Deutz Agrotron TTV 430, how it works - come si usano le varie funzioni della trasmissione

Uploaded by TractorumIT on 10.04.2011

Hitch unlocking procedure
All hitch's controls are marked on consolle and joystick both with green
To unlock the hitch press the stop button then wait for a buzz
Set lifting limit to avoid collision with equipment and tractor
To select the tree gear modes, press the "mode" button under the arm
The three modes are indicated on the cab display
Manual mode selected
Moving forward the joystick speed increases
Orange button control the reverse (replicated command at the wheel)
Press the safety button behind the joystick with the direction button
Moving joystick backward, speed reduces
Press "N" button to put out of gear
Auto mode
Set max speed before start
Tractors moves up to selected speed, pressing gas pedal or with joystick
"Power zero" mode are available in auto mode
Rear view on imonitor
"Power system", set the gear behavior response with two potentiometer
Pto mode
Set Pto speed
Turn on Pto
Set Pto speed with manual gas command
Set speed with joystick
Press the gas pedal to move
Cruise control feature
Press side joystick button twice, to set cruise control
Press once to disengage
Press twice again to reactivate it
Operate on the joystick to change speed