Lyoto Machida Interview part 4 of 5

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So you’re saying that in the most important fight of your career, in your first title defense, a 5 round fight, you were not at 100%?
Look, I can say that I trained 100%, but on the night of the fight, I don’t know why, I don’t know if it was the pressure of it being my first defense
but watching the fight afterwards I saw that I was not at 100%. I was unable to develop my technique. I was unable to execute my strategy
This is due to exterior factors that interfere in our training. The overtraining, the exposure to the media
It’s not easy dealing with these things. I always talk to Anderson Silva to get some tips on how to deal with all of these
It’s how they say, “a champion’s life is not easy”. We all go through difficulties
Well, now we have some footage from your best moments in the fight, most of which are counter-attacks
but there are some nice initiative moments as well
I’d like for you to comment which do you think gave you the edge in your unanimous victory
That one I got a hold of Shogun, but they were not really incisive strikes
That knee connected, but I think if I hit him with the tip of the knee he’d have felt it more
But Shogun is a great fighter, he was a warrior, he withstood many strikes
such as that one it hit him square, perhaps if he was not so well prepared he would have gone down
Kick to the ribs, I tried to apply
Obviously, more and more people are coming well prepared to face me
That one got him square, and now there was a bit of an exchange there
That one hit him square, and I followed up to try to end the fight
Shogun was reacting there, he felt the strike but was reacting
See, the punch landed. But that’s the fight game, trying to improve with each fight
There, the strikes were landing…
That kick did not land well, Shogun defended it
Now that knee landed, but Shogun was a warrior, he was strong and withstood it
Like I said, when it’s a title fight the demands are very high. And the fighter always comes well prepared
Everyone wants to be champion, so Shogun came extremely well prepared, he withstood these strikes that I applied
If it was someone else… Tito Ortiz for example couldn’t take it, when I hit him in the rib he went down
We also separated some footage that symbolizes the battle as a whole, if there was only one image to show what the fight was, this is it
We can see the equilibrium in the fight, the action and reaction
What I want to know, Lyoto, is that between these two strikes
Shogun catches you in the midsection, and you counterstrike with a punch to the jaw
Which strike do you think would have the advantage in the scorecard?
Not only in the perception of the judges, but the fans as well. Which one is more exciting to the spectators?
Look, I think the perception of the judges and the fans are the same, where my strike is such that was more incisive
. When you connect a punch to the jaw, you are trying to finish the fight whereas a kick to the leg or midsection…
not that you aren’t trying to finish the fight, but you are using that to hurt your opponent but not with the focus of finishing the fight
And if you analyze the fight as a whole, that was basically the fight
me trying to connect a strike with the means to KO Shogun
and Shogun trying to hurt me and add points with his low kicks
So, analyzing the fight that way, I think it weighs more when you are trying to finish a fight
To focus the strikes on the face, on the jaw, trying to connect with a perfect strike, to try to finish the fight
And that strike in particular, it landed flush on his chin, but he was smart, he has experience, he deserves a lot of respect
He was able to get a hold of me in that moment and recover. So merits to him, there, he got a hold of me and was able to recover
If I was able to connect with one or two more strikes…
It’s hard to say, a fight is a fight, but perhaps I’d have been able to finish the fight in that moment had that happened
Well, in this case, it was a straight left. And due to your posture as a Karateca, in many occasions you changed your base
Are you naturally left-handed or right-handed?
I’d also like to know if you are comfortable kicking with your left and right legs, and with your left and right arms?
I’m naturally right-handed, but I have trained a lot my left side
One, because I used to play football as well, so I wanted to train my left side
My father would also tell me to train my left side because he told me that it works the other side of the brain
So I always had that in mind, ever since I was a kid
I knew how to write with both my hands, and I developed that in my technique as well, kicking with both my legs
Develop both sides. And in Karate you also train both sides. Those are principles in martial arts, for you to develop both sides
This is different from other styles such as Muay Thai, where you're base is only on the right
You don’t train the fundamentals on your left side
And this has contributed me with my performances inside the octagon
Well, you have shared us with a lot of new experiences that has happened to you in this first title defense
And for the first time you have experienced boos during the announcement of the decision. We have the footage
This is your walk-in, you can even see Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were taking your picture
--People were asking me if I saw her, but how am I going to see her? I was focused on the fight
And this is the announcement of your victory. Are there frustrations and disappointments for being booed?
Look, every time I am criticized or booed, I try to understand the fans and the critics
I look at it this way, I think the crowd is very versatile, they can change their minds very quickly
If you look at the first round they were screaming “Machida”, then they were screaming “Shogun”, then they booed
The last impressions are very important to the crowd, because that’s what stays in your head, the end of the fight
I have to add that I respect the judges very much because they were able to stay impartial in the result
They were able to analyze round by round and not the fifth round as the whole fight
And the fifth round spoke volumes to the fans, it was on that round that Shogun was able to open a certain margin in advantage, he was able to apply a few strikes
You always expect from the champion a perfect performance, and this is not always possible, as it was not possible in this fight with Shogun
We train a lot, we try to please the fans, but it was not possible
When you get booed like that, in the heat of the moment, I was very confused
I wanted to watch the fight again, I was thinking to myself “what happened? Did I really lose the fight?”
So when I went back to the hotel, on the next day I wanted to analyze the fight and I started to understand the fans more
We need to know how to work with the fans, in the fifth round the crowd thought I lost, and thought I lost the fight because I lost the 5th round
But thank God we had competent judges that were able to separate their side of fans with their side of judges and know how to determine a champion
These judges are trained for this, sure they make mistakes sometimes, they are human
but differently from the people in the arena that are there drinking beers, eating popcorns, chatting with people on the side, betting money
I mean, they are not looking at every instance or analyzing every instance in the fight