OhmDesigners Folge 1: Alex

Uploaded by CarpeNoctem410 on 16.07.2011

My name's Alex,
I study Design at the Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule.
I'm also a concept designer, illustrator and live painter.
Concept design is so fascinating to me because of the range of applications and the artistic freedom it offers.
I work digitally with a Wacom graphic tablet and the software Corel Painter.
This software makes it possible for me to work as freely as possible because it simulates traditional media.
Concept Designs are very important for the pre-production of games and movies, because they visualize what has to be built in the process.
The cool thing about it is that you're extremely free and that you can play out your creativity completely,
that you can use all sorts of tools and give vent to one's mind,
even if there are specifications by the art directors.
Additionally, I work as an illustrator.
I create book covers, illustrations for magazines, and also illustrations that are used in games.
What fascinates me about it is the creative diversity and everything abstract you can use in your work.
I also try to establish myself as a digital live painter.
This means to draw digital paintings live in bars, clubs or at concerts.
The picture gets projected on a wall by a video projector and everyone can watch the drawing come to life.
This lightshow shall give an understanding of the show and the music, and meanwhile entertain the audience.
Sadly, this form of performance isn't very popular in Germany yet,
but I do my best to show the German audience how cool it is to watch an artist live while he creates his work.
The cool thing about digital painting is of course that you have a lot of liberties.
You also save a lot of time and materials because you simply need a computer and electricity.
You can simulate every media and use all kinds of techniques that you wouldn't even try out otherwise.
The first thing I do when I've seen a really cool movie at the cinema is sitting down in front of my computer and looking at the websites of the concept designers,
taking a look at the cool designs they've created for this and other movies.
This always motivates me anew, looking at those pictures and thinking: "These could also be my artworks!"
That's your goal?
My personal goal is to become a successful concept designer.
Of course there are many of those who become really famous, but being famous is not always a positive thing, it's not what I'm aiming for.
I only want to manage to set foot in the gaming and movie industry, to leave my mark and to thereby affect the games and movies in my own way.
What's your favorite colour?
My favorite colour is brown.
Basically everything from beige to red and orange to brown and black. I love them.
What makes you special? (except that thing about brown)
What makes me special? Actually, my beard and my Mohican are making me special!
If you had a free wish ...
If I had a free wish, I'd love to be able to fly. Flying is cool, nobody can fly just like that.
I'd be some kind of superhero!
What would you take along with you to a desert island?
I'd take along my sketchbook and a pencil ... but at some point they'd run out ...
It's really hard to say. I think everything I'd take with me would sooner or later suffer from empty batteries.
I think I'd take nothing with me. Nothing but a picture of my family.
If you could change something about you ...
If I could change something about me I guess I'd give myself more confidence. Because you can never have enough of that�