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SHEENA DIMATTEO: Justin Bieber welcomes Santa Claus, Alvin
and the Chipmunks get chipwrecked, and the story of
Chanukah gets its own dance video.
This is Just Dance for December 15, 2011.
Hey guys.
It's me, Sheena.
I'm here in Union Square in New York City, where behind me
there is some seriously intense holiday
shopping going on.
There's only two weeks left in the year to get our dance on.
Let's see what's going on out there.
Justin Bieber just released his new Christmas album, Under
the Mistletoe.
And his video for his rendition of "Santa Claus is
Coming to Town" just hit YouTube last week.
In this video, we get a sneak peak at what the North Pole
might be like if the Bieb took over.
In Justin's toy shop, there is a load of breakdancing, tons
of awesome hip hop styles, even a wind-up, life-size
ballerina doll who can pop and lock it.
This song is an awesome addition to
your holiday playlist.
And I personally love the Michael
Jackson tribute in there.
Shake it, shake it, baby.

The New Directions rang in the holidays on Glee this week,
singing songs like "All I want for Christmas is You," "Santa
Baby," and my personal favorite from the episode, "Do
They Know it's Christmastime?" Fun fact about this episode--
it was actually directed by Mr. Will Schuester himself,
Matt Morrison.
And for all of you Gleeks out there, you've got to make sure
you're rolling in true holiday style.
Grab the second Glee Christmas album, which has 11 new songs.

You guys remember the Rosh Hashanah shuffle that I showed
you earlier this year?
Well, aish.com and Street Art Productions are back, bringing
you the Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages, which is a dance
extravaganza telling you the story of this holiday in an
all-new way, through a medley of our favorite tunes from
throughout the decades.
You're going to hear "Staying Alive," "Don't Stop
Believing," which is my personal go-to karaoke song,
"Can't Touch This," and even "Moves Like Jagger." From me
and the awesome guys dancing in this video, happy Chanukah.
I'm really excited to go see this new musical on Broadway,
Lysistrata Jones.
It played to sold out houses all year off Broadway and
finally dribbled its way onto the Great White Way.
It's a modern take on the original Greek play by
Aristophanes and boasts choreography by Dan Knechtges,
who's bringing us amazing energy from these dancers the
entire way through, some awesome hip hop styles,
basketball players, cheerleaders.
Basically, the show is a more mature version of High School
Musical mixed in with a little Xanadu.
Speaking of opening nights, Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby
just opened last night at the theater at Madison Square
Garden and runs through December 30.
Cathy was nominated for a Tony Award for this role in 1991,
and 20 years later, she is still nailing it.
There's some amazing choreography in this show by
Patti Colombo.
Pirates, Indians, aerial work, what's not to love?

Alvin and the Chipmunks are back in the third installment
of the furry film franchise, Chipwrecked.
This time around, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes
are stranded on a desert island after a cruise ship
vacation gone wrong, and they have quite an adventure trying
to make their way back home.
The choreographers of our little dancing friends are
Napoleon and Tabitha, Emmy award-winning choreographers
and favorites from So You Think You Can Dance.
And also I got to chat with their assistant choreographer,
Lauren Gottlieb, who also had the chance to play
Cookie in the film.
And I have this poof right here in my hair, so it's kind
of like Snooki, but it's Cookie.
How we did this dance battle scene, it's
called the stuffy pass.
So we literally had three stuffed animals that were the
Chipettes, and they were on a pole.
And the choreographers stood behind the camera, and they
literally put the Chipettes in place.

SHEENA DIMATTEO: All right, my loves.
That is the scoop.
I'm going to sneak out of here and buy my mom a Christmas
present in these cute little shops over here, but shh.
Don't tell her.
All right guys, favorite us.
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