Riverfox - A Rant About P-Shifting

Uploaded by TheriKiNexus on 13.04.2011

Okay, so today, I'm gonna be taking a bit of a break from my regular amateurish documentary-style
videos, and I'm going to be talking about my personal feelings regarding P-shifting.
As I stated in my last video, I believe physical shape-shifting just isn't possible.
I hold true to this because, quite frankly, the thought of being able to transform myself
into my theriotype is just ridiculous. I think this because I'm a two hundred pound
human being. My theriotype is that of the red fox, an animal
that can weigh six to fifteen pounds, which is a difference of one hundred eight-five
to two hundred ninety-four pounds. So where does this extra weight go?
It certainly doesn't vanish: That would violate the laws of physics,
and, quite frankly, if I was a two hundred pound fox, I would be horrendously fat.
Wow, thanks for that. Getting back to my original point, there's
a lot of weight there that goes unaccounted for.
So where does it go?: To an alternate universe? To another dimension?
And how does it come back? Through what magical doorway does this mass travel?
Also, there's extra bone, like, there's extra bones to be accounted for.
By this, I mean bones for a tail or a baculum. If you don't know what a baculum is, I'm not
gonna explain it: That's what Google is for. Are these bones some kind of—
does it come through the same magical mass doorway that allows a person to P-shift?
I really don't see that as a possibility. There's another thing to be accounted for,
and that's the fact that foxes have thirty-four chromosomes in their genetic structure.
Now if I were to become a fox, I would mimic them on a genetic level, would I not?
Therefore, I would have lose 13 of my chromosomes, and no no no, that's not bad math on my part:
I have an extra Y-chromosome. Are these chromosomes joining the party of
the mass-bone-and-now-genetic-structure-doorway-into-the-unknown? What about muscle structure?
I'm no expert at anatomy, but I can see that foxes and humans have a greatly different
body type. How does this change without the bones of
the human body snapping like toothpicks and twisting into an animal form.
This would be extremely traumatic; it would probably result in death.
Not to mention the kind of trauma that would happen to the brain, the arteries, the veins,
blood vessels, teeth, bones . . . . I'm sorry, but no amount of magic or faerie
dust is gonna save you. And finally, where's the proof?
Every supposed P-shifter out there has the same excuse: I don't have any proof, but . . . , or,
I don't have any scientific evidence, but . . . .
Which just doesn't cut it with me. I could very well say I can levitate three-ton
objects and fly, but without proof to back it up, it just doesn't have any credibility.
And if you can P-shift, you know, don't say it without providing some kind of rock-solid
evidence to back up your claims. And by this, I mean a demonstration.
A high resolution, un-edited video would be nice.
But it seems that, you know, it seems that P-shifters just don't wanna do this, for whatever
reason they have. And uh, you know, any P-shifting videos you
do find out here on Youtube are generally just people sitting in the dark, saying their
eye-colour is changing, and that's hardly the proof that I'm looking for.
You know, I'll believe P-shifting when I see some rock-solid, scientific and factual evidence
that it is possible, and that people have done it.
Until then, I'm gonna remain the skeptic on this kind of issue.
I know that this video wasn't educational by any means, but I hope you found it entertaining.
Thaks for watching.