Dan Ljubezni Epizoda 9

Uploaded by danljubezni on 13.07.2010

There's going to be an awesome party.
Well, I wanted to ask you. If you'd like to go on a drink, if you'd let me.
OK, cool.
Cute, ha?
I know what she means by that, cute.
She's not thinking about that, Anze.
So, what do you think she's thinking about?
That she totally wants you!
-You know what, you've changed. -I know!
So that first sex really changed you, ha?
-Please, don't remind me about that. -But it's...
-No, really. Don't. -OK.
So, you and Tanja, ha?
Yeah, man. I can't believe it's really happening.
Actually, I'm a little late. We're meeting for a drink.
I gotta go.
First I'll get this 50 m of hair cut and then see what happens.
Oh, yeah. You have to leave now.
I had enough of Anze for a while, I met Natalija yesterday, and here I am.
And I am the last person you would meet for a drink then?
Yes... No! No.
I have many more to choose from.
-Like a girlfriend? -I don't have a girlfriend!
Well, I did have a girlfriend. Girlfriends. Many girlfriends.
I wouldn't be here with you, if I had a girlfriend.
So, you're one of the nice guys.
Very nice, always.
I mean, I can be bad, too.
Like, on the scale of 2 to 5 I'm a 3, when I'm angry.
If someone's bugging me. I would get them right back, you know.
Or I would get angry at a woman.
What's up, you lovebirds?
We're not...
I'm just talking to Tanja here. You know, out of my league?
-And what's my league supposed to be? -School basketball league!
Damn, you're funny. Still not a comedian?
Actually, I am.
I have a show next month. You can come.
I'm throwing a party. But don't worry.
-It's gonna be like last time, times 20. -So, 20 people.
-You coming? -No.
-You? -Of course.
Me too, me too.
I just remembered I don't have that thing
I was supposed to have.
Great, excellent.
How's it going, everything okay?
Listen to me.
I can see you're working. Working a lot.
Yes, that's true.
You come here, you leave and come here again.
You don't have any time for a conversation.
You poor thing.
You really have it bad.
You wouldn't mind a little break, ha?
Yes, that would be nice.
Yes, I know.
Actually, you don't really have to
serve other customers, right?
-Of course I have to. -Oh, yeah? You do?
You understand what I'm saying?
Gotta go, you heard him.
Anything wrong?
I've got my period and it's really annoying.
I really couldn't have sex right now even if you'd be fucking me.
That's cute.
You can go to the bathroom or something, if you have to.
It's OK. Don't worry.
I have to go anyway. I'm a little late for my classes.
OK, then.
-I'll see you on the Waiter's party. -Not sooner?
-Bye. -Bye.
I love you. I want to be with you.
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