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Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 08.07.2012

Ladies, we’re talking workout fashion on today’s show, and I promise–I promise
you: No attempts at different accents. I’m Donna Ruko, and this is the Loop, where we
talk all things health, wellness and Livestrong Woman. Now, a big chunk of the questions we
get around here are along the lines of “What is she wearing?” So today we’re going
to highlight some of the great workout clothes on the lovely ladies of Livestrong Woman.
First up, everyone was wondering about Ashley Borden’s shorts in Exercises for Long and
Lean Legs. These are super cute drawstring shorts from Colosseum. Several people also
asked about Valerie Waters’ Lululemon top on the ‘When You Think You Can’t’ workout.
Now, you’ll see Lulemon a lot in our workouts, mostly because they have such a great selection
of cute but functional gear. Take the Tone It Up Girls’ “Goddess Routine” for example.
In this, Karena is wearing Lululemon bottoms and a top by Lucy. Katrina is wearing a Hard
Tail top and Oakley bottoms. You also asked about Karena and Katrina’s outfits in Food
Holiday. These great summer dresses are from Abercrombie. And you wanted to know about
Tara’s pants in her Summer Routine yoga video. Those are Reebok. And finally, someone
actually asked where I got one of my tops. Well, it's by C&C, and I got it at the good
old Macy's. You can't beat Macy's, can you really? Well, that’s all the time we have
for today. Leave me a comment and let me know who you think has the sharpest outfit clothes
on Livestrong Woman, and if you have any more articles of clothing you’d like me to identify,
just let me know! I’m Donna Ruko, and this is the Loop. Have a fit week!