How To Speak Like A Teenage Conyo - Part 2: The Social Climbing Extravaganza

Uploaded by SirKevinMartin on 04.06.2012

Hey, guys!
So here are 10 more additional rules
in speaking the conyo language
in the smoothest way possible.
Make sure you've seen the first video first.
So that we can progress
with our next lesson easily.
So like, I went to the beach
with my friends and stuff.
And we got like,
wet and stuff.
But like, the sun
dried us up quickly and stuff.
Because we were there for quite a while
and stuff.
And we went like, [SIGH]
And like, we went on the, [SIGH]
banana boat, as well.
And, [SIGH], I really felt the wind
in my hair. [SIGH]
We also went parasailing.
It felt like I was flying.
It's like, I'm an airplane.
It's like, I'm a bird.
But like, you can't control
where you're going.
And then I called her,
And I was like,
"Friend, are you having a good time?"
And she's like,
"Yeah, it's the best!"
And then, I was just talking to my best friend,
and I was like,
"Dude! This is such a great beach trip!
And we should totally do it every year!"
And he's like,
"That'd be awesome, bro!"
After we went swimming at the beach,
we went back to the villa.
And we were making noise
because we went drinking
and we were kind of drunk already.
And as we were walking,
so many little crabs started
coming out of the sand and we got scared
so we ran.
We were so hungry already
when we got back to the villa.
We rented two houses
but we just stayed in one
because, you know, we wanted to bond
and stuff.
And so they started cooking
all these rice and dishes.
So, there were so much food.
After we were done,
two of my friends got pushed
in the pool
with their clothes on.
And then, we felt pity.
So, we swam
with our clothes on, as well.
One of my friends got really quiet.
And I was like, "What's wrong?
Have you eaten already?"
And she's like, "Yeah, it's either,
I'm full, I ate too much,
or like, I got food poisoned,
or like, I have my period.
I don't really know."
And thankfully,
There was a nearby clinic there.
And we took her and she was fine.
Oh, my gosh.
His Cartier is fake?
But he said he got that from Paris?
No way!
I'm assuming his girlfriend's louboutins
are fake also.
I would never have imagined they got it
from Greenhills.
I just wanna say
that I had the best weekend ever
slash summer
because like, I spent it with the greatest
set of friends ever
whom I like, love so much.
And that I can't wait for like, next year.
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
A peck of pickled peppers, Peter Piper picked.
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
where's the pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?