of water used in your humidifier matters. Distilled water is
ultimately the best because it has no minerals in the water for the ozone to react with.
The ozone strength will remain mostly the same with or without the humidifier as long
as distilled water is being used.
The ozone humidifier uses the same crushed glass diffusing stone as the ozone water bubbler,
making it ideal for humidifying ozone. The humidifier has two glass tubes attached. One
tube allows the ozone to enter the humidifier where the other allows the ozone to exit.
Now I'm going to show you how to attach the humidifier to the ozone generator.
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Now I'm going to show you how to attach a catheter to the ozone humidifier.
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Now I'm going to show you how to attach an earscope to the ozone generator. Remember
to slightly wet your ears before using the earscope even if you are using a humidifier.
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The Promolife ozone oil bubbler is used to either breathe ozone or make ozonated oil.
When bubbling ozone through oil it changes the structure of the ozone which makes breathing
ozone possible and more comfortable. If you tried breathing ozone without running it through
oil you would find yourself coughing. The most common oil to use when breathing ozone
is olive oil. If you bubble the olive oil long enough it'll eventually turn into ozonated
olive oil.
The oil bubbler has a different diffusing system than the ozone humidifier, which larger
holes so you don't get clogs.
The oil bubbler has two glass tubes attached just like the humidifier. One tube allows
the ozone to enter the oil bubbler where the other allows the ozone to exit.
Now I'm going to show you how to hook up the oil bubbler to the ozone generator and the
nasal cannula.
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Both the oil bubbler and the humidifier come with this convenient plexiglass stand so you
don't have to worry about tipping it over.
Promolife ozone cups are available in a variety of sizes. Each cup has an ozone destruct system
built in. This allows a user to cup an area of the body while having the excess ozone
exit through the ozone filter. This minimizes the ozone smell while allowing the user to
still receive all the benefits. Before cupping, remember to wet the skin where you will place
the cup. This helps the ozone to be less dry and be absorbed faster. It is recommended
to slow the oxygen flow to lower levels which will help with any escaping ozone.
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The Full Body Ozone Bag is a convenient method for using ozone over your whole body. You
just attach the tubing from your ozone generator to the included adapter, zip yourself up in
the bag, pull the zippers around your neck, and either sit or lie down for the desired
time period. If you have any ozone leakage coming from the top of the bag you can either
wrap a towel around your shoulders to block it or turn a small fan on your face to blow
any excess ozone away. Overall this is a great alternative to taking an ozone sauna.
Next we're going to show how to properly install the ozone generator to the Steam Sauna Pro.
Take the ozone tube coming out of the ozone generator and plug it into the port that is
on the front of the ozone steam sauna.
This port is a barbed fitting that allows ozone to enter the Steam Sauna Pro.
If you have any questions or would like to know about other options for ozone saunas,
feel free to give us a call at 888 742 3404 or visit our website at www.promolife.com.
Thank you for watching How to Set Up Ozone Equipment and Accessories. We offer many more
products for all your ozone therapy needs. If you need any assistance or have any questions
about what you saw, please give us a call at 888 742 3404 or visit our website at www.promolife.com.