4man show Sarkari Raj Part 1

Uploaded by AikLamha on 01.01.2009

Apparently, this city looks so calm and quiet
As if even the birds are living in peace
But in reality, it is very cruel
People come here to try their luck
but they end up selling themselves to the Big players
Here, some people sleep hungry and some do not sleep at all
Here many people flee from country through a deal
and many others come back to the country through a deal
This place has its own law
and it is so strict that they sent the law-maker home
"We don't need him" they say, if asked.
There are 5-6 big gangs working here
everyone has its own style.
Maulana Mandvali
Balloo Zardari
And many others
Sarkar is the most reliable person here
Everyone trusted him as if he is their Father
Sarkar worked day and night, but he made a mistake
Only one mistake turned everyone against Sarkar
Now Sarkar has lost control of the game
This is the story! You will understand when you will watch it!!!
I will not tell you the reason to come, coz you already know it
Sarkar! Public is against you
there are protests everywhere, everyday
they think you are a scoundral
They want to get rid of you!
Your people, want to get rid of you!!!
I suggest you to give up the power
Single Double!! Double Single
To kill someone is crime
but to kill for the right cause at right time is called politics..my boy!!!
People are not happy
they want to get rid of you!!
I am not making it up, people are saying it on the streets
I will suggest you again to give up the power
I can also wear suit and can show off
but what public is thinking, this is my job to decide not yours!!!
This can be taken as an insult!!!
You sat on my chair again!!!
How many times i have to tell you not to sit on my chair
Get UP!!!!!
I dont like anyone sitting on my chair
Sarkar... your Necklace
Go! and bring tea
take your Necklace
Whatever you have just said to Chandar Das , rewind it again!
I will not tell you the reason to come, coz you already know it
Sarkar! Public is not happy with you
I do what i think is right, even if it is against god
or it is against Steel Body
or it is against Zardari Ballo Balram, i am not afraid of anyone
Sarkar!! public is not happy, they are on streets
What is in Newspapers, everybody knows it
Do not worry about Public processions or protests, i will take care of them.. Relax and go home
Wah Sarkar! What a statement you made,
Believe me if you die at this very moment , you will go straight to heaven
Sarkar I didn't like what i saw
What you saw and didn't like?
Why people are so against you?
Sometimes, a small mistake destroys the biggest men
Sarkar! Who is behind all this?
Who can be behind this my son?
Sarkar! that is what i want to know
Sarkar tell him if he is insisting!
Sarkar! Public also wants to know who are those people and me also
My son, after you left, for sometime i did very good politices
But some people took advantage of my mistakes and decieved me