What's In and What's Out?: 21-Day Vegan Kickstart

Uploaded by FoodForLifeTV on 28.12.2009

Hi everyone. Welcome back. I’m Susan Levin. And I’m Jill Eckart. And we’re going to
tell you now how to do this. What’s in and what’s out? Jill, what’s in? Well, it’s
the new four food groups: It’s fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains. But those kind of sound
like ingredients. I mean, what are we really going to eat during these next 21 days? Well,
they are great ingredients for the base of your new healthy diet: breakfast, lunch, and
dinner. For breakfast, you can have a big bowl of oatmeal with some cinnamon, raisins,
banana, maybe a splash of soymilk. And for lunch we’re going to do a bean burrito.
Hold the cheese. Add a side salad. It’s going to fill you up and taste great. And
my dinner: I’m going to have a big bowl of whole-wheat pasta with marinara sauce.
Maybe throw some broccoli and lentils in there, too. A side salad. That sounds great. Well,
what’s off the diet? Let’s turn to Dr. Barnard. Let’s talk about what’s out.
Meat is going to be out for the next 21 days, because meat has cholesterol. Meat has animal
fat. And that’s true of chicken and fish, too. For the next 21 days, set them aside.
Dairy products are out. First of all dairy fat. It’s very high in what we call the
bad fat, the saturated fat, the kind that raises your cholesterol. And even the skim
products, the nonfat milk, its main nutrient, believe it or not, is sugar—lactose sugar.
Nobody needs that. Finally, eggs. We’re going to take eggs out of the diet. They are
very high in fat and cholesterol. They are out. For 21 days, no meat, no dairy products,
no eggs. You can do it. So what if you are really in a hurry and the fast-food lane is
calling your name? What’re we going to eat? No problem. There is always the salad bar
at your grocery story or some frozen foods that don’t have any dairy or any meat in
them. How about a veggie burger? You can get that anywhere. Or a loaded baked potato. Load
up on the veggies. You’re good to go. We also have a lot of great resources for you
on our Web site. There’s NutritionMD.org where you can see recipes, menus, all sorts
of information. And our 21-day menu designed just for you so, so you can pick any recipe
you want and you’re ready to go. So now you have all the tools. Go to 21DayKickstart.org
and join us there.