How to setup your Bluetooth Phone - Cadillac Escalade Luxury SUV

Uploaded by cadillac on 22.11.2010

bjbj Your Bluetooth system is capable of pairing up to 5 phones. To provide Hands-free communication.
It may be help to have your phone s user manual ready. Non-NAV sSystems responds with Ready
NAV-equipped vehicles respond with followed by a tone. To start the process with vehicle
voice recognition, press the Push-to-Talk button. NAV SYSTEM (Vehicle Audio) (tone)
Ready Clearly say Bluetooth (Vehicle Audio) Bluetooth ready, (followed by tone Clearly
say Pair. A four digit PIN code number will appear on the DIC display. (Vehicle Audio)
PIN Number You are now ready to start the pairing process on your cell phone. (Vehicle
Audio) Start a search on your phone... Locate the device named General Motors or Your Vehicle
on the cell phone and follow instructions to enter the PIN code number when prompted
by your phone. (Vehicle Audio) Once the search is complete, please select General Motors
on your phone and enter the code xxxx. After setting up your phone, the system will prompt
you for a name tag for your phone. Say a name for your phone, and wait for a repeat confirmation
from the system. (vehicle audio) The system responds, confirming that your phone has been
successfully paired. (vehicle audio) Please note that your system automatically recognizes
the first phone you pair. To use a different phone, you have to select it using the change
phone voice command. Five phones can be paired to your vehicle, but only one paired phone
can be connected to your system at a time. To make a call using the Dial Command: Press
the Push-to-Talk button for two seconds. NAV SYSTEM (Vehicle Audio) Tone Clearly say Bluetooth
The system responds (Vehicle Audio) Ready followed by a tone Say Dial. (Vehicle Audio)
Dial using . Number please. Now, say the entire number without pausing. SAY
NUMBER (Vehicle Audio) OK, Dialing. To receive a call, press the Push-to-Talk button. If
you want to ignore the call, press the Cancel Button. To end a call, press the Cancel button.
Please note that some phones cannot be paired with the Bluetooth System. Visit HYPERLINK
"" /bluetooth for details Jackson-Dawson Communications
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