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Presented by CJ Entertainment Inc., and Barunson Co., Ltd.
A Barunson Film Division production
In this world,
in an unimaginably strange place,
a deep forest that we could suddenly fall into
exists somewhere out there.
started in this deep dense forest.
CHUN Jeong-myoung
EUN Won-jae
SHIM Eun-kyung
JIN Ji-hee
directed by YIM Phil-sung
Our products are a bit unique
so young consumers love it.
Sir, hold on, I got a call.
Why didn't you answer your phone?
How do you feel?
I'm going to the hospital today.
I already told you.
When? When did you tell me?
Why are you so indifferent?
I've been pregnant for four weeks.
I told you a hundred times already.
I'm not an irresponsible person.
Then what am I?
What am I doing now?
If you're not irresponsible,
why am I responsible for everything?
And do you have to go there at a time like this?
How much farther do we have to go?
Not much farther.
We're almost there.
I guess it'll be hard to get out of the forest tonight.
Anyway, what's your name?
Young-hee, Kim Young-hee.
Your name?
Eun-soo, Lee Eun-soo.
What kind of name is that for a guy?
So, why are you out alone this late?
Won't your Mom and Dad get mad at you?
I came out to look for my sister's hairpin.
It's a long story.
Anyway, where could it be?
We're almost there.
Is that really your house?
House of Happy Children
By the way,
aren't you scared to live out here?
Not at all.
This place is comfortable for us.
Young-hee, make sure you tell Mom before you go out to the forest.
Sorry to trouble you so late.
That's okay. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Oh my, you're seriously injured.
Anyway, we welcome you to our home.
Is he sleepy?
Looks like it.
I'd like to introduce you to our children.
This is Man-bok, my eldest son.
He turned thirteen this year.
This is my daughter Jung-soon.
She's our youngest. She's seven, but a little weak.
And this is Young-hee.
Oh yeah, you two already met.
This little lady surprises us at times with her late night walks.
Our kids are so adorable, aren't they?
Excuse me, can I use your phone?
My cell phone isn't working.
I'm sorry, our phone got disconnected a few days ago.
We've already reported it, but no one's come by yet.
They'll probably be here tomorrow.
Right, Man-bok?
Honey, he looks very exhausted.
Did you clean up the room upstairs?
Of course, blankets, comforter, it's all ready.
Looks like you need some rest.
You've walked a long way. Please go upstairs and rest.
Day One
Low Battery
Out of Service Range
Let's eat. I'm sure you must be starving.
We sometimes eat like this. The kids love to eat this way.
Very nice. All you need now are birthday candles.
Aren't you eating?
We ate already. Please help yourself.
Is the phone still not working?
Well, it's still early.
Actually, I was on an important call when I had the accident.
My mother's state is critical so I was in a rush to go to her.
Your mother's state is critical?
It means that his mother could pass away.
How could a mother pass away?
Because she's very old and sick.
It's okay.
I'm not that close to my mother.
Having a mother is nice.
You'll know when you grow up.
There are people close to your mother.
And those who aren't.
Having a mother is nice.
A mother is the best thing in this world.
Of course. A mother is the best for a child.
What our Man-bok said is right, don't you agree?
I'm sorry. I was out of place.
I'm sorry, Man-bok. You're right.
Thank you for the meal. I really have to go now.
Hello? Anybody here?
This is crazy.
I went the way you told me.
But I couldn't get out of the forest.
And it suddenly got dark.
Since we're so deep in the forest,
it gets dark quickly when it's even slightly cloudy.
We should've gone with you.
I'm sorry for being a burden again.
Since I haven't called,
my girlfriend will probably have a fit.
You have to help me tomorrow.
It's so easy to get lost here if you're alone.
So when you go to work tomorrow I'd like to go with you.
But I'm on vacation.
What about you, ma'am?
Don't you go to the market?
I beg you.
I bet it's hard to go to the market.
Everyone says that.
But you can get whatever you want at anytime.
Then let's all of us go into town tomorrow.
Sorry, but my youngest is a bit sick.
That'll be a bit difficult.
Why don't you go and get some rest?
What about the way out?
I will take you.
That's okay with you, right?
I know the way, too. I want to go.
Me, too. Me, too.
Okay, let's go together, you angels.
- He called us angels. - He called us angels.
Is this place some Bermuda Triangle?
I feel stuffy!
Feel better after throwing that?
Throw that too while you're at it.
- Think I can't, huh? - Go ahead! Do it!
Then what?
I can't stay here like this forever!
Then what are you going to do?
I can't stay here anymore.
What about me?
What do you want me to do?
Be quiet!
The kids might hear us.
Who is it?
She walks in her sleep sometimes with her eyes open.
Why do you care when you're not even our Dad?
Just call me Eun-soo. Think of me as your brother.
Eun-soo, we're wide awake thanks to you.
How about we try this?
We count in our heads.
One sheep, two sheep.
Three sheep, four sheep.
What about puppies?
Puppies? You waited for puppies?
One puppy.
White puppy.
White puppy?
One white puppy.
Two white puppies.
Three white puppies.
Four white puppies.
Day Two
What's the matter?
What's going on?
Where's Mom and Dad?
We had urgent business to tend to.
Please look after the kids for a few days.
From Mom and Dad?
Just a moment.
I need time to think, so let's be quiet.
Please be quiet!
If you don't, I'll punish you!
I'm sorry.
It's not because of you all.
I'll do it.
Let's eat.
Man-bok, can you take me into town?
I can't leave the others.
Jung-soon can't go far because she's weak.
Also, I have to study with Young-hee in the morning.
If we can't go together, can you at least show me a shortcut?
Once I get to town, I'll find someone to take care of you all.
He seems nice, doesn't he?
For now.
Who's there?
Is someone there?
Someone else lives in these woods, don't they?
I'm certain I saw someone.
I fell after I ran after him.
You're going to stay here, right?
What about the phone?
Think about it.
The phone is disconnected, so how'd we get someone to fix it?
No one probably called for help.
Where's the phone?
Are you going to leave us?
No way.
If you lose the way in the forest, itjust gets deeper.
Was it too deep?
If I follow the directions you give me,
I can surely leave the forest, right?
That's why...
You should have marked your way with breadcrumbs.
Mom and Dad went very far away.
Very far away.
They went to the hospital because Mom's sick.
There's no hospital around here.
Right, they should have.
Then this would all make sense.
Don't touch our stuff.
What are you doing here?
Someone else is here.
I saw someone with my own two eyes.
Look, nobody's here.
Someone was definitely in here.
You chicken.
Please help me.
No matter what happens tomorrow I have to get out.
It's a present.
You seemed to have missed your Mom very much.
The Way Out
Day Three
No, you can't go.
Are you coming from the town?
Is there a faster way?
You can't go. It's snowing too much.
We've lost our way, too.
Our car broke down on the highway.
Then don't come this way.
I heard there's a house that way.
We need to get out of the snow first.
How'd you know that there's a house?
He told me.
He said his house is over there.
Go back the way you came.
Don't go, Uncle!
What's the matter with him?
Where are your parents?
They went far away for a little while.
So you're all alone in this house.
These belong to you?
We have lots of them.
there must be a pumpkin wagon and red shoes somewhere.
Kids shouldn't play with expensive toys.
Your necklace is very pretty.
It keeps snowing.
What is your Uncle going to do?
If you don't listen to me,
I'm gonna punish you really bad.
I'll rip all your guts out and throw them in the forest.
You'll hate that, right?
Then die! Die!
Go ahead and die!
Don't go.
Don't go.
Stop playing with me!
Why aren't you letting me out?
Don't yell.
It's scary.
Please go and rest.
You're wet.
This is yours, right?
Where did you find it?
All this was due to His will.
Your coming home is His will.
I'm Deacon Byun.
The kids already told me your name. Eun-soo?
Your great Holiness
In my soul...
It keeps snowing.
The snow keeps falling on my desperate hope.
Day Four The snow keeps falling on my desperate hope.
You made all this food yourselves?
How could you make all this?
Please feed me.
You're not a baby. Do it yourself.
No, feed me.
I told you already.
You have to eat yourself.
It hurts.
Your Mom and Dad must've spoiled you a lot.
That's enough.
What would these little angles know?
Now that's enough from everyone.
Santa Claus is going to grant every kid's wish
on Christmas day tomorrow.
The Christmas mood this year ahead of the long holidays
is getting more exciting than ever.
Why does everybody like Christmas?
When Christmas comes,
Santa Claus grants all the children's wishes.
I want a magic box
that will give me whatever I want.
Sweet cakes, candy, chocolate, robots, pens.
I want every toy in the world.
Oh, it's lovely Young-hee.
Is your Uncle very sick?
Yes, I think he has a cold.
Is that right?
There's a stain.
You scared me.
What are you doing here?
They seemed to have been left here alone for a while.
I just felt bad for them.
You can't take anything from here.
Not going anywhere?
Still snowing outside?
Hansel and Gretel
Once upon a time in the thick deep forest...
Did you touch my stuff again?
What the hell is this crap?
Give it!
Give it to me now!
Son of a bitch.
What did you say to me?
Let go!
Eun-soo, let's go out and make a snowman.
Please don't make him mad.
Forgive me.
Please forgive me.
Who are you?
Please forgive me.
Please forgive me.
Please forgive me.
What happened to you?
Please be quiet.
We'll be in big trouble if the kids find us.
And I'm not their mother.
What are you talking about?
Our car broke down in the middle of the road,
and we were looking for help.
And then I met Jung-soon. That's all.
You can't get out of here no matter how hard you try.
Please don't tell the children.
What the hell are they?
They took my husband away.
I don't know where he is.
I hid here after the sun went down.
This attic is a maze, like the forest.
It's useless.
There's no way to get back.
That child.
He's here.
Where are you?
We have to get out of here.
Please help.
Day Five
Where did it go?
Did you see my ring?
Did you mistake it for your toy?
I don't know where it is.
Come on, I know you do.
Our angels have a lot of those things.
He doesn't like angels who lie.
Words don't seem to get through to you.
This lady bothers me!
Man-bok, she's not right!
I can't stand her!
Give it a break.
Don't interfere and go get some fresh air.
I'll find it myself.
Okay, I'm going.
I'm going.
Tell me again what you just said.
I don't like you!
Leave them alone.
You took it, didn't you?
You make me sick.
What did you just say?
You little brat.
What are you staring at?
All kids with no parents are brats.
So you all better...
Man-bok! Stop it!
They're all devils.
It happened because you lost your temper first.
What a sight it was.
I told you what he did to me.
Don't you trust me?
Be patient.
I feel like I got a calling.
Something's evil about this house.
Let's get out of here.
Calm down.
There are only a lost baby sheep and kids in this deep forest.
Thank you for hugging Jung-soon.
What's going on in this house?
You can tell me, right?
It tickles.
I really have to go now.
You hate us that much?
Why do you keep wanting to leave?
Can't you just stay with us?
What are you doing over there?
She hit me.
I really hate her.
Don't you?
Where are you?
The Final Day
- Young-hee! - Hurry, Jung-soon!
Play with us, okay?
Play with us.
Play with us.
I love listening to old stories.
Me, too.
All stories have a happy ending.
And the main character gets her wish.
Please tell us a story that you know.
Hurry! Hurry!
Now listen carefully.
Long, long time ago,
there lived a Queen.
She had a very cute son.
But her husband, the King,
was ill and had passed away.
What? He shouldn't die early.
I'm sure he went to a good place.
For instance,
like heaven?
Heaven is a place like this.
Hurry, then what happened?
So the King went to heaven.
And his kingdom disappeared.
So the Queen
sent her son to a palace where there were only children.
People called the place...
The Kingdom of Angels.
Wow, so every child had wings and flew?
But the Master of the palace,
didn't like little angels.
He started to punish the children without any reason.
He was a real scary person.
Why didn't the Queen come back for her son?
She came looking for him.
But he couldn't be the same
because of his memory of being abandoned.
So the boy who became a prince,
left the palace one day.
And he met his princess from a neighboring kingdom.
And they lived happily ever after.
A baby was born in the womb of the princess.
The day the prince found out
he heard that his mother became ill.
So he passed by a thick forest
to go see his mother.
But the wagon the prince was riding in fell over a rock.
A fairy approached the prince while he was lying down.
The injured prince went to a magical castle with the fairy.
A magic castle
that he couldn't leave from.
The fairies in the castle
didn't want him to leave.
If the prince doesn't leave to go to his princess,
the baby could die.
And he can't nurse his ill mom.
But the fairies
could do anything with their imagination.
The prince already fell in love with the fairies. could do anything with their imagination.
The prince already fell in love with the fairies.
So everybody
lived happily ever after.
The end.
Isn't that right, Uncle?
I found it in the back.
But the prince found out a scary secret about the fairies.
And the fairies weren'tjust nice.
The prince kept trying to leave the castle.
The fairies got mad.
So they chopped off his arms and legs so that he couldn't leave.
Like that!
Have you seen Kyung-sook?
The woman I came here with.
She's disappeared with some valuable things.
She'll be back soon.
It's hard to find your way alone in these deep woods.
And the snow hasn't melted yet.
So what happed next in your story?
I don't know.
I don't remember.
Look here, Uncle.
I have to find my beloved angel who's lost her way.
How about going into the woods with me?
Where the hell is she?
This isn't the time to fool around.
This is no joke.
I swear she was here.
This house is really fun.
Sometimes you run into some very interesting things.
I just thought of something.
I ought to just take over this house for Him.
I'm going to be real deacon of this house.
You'll regret this.
She didn't run away.
There's something else in this house.
We could rot in here forever.
Do you get me?
You should be a little nice in the way you speak to me, boy.
So then, you mean there's something else about those kids.
Look here.
A child and the devil are raised the same.
If the angels interfere with His business,
then I'll just send them back to where they came from.
You know heaven, right?
What the hell are you? You know heaven, right?
What the hell are you?
I told you to talk to me with respect, you bastard!
There's no exception for anyone who interferes with His business.
My lost young sheep?
So when did you start living here?
Long, long time ago.
That long ago?
How long? As long as your age?
By the way,
your parents seem to be very good people.
To think about
building this big pretty house deep in the forest.
This is very special.
So what I mean
is that your parents built this nice house.
So they must've left a lot of valuable things for you, right?
Since they've been gone for a while,
you have to buy a lot of food, toys,
and give offerings to the church, right?
We don't need that stuff.
We have all that we want.
We can get whatever we want with our imagination.
You're absolutely right.
My angles can do whatever they want if they imagine.
You're right.
Now, I will guard my angels from now on.
Being here without parents...
Don't listen to him.
You're always trying to leave us anyway.
He promised to protect us from now on.
No, you can't trust him.
Uncle, what are you doing?
What are you so worried about?
Your mother upstairs and his wife.
What have you done to all of them?
Our Mom isn't here.
She'll be back later.
She promised me.
We did nothing wrong, Uncle.
We're not bad kids.
Now that's enough.
Don't blame them without any evidence.
Grown-ups are to blame, you know that.
Our angels can do no harm,
Uncle shouldn't be saying that to our innocent angels.
To Jung-soon, my angel.
We made it.
Is it delicious?
Yes, it is.
It's impossible.
They're only kids.
Help me.
Help me?
Waiting for Mom and Dad
New Mom and Dad?
Was it fun?
Cut it out.
Help us.
She's bleeding.
I'm suffering, too.
Someone has to come by here at some point.
We tried everything. Let's wait a bit more.
A bit more? How long do we have to wait?
I'm going crazy! I can't wait any longer!
Just wait a little more.
Until when?
How long are you going to wait? Forever?
But I didn't want to show my gift to Mom and Dad.
Since they'll be too surprised.
Go out again today.
If we get out of here, we're through.
Okay, let's do that.
No matter how many times I try it's useless.
Shall I just burn down the forest?
You don't know the way out, right?
You'll get lost and scared again anyway.
You always miss your Mom when you panic.
I told you to stop talking about my Mom!
Shut up!
Let go!
How many times did I tell you not to bring that up!
Let go!
You know I hate it when you say that!
Man-bok, I can't stand it anymore.
Are you crazy?
I can't move my hand.
Man-bok, what shall we do?
I got caught.
Mom and Dad, you'll stop fighting now, right?
I didn't say anything.
Don't come any closer.
Don't raise your voice.
Young-hee thinks this is all a dream.
Try it on.
I wish that would be my doll.
The biggest, prettiest doll in the world.
Good girl.
My baby.
You're so pretty.
Let me give you a big hug.
Stay by me forever.
The third road to the right.
Once to the left.
Once again to the left.
Don't I look pretty?
Why don't you want to hug me?
Young-hee, you're pretty the way you are.
Please be nice to me.
What's wrong with you?
Sometimes I have a very scary dream.
A very terrible dream.
He keeps saying that I'm pretty.
Who keeps saying that to you?
Did something bad happen to you?
Why do you keep trying to leave us?
I like you.
We're not bad kids.
Plus, you've already become the hero of our story.
Didn't you come here to find it?
If we just imagine in this room,
all our wishes will come true.
That's why I got rid of all the mirrors in this room.
It happens only in this room.
In the forest
Someone's singing.
The birds are chirping
The stream is peacefully flowing
I praise your almighty power
Year of 1971
Your Greatness
With the angels
I will now carry out Your will.
Kim Man-bok, born in 1959
Kim Young-hee, born in 1960
Kim Jung-soon, born in 1965
Is it in here?
Man-bok, big brother.
Tell me.
There are no documents left in this house.
Don't touch that.
Free Jung-soon right now!
You're really scary.
Big brother Man-bok has scary eyes.
Tell me.
Where did your Mom and Dad really go?
Did that stupid Uncle take off after doing something?
Or did Man-bok do something to him?
When I was young,
I sent my Dad to heaven, you see.
He was annoying me too much.
Man-bok, did you do the same, like me?
You're all the same.
I'm sick of it.
Man-bok, this man is really, really bad.
And he promised to protect us.
Why are all grown-ups bad?
What are you? Satan?
Satan, leave from here. Satan, leave from here.
Is that why You responded to me?
Have these Satan children taken over your dwelling place?
Now, I will retrieve Your home.
Stop it!
I don't want you to get hurt!
Man-bok, stop it!
You'll become the same person if you do this.
Why should I spare him? He's a bad grown-up.
Bad grown-ups always need to be punished.
But not like this.
There's surely another way.
Look, they get punished in here.
This is only a story.
This book grants us all our wishes.
Who the hell are you?
What happened in this house?
Long time ago...
We've lived in here long time ago.
The Home of Happy Children
Father, I was wrong.
Please forgive me.
Father, please forgive me.
Please stop. Please don't.
Forgive me.
Please stop.
Why did you come back this time?
Did you wake up in the middle of the night and scare everyone?
Or was it because you missed this place?
Father, I'm prettier than Jung-soon.
I'm much prettier than Jung-soon.
She's too young and skinny.
Please, take me instead, Father.
The Christmas mood this year ahead of the long holidays
is getting more exciting than ever.
Let's see, it's Christmas tomorrow.
So why do you like Christmas?
Because it's Christmas.
And Santa Claus will grant all the children's wishes.
Man-bok, does Santa Claus
grant every wish?
I don't know.
I don't know, Jung-soon.
But why hasn't Santa Claus come to us?
Because heaven is too far from here.
I hope he comes this year.
You were very good?
I've been better.
No, I was more obedient to our parents.
Time to wake up.
You angels.
Come here.
The children still seem to be sleepy.
Anyway, that's great of you to see that they rest.
Are these all of the children?
No, these are the youngest.
The older kids went to the school in town.
This boy came here when he was five.
He got beaten by his father so he's a bit gloomy.
Oh goodness.
I did my best for him, but it's not that easy.
As you know, children are influenced by grown-ups.
These two are sisters.
Goodness, they look so alike.
They'll be so pretty when they grow older.
Of course, they're just like angels.
Although I'm a bit worried about the youngest since she's weak.
So you have something ready for us?
Kids, it's Santa Claus.
He came a very long way to see you.
Isn't that right?
Look at this.
It looks so delicious.
Now, eat one.
You have one, too.
Is it delicious?
Sweet, isn't it?
This is for the young little lady.
And this is a special Christmas gift from Santa Claus.
Hansel and Gretel
I'll bring some more books next time.
You're really Santa Claus, right?
You're really Santa, right?
You're going to grant all our wishes for Christmas, right?
Of course.
If you were a very good girl, all your wishes are granted.
Santa, we're not bad children.
Of course you're not.
I will tell you a secret.
Starting today, if you just imagine it
and want it,
all your wishes will be granted.
If we just imagine it?
And want it?
Of course.
Help me.
I'm hungry.
Help me.
I'm hungry.
Man-bok, why isn't he moving?
Eat some of this.
Santa Claus gave it to us.
Wake up.
Wake up!
Your almighty
And great Holiness
Praises my soul
Your almighty and great Holiness
If it weren't for you all, these sweets would be more delicious.
Bad, very bad.
No, no.
Uncle is the bad one.
He tried to run away from you, remember?
I'll protect you forever.
I'll stay by your side!
He's lying!
It's a complete lie!
How dare you stare me down!
Shut up, you bastard.
Eun-soo's right.
He's just like the Father at the orphanage.
If I imagine...
If I really want it...
All my wishes will come true during Christmas.
- Punish him! Hurry! - Satan's children!
What are you doing?
I'll burn you all in hell!
We'll be happy from now on, right?
Live with us forever.
Forever, okay?
You have to get out of this curse.
You have to leave this place.
I'll help you, okay?
Leave here and make new friends.
Become grown-ups.
We hate grown-ups!
If you keep this up, you'll be like the bad grown-ups.
No, we're different.
We thought you'd be different, but you're all the same.
If we start to trust and like them,
they try to leave us.
Let's see if you can leave this forest.
You have to go out to the real world.
You have to be happy, too.
What's it like in your world?
Can children live happily there?
Being Happy Forever with Uncle
That's how Uncle lived with us happily ever after.
And you've already become the hero of our story.
Our story ends here.
I've already decided.
I have loved ones waiting for me.
When someone you love is not by your side.
You know how painful and sad that is.
You all know that very well.
Everybody hates us.
They all try to leave us.
We thought you were different.
We thought you really liked us.
Young-hee, let's get out of here.
Why do you keep wanting to leave?
We have everything here.
If we just imagine it.
I told you.
My baby prince will be born soon.
That baby needs me.
What about us?
Who's going to take care of us?
We need you.
I lived my life thinking I was the only one who was unhappy.
And always tried to get out, including here.
But now...
Now, I don't.
We are not bad children.
But everybody
thinks that we are.
Are we really that bad? Are we?
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
What for?
For all of this.
You're going to take care of us, right?
You're going to stay with us, right?
Let's leave together.
You don't know if you haven't tried.
We can't leave this place.
This is our home, Eun-soo.
I like you very much.
Your hug feels so warm.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Young-hee, I'm sorry.
I miss you, Hae-young.
I miss you.
Burn the notebook.
Burn your story in the notebook.
What are you doing?
Hurry and burn it.
Erase yourself from our memories and our imagination.
Eun-soo, what are you doing?
You have to take care of us forever.
Were you in the car accident?
How did your car fly all the way over there?
And where have you been?
This is so weird.
Are you hurt anywhere?
Over there!
Try to do a good job, old man.
Wait a minute.
Let's finish up and go, okay?
Go buy some powdered milk.
I love you.
I'm going to bed.
If what happened was just a dream,
I wouldn't be curious about the kids and feel sorry for them.
Where on earth was that place?
Child Murderer Not Found
Byun Ji-wan's Car Found on Highway 37
Who is Serial Killer Byun Ji-wan? Deacon of Religious Cult
Highway 37 called 'The Road of Death'
Are all the children there happy?
Executive producer Miky LEE Co-executive producer CHOl Jae-won
Producers CHOl Jae-won and SEO Woo-sik
Associate producer KANG Young-mo
Screenplay by KIM Min-sook and YIM Phil-sung
Original story by KIM Min-sook
Cinematographer KIM Jee-yong
Lighting director SHIN Sang-yeul
Music director LEE Byeongwoo
Production designer RYU Seong-hee
Editor KIM Sun-min
Costumes CHO Sang-kyung