Opsada (2012) [English subtitle included]

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Dear viewers, as we know the start of the race is most important.
Yes, yes, right here, the start and Frank Is taking the lead.
He is getting through, but now what ?! What has happened now,
What a mayhem on the track !
Let's go , my Snowflake!
We're the fastest!
Don't let the others get ahead !
Throttle ! Throttle !!!
There dear viewers,... ow, a hit ! A Hit !!!
A crash, it's a crash.
Now there's only two drivers ahead, let us hope he'll gain first shortly...
... and in his manner, show what he's made of.
C'mon ! C'mon ! nothing's lost c'mon pedal !!!
It is a race worthy of Frank's rep, with all his expierience and knowledge.
He stepped at this track, entered the race...
Oh, another driver is getting ahead of him but Frank doesn't lose the grip.
Here , dear audience, you see for yourself how he drives...
... it takes only expierience and nothing more...
And there is a very nasty curve that he masters quite, quite succesfully.
E, e, e, e. Pedal to the metal !!!
Au...what a hit. What A HIT !!!
Let's hope that Frank's vehicle is't significantly damaged .
It's a helluva bright light.
I can't see a thing. What could this be ?
This... this all looks like those SF movies with aliens .
Frank, Yo, Frank!
- C'mon get up!
- What h... what happened ?
- How should I know ?! I'm knocking for a minute and a half and no one opens...
... and when I finaly entered I saw you lying on the floor C'mon get up.
Let's take a seat !
- What happened to you?
- I remember playing the video-race,
and then light...
a huge flash of brightest light apeared outside...
... i can't remember the rest.
- Say, have you seen the doctor lately?
- No!
Man, I'm serious... I just approached the window
... and all the way, from that far woods on the hill...
... shined some incredibly bright, spooky light...
... it came all the way here !
- It's good you havent gone blind. Y'Know, if it was a nuclear blast...
... You'd be blind . And that's a second thing. The first thing is that you wouldn't survive at all.
... neither would I, nor any of us... You know, I was out to town this night, it was awesome.
- No man, I'm serious it was an alien ship.
-You know, since you're not going out you act kind of strange.
You should start having some fun.
I was at KPD this night, it was awesome, an then at the "22"- excellent !
I saw that chick of yours, with two girlfriends, all you have to do is make an oportunity to win !
People in the world are more hungry for love then for bread.
- Eh, Pero, for building the future there ain't nothing better then dreams.
Wish fulfillment, that's only a glimpse of happiness.
Searching for happiness itself that's far stronger a feeling.
- You're smart, intelligent. You see, I never think about the future.
I feel that it comes fast enough all by itself.
- Intelligent? Inteligence is mere a random phenomenon and perhaps not at all that useful.
It's yet to be proven that the brains is important for survival.
- You're right, the time has come that one doesn't know who is who around here.
- I only think that our biggest problem is the thing that our people live in too great luxury !!
- Well, as the times change, children get more wicked. One day they'll get so evil that they will worship power.
They will chose strength, and all the respect towards goodness will dissapear.
But that still ain't a reason that you and I wouldn't go out to town tomorrow
and mingle a bit around all those young girls . They're almost all available. I guarantee it !
- I allways thought woman to have those subtle, mental and spiritual characteristics...
... which made her realy superior to man But tender and sensual woman that I worship...
... has gone now, leaving her place to a woman who finds her highest goal in resembling a man...
... in clothing, in speach, manners... Women's growing tendency to outperform men...
...is a certain sign of death of a civilisation.
-You're right , that's also scientifically proven. Still, all those civilisations can't...
... just dissapear over night. It takes centuries, it takes time for such a thing !
You see, contrary to ordinary agression, haterid is, just like love adressed to a person...
... and probably even means a presence of love. A man can hate only there where he once had loved...
... even if he denies it. See? we often say that love changes to hate, but I would rather say...
... that it ain't the love that changes, but wounded narcisoidic self of the person who loves.
- But to claim that a man hates only there where he used to love places the element of truth upside-down...
... into a merest absurdity : Does the oppressed hate the oppressor, does a mother...
... hate murderer of her child, does the tortured hate the torturer...
... only because they loved him once, or even love him still ?
- Well, for a narcissoidic man, a woman can be sexually attractive exactly by a possibility for him...
... to prove himself how attractive he is. Or a sadist... can be sexually excited
... with conquering a woman and dominating her. A lot of people are emotionally connected by this very motivation.
... and who knows how many children owe their lives to vanity, sadism and masochism rather then real attraction...
... not to mention love.
- I don't regret being a human, but I regret that many people call themselves human
...yet they are but dogs, who by their indifference offend the essence of life, so turning a man...
... into a material body without a trace of soul which then dwells captivated in first years of life...
... and Us, real humans, exist on this world in lesser and lesser numbers. That is a shame...
... still we fight a struggle for salvation of human honour which is painfull and long .
And we never retaliate. Our progress is a knowledge that we still remain...
... and the truth that evill shan't win. That is the spirit of our idea of reluctance.
- Individual is geting more and more a victim of manipulation.
His labour, his consumation, his spare time...
... are manipulated by commercials, ideologies, and so called 'positive affirmation'.
Individual loses his active, social role, and becomes 'adapted'.
He gets a clear message that any of his behaviour thought, act or feeling, thet don't fit 'the pattern'
... could place him in a discomfortable position, so he becomes 'what he is expected to be'
if he insists to remain individual : in police states he risks jail or his life...
...and in democratic states, he risks more and more responsability through promotions .
-It is a fact that no goverment is expressing the intention to opress the will of people.
No dictator, will call himself a dictator.
They use another words witch would seem opposite to the old ones.
Every system claims to mirror the will of people... but ,we oughta keep these childish talk aside...
We're long pass eighteen.
- Yeah, and it's also time! Auh, no watch... but it's clearly bedtime. I'm gone! Bye !
- Go, my friend. Hope the aliens won't attack you.
...whether you believe me or not. Lights off...whoops !
What's this, what IS THIS ?
But... but...
What is hapening ? Why can't I control my movements ?
What is going on to my EGO... Whith my "I" ?
Is it something YOU did?
Yes... Yes... I understand completely !
I absolutely accept all you are telling me !
Im'in your powers !
Yes Master !
If it is Master's wish to drink coffee,
...then coffee'll be my Master's drink !
Oooh Master, whith no sugar in it !
Ooo Master, give power to this man to present you the relativity theory...
...and so, to unravel...
... all secrets of this universe !
My Master !
For you, Master!
Yes master, i'll succeed unveiling relativity theory for you...
... and the nature of human existence on Earth.
That shall be my purpose!
Yes, Master, as you told, the body of Earth is on screen.
Accepting informations!
All right, Master, I am exiting the program.
incoming new data... added to database.
Data loaded and transferred succesfully!
Hmmm, what's going on with me?
Hm, looks like I've been under influence of alien intelligence.
They gave me some kind of message !
Whatever this is I don't understand it.
This I will have to pass to someone who knows how to use it.
Inn any case, it'll serve good !
Hello !
Put me to the president. Urgent !
I don't care if it's half past two AM, wake him up !
It's an emergency ! The thing of vital importance !
Mister president !
Sorry to wake you up this early...
... but i just got a message from the aliens !
Yes !
No, no, no, I don't know any of them personally.
No, I never had any relations with them !
No, those relations neither !
No! Please, tell your wife not to pick up the other phone !
Can you put me to someone who knows about alien forms of intelligence ?
I have only few formulas to give him !
Allright ! I'll hold !
Good morning ,sir !
No, no, I'm not related to any alien !
I'dont have an implant!
I have only formulas !
Do you want me to read them ?
I'm certain they are for general wellbeing of this planet!
How can I be sure of such thing ?
Well, aliens told me so along with this formula !
Allright , I'll hold !
Yes !
No, I didn't make contact with aliens they contacted me !
They transferred me certain formulas !
Of vital importance to human race !
For Earth's salvation !
Want me to read them !?
Right away !
First formula!
Second formula!
Third formula!
I thank you too !
Have a nice day !
- I just got a call from Frank Matrix, that new gunnea-pig we need to decypher the formula!
- So many failed attempts we had this time we mustn't fail.
- The papers are filled with stories of people who lost their personality because of the implant.
If he called for me, he surely doesn't realise that it's his task to decypher the formula !
Messiah, place the influence on Frank to get this job done!
Get me some coffee!
If the aliens wanted the president to decypher the formulas, ...
... I'm sure they would have contacted him, instead of me
There is only...
... one...
... reasonable explanation!
They wanted...
... ME to explore the formula, and to decypher it!
And that is what I'll do!
I've got a computer!
I've got knowledge !
What more I need ? Nothing !
I'm doing it myself !
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!
Ye, ye, ye!
Formula, watch out !
Cause you're about to be decyphered !
'Killed souls' ? Out of the question !
'Being and nothingness'? Hm, that has nothing to do with this.
Aha, 'Beyond the Chains of Illusion' !?
Now, are the aliens ilusion or reality ?
They are more the reality for me !
- The aliens found their guinnea-pig !
They visited him last night and inserted him the implant!
- That implant contains a program that'll vastly reduce Franks free will.
Program will make Frank to decypher the formulas they need !
- But as the implant's wavelenght differs the human brainwave pattern...
Frank Matrix still won't be their absolute slave !
- Still, implant will make his first priority to serve the aliens.
- I gotta find the exact wavelenght of his implant !
Only then we will be able to uplink the implant to our sattelite and partially set Frank free...
...from alien influence.
Till then all we can do is pray that Frank won't decypher formulas so fast...
...as the aliens want him.
All I can do now is to release Frank of massive surplus of negative energy...
... by a special method, and so prepare his mind for the upload of new software.
Since I'm now relaxed, I could get on to some work !
...again ,that means free energy for everyone !
Oh aliens, thank you !
That is it !
Now just to load these new data to computer...
... and I'll have the result in no time!
That's what i'll do !
... finally type in the last line!
What ?
Estimate time to compute unknown ?!
no big deal, if it started, it'll end soon for sure.
... We ain't in no hurry !
I'll call Frank to see if he started to work on the formula !
If he still thinks I'm involved in this thing we're gonna have to find someone else to replace him.
- Hallo!
- Howdy! Frank? This is the President speaking !
- Oh, mister President, it's you !
Greetings !
- Hope I didn't wake you up ?
- No, you did not,
i wasn't asleep at all, whole night long !
I was working on decoding that formula !
- Frank, Frank, Frank... you are not qualified for such a task !
- Yes, I know , but...
... I figured... since aliens have directly contacted ME...
... at least to give it a try, they might gave me some powers...
... to solve that riddle !
- OK Frank, I count on your success as well as some useful results!
- Yes! Goodbye, mister President .
As soon as my computer calculates the result, I'll report.
Hopefully with good news !
Goodbye !
time for some morning hygiene !
There, morning comes...
and I haven't sleep at all...
... and teeth have to be brushed !
Alien business !
Amazing! Computer is still calculating !
Seems this Windows 98 is too weak !
And finally, the time has come to buy the 'XP'!
I'll search some papers !
Bingo ! "Windows XP" !
Let's see how much is it !
...there's an interesting ad !
Hallo! Good day !
I call about the ad in the papers...
... Windows XP !
Yes, yes, yes !
And what is the price ?
150 euros?
tax included ?
Aha, alright ! Yeah, I'll give it a think !
Thank you !
Let's search for some other !
Like this one !
I call about Windows XP !
just tell me the price
Euros ?
Dinars ?!
150 ?
That is tax included ?
Delivery included ?!?
... well I woud rather come to your store myself .
That couldn't be done ?
Ok, I'll think about it...
... think and then call, no fuss.
Thank you! Have a nice day !
It comes for 150 Eur, as well as 150 dinars ?!
I wonder if there is something sane in these papers !
Among the serbian people there is a growing number of mental ilnesses such as neurosis or psychosis.
We hear from the center for prevention of mental ilnesses that final stage of these disorders...
... is when the diseased starts hearing voices. Believing them to be of paranormal origin...
... and for some reason adressed directly to him. Then a patient takes a role of world savior.
As quoted, there is a large number of ones who wish to speak to the president
... and help him prevent future catastrophes .
When such person calls to speak to the president he often gets the dispatcher...
... who take advantage patient's ilness to make fun of him .
Low rate of cured persons is also affected by unawareness...
... of affected subjects, who still consider themselves mentaly sane !
Heh, what a story !
But, seeing who we live with , it's good we're still normal !
Hmm, this computing is hardly making any progress!
Perhaps I should see if someone of my friends has the "XP"!
Good evening, mister Popovich!
I am interested by a matter of vital importance !
Hm, yes !
Important indeed !
I'm in a need of 'Windows XP'!
No, no, no, I just need to borrow it I'll get it back right away !
Well, I know, but there's no need for it! ...By myself ! I would rather install it by myself !
Yes, I... I understand that you very much enjoy installing Windows and so, but still...
... I have a wish to install it myself
Again, I am used to it, and I "know".
No, but, but why are you begging me? There is no need, mister Popovich, to beg of me !
No, no, no! In fact...
... I am better with Windows98! It's better , really better !
Maybe I'll install the 'XP' some other time, and...
... I would gladly allow you to install it for me, yes !
Have a nice day...a nice day ! Good night, mister Popovich !
It is twilight, and human minds are most submissive to sugestion now !
Start your influence on Frank, Messiah!
Let him be convinced that we come in peace, we bring salvation, and exploit his research !
His computer has probabbly calculated results by now, let us use them!
Act , Messiah !
It is dark again...
... like the night before!
Should I expect aliens again...
... or will my dreams be easy this time?
But, if nothing has changed...
... if everything remained as before...
... formulas unsolved...
... then , they have no reason to leave me in peace !
I know they'll come again...
... to claim their own...
... to ask the key to the formulas...
... and I will be here...
... ready and waiting.
Waiting for them...
...and wait for my computer...
... give the answer...
... to the formula...
... for which the answer was requested.
The power is off...
... which mean that the aliens will arrive soon...
... and take control over my fragile body!
And I will not resist.
We come in peace...
... we bring salvation to this planet!
May the computer now serve our purpose !
Formula number one!
Formula number two!
Formula number three!
And our final goal!
This is the mission we must suxceed.
Taking over the planet Earth is our priority.
Ouch !
everythig is blur...
It seems I have been taken by alien intelligence once again.
And, as I see, there's still no result ...
... which means that we must work harder.
Must struggle to solve the formula...
... for the survival of human kind./luckasta/
I have this strange feeling there's something wrong with this formula...
... and it is not for the salvation of mankind...
... but its...
... destruction.
Well, I won't let that happen !
The light was coming from that hill there.
This is 'the' dark wood.
With a gun in our hand, through the woods we go...
... wood is our mama, wood is our home.
What's this now?
This wasn't here yesterday!
ok ,if we must jump, we will jump .
This debris must be made by the spaceship during landing.
It is proven, and it's a certain sign that none other than aliens have been here!
My God, what they have done !
They ruin our planet sistematically.
What the f-word is this ?
This must be just one of the parts of alien technology!
Something tells me that i will encounter whit the alien ship soon.
You think that you will defeat us that easily ?
You see...
... things on this planet are a bit different then you think .
Here, as soon as someone is missing...
... president sends his search posse right away to find him.
President cares about his men.
There wont be 15 minutes...
...before I'm free ! That's for sure.
I can't go on anymore !
And you think what to do about that.
I'm not going any further !
So, that's the game we'll play?
Well, if you play rough, you'll get it rough !
So, this is your base!
You did a good job camouflaging it !
But if I managed to find it...
... be sure the president will too!
They captured Frank , that's a bad sign !
If they extract the data from him, this planet is doomed !
I'll use the element of surprise, when he's in I'm going along . They won't be expecting that.
I go now to save that wretched man.
Where am I?
What do you want from us?
What more is do you want ?
Leave this planet be!
You will see...
... I will defeat you...
... we will defeat your philosophy!
What is this ? What is this ?
You'll see, when our president defeats you...
... you'll be destroyed and on your knees...
... and me...
... president...
... and this people will be celebrating...
Our final victory.
Just a while to recooperate...
... only second to get my strenght back...
...and they'll see.
Alone with these...
... bare hands I will strike them.
I will show you !
You 'll see !
... who is in charge...
... aliens...
... or I...
... So my name be Frank Matrix.
Just you flee...
...I'll get you.
I am dr Openhousen , I suggest you to come with me this instant.
With you?
Why should I come with you?
And who are you anyway?
You are held as prisoner here, and you may suggest your odds.
Come with me if you want to live!
... if I have no choice...
... I'll come along .
Wait, where are you running ?
- We are safe here...
we have been following your research for a while - they are of vital hypergalactical importance...
...and will result in destruction of this planet.
- What are you saying ? this is my work...
... I work for the general good...
... for me, for the president, and for the planet.
- Speaking of the Prez, you could like him a bit less...
... he ain't that good as you reckon.
- well OK...
... I know that no people...
... has ever been satisfied...
... with its goverment and the president...
... but now, as all our lives are jeapordised...
... don't you think, that at least now we all should be as one, just once in a lifetime ?
- That was not what I meant...
... my point was...
... that president is ...
... one of THEM !
- One of...
... one of THEM !
- Da main man, sent by space federation of Thorsiy...
... with a mission to destroy this planet, planet Earth!
- That I don't believe!
Prepare to die , swine !
- Wait ! Think a bit , I saved yo life.
- Saved my life ?
My life was never in danger .
- What about the time when you was captured in their HQ?
- You arrived right when I was getting ready to snap their necks one by one.
You stopped me in that. You interupted me.
I would sooner think that you work for the aliens.
- Are you aware of your implant?
- What ?
No, neither I'm aware, nor I thrust you.
- Turn around!
- Ha, ha. Yeah, right !
And then you stab a knife in my back .
- I don't have a knife!
- Alright then !
Aaaaaah !
- Mmmhm, aha. What do you think now?
- I think I should go home now to get some rest.
- I mean what do you think of this ?
- Now i trust you.
But the president!
I find it impossible to believe.
He called me in person to ask if i got to solve the formulas.
-Well , did you?
- Of course I did !
- That is why the prez called you, You shouldn't have solved it not by any chance.
Now he'll hunt you till the end.
- But why, man ?
- The aliens have highly develloped technology...
... but the nuclear energy and its use is absolutely incomprehensible to their minds.
That's why they got a human being to develop all processes of nulcear chain cycle.
Every information you solved and acquired is in this implant.
In fact, it also contains all your memories ever since you was born.
-I want my implant back now !
But why would someone wish to destroy our peaceful planet ?
- It is beyound my knowledge !
Quick, take cover !
- Do you have a gun for me ?
- Take this one ...
...I've got another !
- Thanks a bunch !
- Hey Jack , how come you're here ?
Sure am glad to see you .
- Jack , who the heck is Jack?
- Jack is a friend.
Shoot , Jack, shoot!
- Doctor, I'm out of ammo !
- Me too . This is the last round.
What are gonna do now ?
Dunno, you're a doctor, think of something.
You get outta here! Run! I'll watch yo six!
Don't have to tell me twice...
... and you continue your games.
We run, Jack, we run!
Yeah, I run for sure.
I could say, I'm on a safe distance now...
... on free turf.
- Howdy Frank.
- C'mon in, Pero.
- Gotta helluva news.
It seems the aliens exist. They've been speaking whole day about it on TV.
- Well, I told you so yesterday. Light just hit me , and I fainted.
And when you left, something took me over, again aliens, I think...
... and in the morning I went to the woods...
- Yeah, yeah... wait till i put the TV on, maybe there's some news
- Whaddoyaknow, aliens !
- Told you they exist.
I even think I saw them when I was out last night . many of them walking.
- Eh, Pero, half of our youth you see on streets are dressed like aliens.
Doctor, is it you?
How are you?
How is Jack ?
Swell , i'm happy to know that.
No, no... I don't know where Jack lives.
OK ! I'll find it.
I'm coming right away, doctor.
- Pero, xcuse me, but I have to go this moment.
- fine, I was telling you myself you should visit some doctor.
I go now, and you finish that doctor deal of yours.
Intollerable ! Frank was in our hands...
... formula could be used for Earth destruction by now.
how could you have left Frank escape !?
He is only a human.
Have all of our ships in the state of alert.
Prepare the global invasion !
Hey Frank, it's good you found me.
We must go to Jack's to make a plan.
Hurry , man!
So, this is Jack's house.
I always wondered is it even inhabited...
Don't worry, at Jack's you can feel like home.
Jack !!
He'll be here now.
Where you been, Jack, I almost started to worry about you.
Frank, you go in, I'll get to you two in a second.
Don' make me wait too long, this freak's giving me the creeps.
OK doc, will this Jack just stare at us like this all the time ?
Don't you worry 'bout him.
- Listen now.
The thing we gotta do, I'll be honest , is gonna be a lot riskier.
- Well , I suppose we'ready for it.
- yes, but the fact is - it's only gonna be risky for you.
- How risky ?
- A lot !
- What lot ?
- Listen, I aint gonna lie to you. It's most likely you won't make it alive.
- Ouch !
Well, that's the thing I'm not ready for !
- But... didn't you tell yourself how ready you are to give life for this earth ?
- True. But I had no idea just how risky it would be.
Is there an alternative?
- Unfortunately, it is the only way.
- I'm sorry but I'm just not ready to do it.
- You will die just the same.
It's better to die saving your planet.
- I had enough of salvations and those threats !
If you want to kill me , do it.
- THEY will koll you by destroying the planet.
In any case - you die.
- You people realy aint normal !
OK , what's the plan ?
- First, i'll put back your implant .
- Is IT going to kill me?
- In some way .
You see, this implant is loaded with new data.
Your task is to go back to their HQ...
... like snooping around , doing some research...
... they'll find and capture you.
- And... are they gonna torture me a bit?
- There is absolutely no need for that ...
... but I'm sure they will.
They think the implant contains data...
... about final decrypted formula...
... that should result in total annihilation of this planet.
- But I won't let them destroy this planet.
At least not voluntarely.
- Well that won't happen anyway.
See, the implant carries brand new data...
... that will actualy destroy their main ship.
- Main ship?
- The MOTHER SHIP , that is now orbiting the Earth.
- Is that even possible?
- Well , yes... all sattelites are orbiting Earth in such way.
- I meant, is it possible to destroy main ship like that?
- Program , that is in implant , I have wrote myself.
- So, it is possible , that the ship won't be destroyed.
- Don't you doubt my work !
- I am a doctor specialised in writing such software.
- How many of those have you written by now, those programs?
- This is the first one !
You need to understand that we haven't faced this sort of problems so far.
- So, it is still possible that the ship will survive ?
- Alright, it's possible. But it is our only chance.
- OK ! Put two and two together, I still end with nothing.
Place the implant.
- Here. It's over in a sec.
- Aaaaah !
- Over.
I must admit that I envy your courrage .
From now on, you're on your own.
It's all up to you now.
- All my life I'm on my own.
Again, nothing ever depended on me.
- I'm thankfull to you.
Whole nation is thankful.
It's time to go now, and fulfill your duty.
Luck be with you.
- Luck's got nothing to do with that...
... au revoir doctor.
I hope we will meet again.
By that I mean, I hope I'll stay alive.
See you doctor.
Avay avon.
Alright, if that's the only way...
... I go to their HQ...
... let them capture me...
... if before that, that soldier don't shoot me first...
... shoot me dead!
Wow ! Look at the size of that fence.
Here, i'm in your headquarters now...
... capture me. where are you...
... no one here!
I got a better solution...
... Than the one offered by doc Openhousen.
- Halo, mister president, it's Frank.
Do you still need the solution to those formulas ?
- Yes , I need it very much.
- Mister president...
... you need the formula for the benefit of mankind ?
Do you wish that every citizen lives happily ?
Is it your wish to achieve world piece ?
- Yes, absolutely! Worldwide ! Across the universe !
- This is unbelievable !
You lied to me ! You have been lying to me all the time !
I simply can't believe, that a man can't even trust his own president !
- Nuclear energy is your invention, not ours ...
... no one in universe never made nothing like it .
- But we use that energy for common good...
... all countries signed a treaty , that nuclear power should never be used as a weapon...
... and every single citizen on this planet know that to be true.
- Yes, yes! I know the purpose of your existence is war...
... as soon as you finish one, you start another right away.
- Those are all coincidences...
... nothing of it was ever planned.
That I guarantee !
- Hah, you Earthlings ! All your lives you wonder is there some other civilization, and is it friendly...
... And you alone, are so warmongering, that you would destroy everything if you just could.
- That is not true. People here just believe one thing...
... Peace . If only we could, we would spread peace, not only on this planet...
... but through whole universe.
- Yes! we are very aware of that. That's the reason we need that implant.
We have to destroy this planet, before your civilization starts conquering space.
- Mister president, I will give you the implant...
... But only because my strong belief that you will use it for peaceful purposes.
But prior to that, there is an arangement we have to make.
What kind of arangement ? There will be no negotiating !
That implant must be in our posesion !
- All right , so it will be...
... But ,I figured, for my own good it might be better for me not to come to you...
... I could send you the implant by mail !
- Can do ! That's not a bad idea, only, we need it ASAP.
- OK, I'll send it by Post Express.
- Thank you, kind man.
- No need to thank me , mister president.
I just wish peace to this planet.
And now, once the work is finished ...
...I might just leave this headquarters.
I wonder what Frank is doing now...
... did he reach the HQ...
... was he captured...
... did they take the implant ?
I'll dial his cell phone !
If it's not busy , he is still uncaptured and that wouldn't be good.
Frank? You are free ? Are you at their HQ ?
You're at the mail ? What are you doing at the mail ?
Frank, I understand that the implant will reach them that way also...
... but we are not used to such methodology...
... because, why do something in a quiet and peaceful way ...
...When the same thing can be done with a huge amount of action, suspence and violence ?!
OK, Frank, you're in charge now, and if you think...
... it's better to send them the implant via mail ...
... then going to their HQ , and getting captured, you have my support!
have a nice day , Frank.
Be gone, you aliens !...
... This is not a place for you...
... this is a planet...
... only for the peaceful...
... people !
Hey !
Let's check the national TV !
Right !
... COMMON ACTIVITIES." God Forbid !
Thanks a lot.
Well, it's time for a man to get some rest.