Who Says I Can't Series Introduction

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My name is Jothy Rosenberg. Welcome to Who Says I Can't
A lot of people get knocked down in life
in some major way
It might have been a birth defect
disease trauma something that you'd think would crush their spirit but that isn't
what happens to everybody for many including myself the way back is through sport
I lost a leg and a lung to cancer before I was nineteen years old
On this show I'm going to tell the story of these brave determined people fighting back
and then I'm going to do their sport with them
Who Says I Can't
We will bring you the story of sailor Maureen McKinnon
Maureen damaged her spine losing the use of her legs
She fought back with sailing and won a spot on the u_s_ paralympic team with
partner Nick Scandone who had Lou Gherig's disease
While training to go to Beijing
she got a phone call about her two-year-old child
The doctor gets on the phone and basically says if you'd like to see your son again you should probably
get on a plane right away
He stopped breathing there's swelling in his brain A tumor was cut out and the
child survived
but now she would have to decide between staying with her sick child or going
to Beijing with a teammate who would never live long enough to go to another olympics
Do I quit? How can I be a mom with a kid with this kind of cancer
and train for the olympics but then we remembered that
Nick had Lou Gherig's disease and Nick
wasn't going to make it to another olympics
I challenged Maureen to a sailing race
and it was a photo finish
Kelly Bruno
was born without a lower right leg
I prayed for
one thing in particular when I was little
I prayed very very hard that my leg would grow back
Kelly grew up and became a competitive runner
she now runs triathlons so I decided to compete with her in a triathlon
that men running for the first time in thirty eight years
We swam
We biked
and we ran
Who Says I Can't
Upward force is fine so if you pull now it's an upward force
Hugh Herr was a teenage mountain climbing prodigy
Then at age seventeen he lost both legs below the knee in a rock climbing accident
I think my psychological strategy was to take one day at a time
It was the only way I could
He not only survived but ended up becoming an internationally known
climber and runs his own lab at MIT building prosthetics of the future
Who Says I Can't
I went climbing with Hugh Herr and it was an unforgettable experience
Leg! Leg! Look out! Run run run
Good job bro
Thanks man that was awesome
At the age of sixteen I lost my right leg to a rare type of cancer called
It's a bone cancer and it gets into the bloodstream three years later it had spread
and I had to have a lung removed
what I used to build myself back up
was sports
Yea Jothy. First it was skiing. I just really wanted to become a great skier on one ski
Then I realized the someone with one lung needs constant exercise so I
became very serious about swimming
And then many years later someone said to me it's too bad that someone with one
leg couldn't ride a bike from Boston to New York City
So my fate was sealed and I became a biker
I went on to get a PhD in computer science from Duke
I taught there for five years after that
And then I got an itch to become an entrepreneur
Since then I've founded eight high-tech start-up companies
and now I'm hosting this show
Who Says I Can't is about people who won't accept limitations it's about
perseverance courage and heart
it's about
We want to tell the story of hundreds of impressive and inspirational people
like Maureen, Kelly, and Hugh whom we have included in episodes so far
As we make new episodes they will come out on this YouTube channel so please
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Who Says WE Can't