In Mexico, 49 Kidnappings A Day (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 5/7)

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-In the last while, it's actually calmed
down quite a bit.
I haven't heard of that many kidnappings lately.
You know, usually it was like, boom.
Every other day, oh my goodness.
There was another kidnapping, you know?
The Joneses got kidnapped, Romney got
kidnapped, or you know--
just someone you affiliated with.
-Now, it's hard to picture a place that's so fucked up that
not that many kidnappings is a sign that
things are going well.
But in northern Mexico, everything is relative.
The sobering reality of it is, in Mexico in 2011 there were
49 kidnappings a day.
-Things have actually kind of calmed down enough to where
they actually have parties and rodeos and whatnot.

-So they're having this rodeo because a dude lost his leg?
-Yeah, one of the cowboys lost his leg and they're doing a
benefit for him.

-One of the things that we were worried about before we
came here was people knowing that we were here.
People knowing that we were shooting.
And now we're in front of the whole town.
-There you go.
-In a town where they used to have three or four
kidnappings a week.
And we're just parading in front of everyone with a
camera going, turn the music off, [INAUDIBLE].

-They've just announced to the whole town
that we're here shooting.
In the most dangerous town in Chihuahua.

I'm just going to get drunk.

Put that on.
SHANE (NARRATING): Now, hanging out with the LeBarons
and playacting as a cowpoke relaxed us a little bit.
As did the booze.
-I'd like to say cheers to the LeBaron family because you
guys fucking rock.
-To the LeBaron family.
-LeBaron Family.
-Good times, good friends.
-Cheers, cheers, cheers, cheers.
SHANE (NARRATING): We had a nice lunch, got a bit drunk,
and sang some songs together.
It was fun.
SHANE (NARRATING): After drinking for a bit with Brent,
he suggested we go on a ride-along on the nightly
patrol of the LeBaron colony.
Now, I was picturing a pickup truck with a CB and a couple
of good old boys in the back.
But we got instead was some heavy, heavy business.

SHANE (OFFSCREEN): What are we doing right now?
-So we're just going to take on a routine route that they
normally take.
And then they'll probably do a security checkpoint for a
little while and maybe check some
suspicious vehicles or something.

These guys use our town as a base because they trust
everyone here.
-One of things that's pretty crazy is you're driving
through with pickup trucks with four armed guards in the
back and two guys in the front, all with machine guns,
for a town of 1,200 people.
So shit is serious.

SHANE (NARRATING): So the federales
kept stopping people.
And they didn't seem to mind us riding along with them
until they roadblocked the actual highway, which,
remember, is one of the main drug routes into America.
-The cops are going to stop some cars and
look for some drugs.
Then as the sun was going down, they warned us that we
should leave because it was very dangerous to even
be seen with them.
Because as it turned out, riding around with them on the
back roads is one thing.
But stopping actual drug runners on
the highway was another.

SHANE (OFFSCREEN): Want a beer?
SHANE (NARRATING): Back at the hotel, we realized that our
fun, boozy afternoon had some unforeseen consequences.
About an hour ago, a black pickup sort of drove by really
slowly and then kind of sped off.
SHANE (NARRATING): Black trucks like the ones Julian
had pointed out earlier had actually stopped, taken
pictures, and checked us out.
And all a sudden, our LeBaron run around town drunk time
didn't seem so smart anymore.
-All right.
So we have to leave now because we shot today at the
rodeo and then we did a drive-by with the cops, so
everybody in town knows that we're here.
And then we've just have a black truck with black windows
stop, pull up, check us out, and then drive off.
And a black truck, I just found out, came by and took
pictures of us before I got here.
So we have to go to another hotel that we've arranged,
which is crazy.
SHANE (NARRATING): So we took off.
And when we called Brent to tell him we had left, I half
expected him to say hey, you're overreacting.
It's nothing.
But in actual fact, when he heard the
story, he said, oh yeah.
You should get the fuck out of Dodge.

-Who do you think should be the next president of the
United States?
-Mitt Romney has a great, great policy.
His family lives right across the mountain here.
SHANE (NARRATING): Now, when Brent says "his family," he
means presidential candidate Mitt Romney's family.
-Mitt is a relative.
He's a second cousin.
I wish Mitt would make contact with us, and I really think
that we could help him.