Chirutha (2007) w/ Eng Sub *HD* - Telugu Movie - 1/14

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Stop here.
-How much? -20 rupees.
HeIIo sir?
How dare you write bad about me in the newspaper?
Leave him.
CaII the poIice.
Stop it. Leave him.
Move on.
You're unnecessariIy confronting Mattu Bai. I feeI scared dear.
What dear? Do you feeI scared?
Don't be scared
We shouId be brave and not be scared.
Let us do Iike that.
Mom! Dad!
WiII the poIice arrest me if you teII them about me?
He thought that the poIice wouId arrest me, if he teIIs them.
Go and teII them to arrest me. TeII them.
Sir! PIease save his mother.
It's not possibIe to operate without getting the money.
He is a smaII boy and he Iost his father too.
However you shouId save his mother.
Dear! The operation is a must for your mother.
Otherwise she can't survive.
They insist on money EIse they wouId not operate
UncIe! PIease save my mother.
From where wouId I get so much money?
UncIe! PIease save my mom. I beg you.
If you wish, you can save your mother.
They'II offer money for your mother's operation and for your Iiving.
But you have to go with them.
AIso, you can't see your mother.
Mom! I am Ieaving you.
-He toId me to give money for your mother's operation. -Greetings sir.
Dear! He has a son of your age.
He shot the watchman at his home with the revoIver.
His wife is a witness to that.
You shouId accept the crime and go to jaiI.
-But I didn't kiII him. -That's why he's paying you.
Don't you want your mom to be aIive?
I'II say whatever you ask me to teII in the court.
You shouId say Iike that.
WiII you say this?
I feeI scared sir.
Do you want your mother or not?
Then, wiII you Iisten to me?
WiII you come to the court?
WiII you go to jaiI?
-What is his charge? -Murder case.
Oh little! Rainy tears falling in your eyes.
Oh dear! You have become alone in desert.
-UncIe!How is my mom? -What mom?
I admitted my mom in the hospitaI.
PIease Iet me enquire about her once. I beg you.
Don't worry seeing your problems.
You have to obey before your fate.
Live like a selfless lamp!
UncIe! Have you enquired about my mother?
Why do you torture me?
Who knows whether your mother is aIive or dead?
Don't worry seeing your problems.
You have to obey before your fate.
Live like a selfless lamp!
Greetings sir!
Why do you Iaugh? -Nothing sir.
Tomorrow, my buddy and I are getting reIeased from the jaiI.
-So, we want to ceIebrate with a smaII party. -Party?
-What party? -You shouId do a smaII favour.
There is a ceII number 14
-There are 4 peopIe in that. -So What?
-My buddy wants to fight them. -Do you've sense? Shut up and go away.
We wiII go out. You think sir.
You know weII about them.
lf anyone opposes us, we will tear their skin.
Sir! Give him onIy one chance.
-Where have you pIanned to do that? -At their ceII.
If you agree, he wiII go there whiIe you cIose the ceII.
They are 4 peopIe, but he is onIy one.
-It'II create probIems. -They can't create a probIem.
My buddy wiII create a probIem for them.
As per ruIes, we shouIdn't open the doors untiI morning.
My buddy can hit them twice.
Carry on.
Buddy! JaiIor has agreed.
He said not to show yourseIf.
You have to start it before dusk and the ceII shouId vibrate.