Personal Trainer St Louis: Is Personal Training a Career Path

Uploaded by FitnessStLouis on 07.10.2012

Hi, my name is Clint Schambach and I am a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor with
Level Up Fitness in St Louis, MO. A question that I get asked often, is if personal
training is a hobby or a full time career path.
This is a crucial question for people to ask before hiring a personal trainer because it
lets you know if your personal trainer will be around to see you all the way through to
your fitness goals. For one, if this isn’t your personal trainer’s
career, how long before they hand you off to someone else. And if they do quit on you,
then you need build a whole new trust level with someone else and most likely learn an
entire new fitness and nutrition system. It also gives you insight on how important your
success is to them. If this is a summer job, or something to keep busy during college,
then they most likely do not care about their continuing their own education, which effects
you and your results. Something that you may not know is that there
is a very high turnover rate with personal trainers and this means most personal trainers
do not stick around in this field long enough to consider it a career. So the key is to
find someone that wants to make a career out of personal training and this way you know
they will be around helping you all the way to your fitness goals.
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