(ENG SUB) Dating on Earth ~ Part 2

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Hyung, what are we going to do now?
My husband, Park yoochun.
He is 22 years old and is a high school senior
He is someone who doesn't know change, and always so stubborn
But will always give it his all
And this alien is the one I fell in love with on Earth
And to think I just complimented you
Really funny
This kind of improper posture is really unhealthy
Let me demonstrate look closely, got it?
I totally understand why their grades are all C's
And that's why he never got married
But coach seems like he really wants to show off for Ms. Kim
Oh my, farmers should stick to their farming
What farm does he think he has
These boys will be perfect looking when they get older
They'll have handsome faces and great body structures
Oh gosh, I sound like a country girl, don't I?
By the way, how is Yoochun doing?
He's always a pain with all the teachers
He's doing just fine
He's cute and all, but not my type
Jung Yunho, Park Yoochun
My, I don't know who to pick. If you were me, who would you choose?
If I were you, I would focus on getting to college
There are many great guys out there
I should know to not talk about these things with you
Teacher, I can't help but to worry about Yoochun and look after him!
Oh...why must he be so handsome?
He's probably not as amazing as you think he is
Do you know how smelly his farts are, and how bad he looks in the morning
Teacher, how come you know about that?
I, um, I just think he looks like that type of person
But anyhow I'm going crazy because of Yoochun! Oh, how my heart aches
It's me who's going crazy
Yo, teacher's got a great body
Did you catch anything just now?
When she bends down, you can totally see her bra
I don't get this question at all
Which one?
This one
Hey, don't you even know this one?
What are you doing, go up to the front
Oppa, what to do? Hey!!!
Oh look at the strength she uses
It's really going to hurt
Eh who...?
It must have hurt alot
Move out of the way
You're angry? No one asked you to mess around in class
Don't worry about other, look at yourself first
First, why is your skirt so short
Starting tomorrow, you're totally wearing pants
To a teacher!
If you do this again, the whole school will know!!
"Third year guy, Park Yoochun the very stiff guy, he is my husband"
If you do that, I'm filing for divorce
Let's see
What did teacher say? Did she scold you?
Hyung, I think you're being eyed by our teacher
But, someone like her shouldn't like someone like our hyung
Then who should she like?
Guys like me, the cute type
During class, she keeps staring at me with deep affection. Don't you see?
You guys can't understand?
Solve the problem?
I really don't know why women are like that?
Crazy guy
Teacher is a female. She can't tell the world what she thinks right?
Oooh really hopeless, right hyung?
It's okay to stop calling me hyung. We're brothers right
Got used to it, sorry. This is more comfortable