Project Management Diploma Co-op - Canadian College

Uploaded by canadiancollege on 25.01.2011

i'm taking project management course right now and canadian college. I'm in the mean
time working in a international manufacturing company as a project manager. The reason i
am taking the course is although i have an engineering background i have never had any
proper project management education before hens i joined the course. So far i took; organizational
behaviour, coast and time management, and project management basics. They all mad me
realize items in project management, hence its helped me a lot with my work made me relies how to become i better project
manager at work. I realized the five basic aspects of project management during this
course in canadian college. All the information that i have been learning form teachers are
up to date. The reason why is all the teachers are actually actively working as well in project
management area. There working in ubc one of the biggest university in canada. There
working in some other companies doing major application require project management managers.
So its so convenient for me to discuss real type examples with them because i know the
answers are accurate. We are following the pm book which is the major up to date book
for project management. For any one who would like to take project management course at
Canadian college would defiantly recommend it. This is my school canadian college