First aid training with Newcastle FC

Uploaded by BritishRedCross on 21.02.2011

Newcastle United have been supporting the
British Red Cross Life. Live it. campaign
which aims to educate young people from 11-16
in basic first aid skills.
You never know when young people are going to
come across and accident or need the skill.
It's really good that we are being able to work with football clubs
like Newcastle United to get more young people
with these basic skills.
If somebody is unconscious, if somebody suffers an asthma attack
and just simple things like calling an ambulance
to help a friend.
Instructor: What's he doing wrong? Young person: No, the other way round!
I ruptured my ankle tendon.
You can still see a bit of the scar there.
It was nasty, though.
I had an operation in May.
I had a fracture, well a double fracture and dislocation
of my left leg and my left ankle.
Um, about two or three years ago.
There were eighteen months that I couldn't play footabll for
which, doing this job, doesn't really help you a lot.
Martin: Football is a great medium and to work with a club
like Newcastle United has been really helpful.
Alan Smith, Danny Simpson, really coming across and
encouraging the young people to learn first aid
and, as Alan was saying, it is a skill that he believes
that every young person should have.
You might get a chance to save someone.
That's what it's all about.