UK President Eli Capilouto's Message for Future Wildcats

Uploaded by universityofkentucky on 07.06.2012

SOT (President Eli Capilouto): "Welcome to the University of Kentucky, where blue is
more than a color, it's a way of opening doors to a world of opportunity.
We are so gratified that you are considering UK as your home.
Our commitment is to provide you with the opportunities you need to find purpose and
your passion.
We have more than 200 majors and 450 clubs and organizations.
They are designed to help you unlock your potential.
At UK you have the opportunity to study with world-class researchers and leaders in their
fields across a broad range of scholarly pursuits.
From medicine to law from architecture to engineering, from sociology and anthropology
to the humanities.
You can find a home at UK.
A new undergraduate studies curriculum and expanded Honors' program also offer unique
opportunities for our students.
I urge you to take the time to explore what doors you want to open to find out what opportunities
are there for you.
At the University of Kentucky, we are committed to ensuring the incomparable educational experience
we provide is affordable.
As a result, we are in the process of evaluating all of our scholarships and programs.
It's part of an effort to expand and enhance the opportunities we offer students and families.
UK offers a unique education to our students.
It's important that it is an affordable one as well.
That process will be finished soon.
In the meantime, I hope you will take time to review the scholarship website to get a
sense of our current scholarship offerings.
We are gratified that you are interested in UK.
We are certainly interested in doing everything possible to ensure that you have what you
need to be successful.
Thank you and remember to always see blue." #####