Felicia Day Extended Interview from Munchkin - TableTop ep 5

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Jun 1, 2012


I'm Felicia Day.
And I'm probably most known for making web series, or
acting sometimes.
Yeah, both.

I created The Guild that's based around a group of online
gamers, because that's what I knew.
That was something that I felt was very personal to me.
And I think that I was told that when you write something,
you should write something that's very personal to you.
And when I was thinking up characters, I just wanted to
represent gamers how I knew them, not how the media
portrays them.
People who don't understand gamers or don't play games
perceive them as just like a teenage kid who drinks Monster
drinks or whatever in their basement.
So I created the whole gamut of the mom character who's
just trying to get away from her kids, and the guy who
makes it their life, and then that punk kid who thinks it's
fun, or the girl who escapes in it.

It wasn't particularly intentional to highlight that
sort of vast array of gamers.
But it was a nice by-product.
I started gaming when I was a very young kid, because I had
a little laptop.
I think it was green and white or--
I mean, a green and black screen.
It was not color.
And I played Infocom games, which were just type games.
You know, you see a room.
And then I graduated to more sophisticated games like the
Omega games and Leisure Suit Larry and all
these adventure games.
Then I got into role playing games.
When I was playing World of Warcraft really hard, and I
was playing nine hours a day.
And it's probably not very good for my health or my life.
Except for I wrote The Guild because of it, so it's fine.
But back then, you would have 40 people
that you get together.
And then you would spend 12 hours on one monster.
And you couldn't take it down for weeks.
And it would require immense coordination and immense
organization and everybody just in their top form to take
down this monster, because it was extremely challenging.
And 40 people is a lot of people.
And I think that those moments where we actually, after weeks
of effort and coordination and forming and extra hours of
work, finally took those bosses down, those were kind
of my highlights.
It was just like an amazing group effort.
It's kind of like filmmaking, when you finally wrap, and you
all did it.
Everybody did their part right to make something awesome.
Yeah, I guess that's the same.
That's why I do what I do.
Gaming is something that brings people together.
And it's something social that we don't normally do nowadays.
When you get back together with people, we don't really
normally do things with them.
We just kind of hang out.
And I think that I would love for people to see how amazing
an experience can be when you're playing
games with each other.