How I Seize It #57: "Overpopulation"

Uploaded by DisastropheFilms on 04.05.2012

Hey! I'm Loretta Jenkins and this is your guide
to everything we all been thinkin' but everybody else been
too pussy to say. A. K. A. 'How I Seize It.'
I'm gonna get right on down to the nittly gritters here
so I can get onto my booty call. Now it ain't no big secret that I hates bitches
with youngins but what I especially hate is bitches with
youngins what been addin' to our out of control population.
Selfish cuntresses poppin' out kids like Tribbles. And the ironics is y'all call these bitches
'circus freaks' behind they backs on-the-lines
and then you wanna go reward them with a TV reality show.
Now, that just unsensicable. Now evidence of this population problem is
I went to the liquor store yesterday and they's was like twenty people standin'
in line. That added about another thirty minute delay
to my nutritional intake, yall- Cause that store done got overpopulated!
Now that y'all is a sign of a real people problem.
Givin' these bitches tax breaks for over-reproduction? That's just fucked in the head!
We need to be taxin' these bitches for havin' all these babies
what's a burden. They eatin' the foods off our lands-
If you into that. And they diaperin' up our landfills and
they breathin' up our precious oxygen. That's like private citizens monopolizin'
public resources, Ergo, tax them fuckers and leave me and my
money alone. Most folks think I'm just off the edge
but I believes that havin' babies is like pollutionin' the environment
and if you don't agree than fuck your ugly momma's ass,
it ain't no skin off my dick. Caw! (burp)
Now, here's how we start solvin' the earth's people problems.
First off, let's start vasectamizin' all the Mormons.
I mean the last thing we need is for them to be spreadin' more they seed
and dirty little lies around our four corners. I don't know if they Mormons or not-
like I care about that ignorantness... but this Digger- Dug- Dugger-Digger family
over here in Arkansas? Did y'all know that this bitch's cooter popped
out pertnear 20 youngins? Shit, she put Chrystal cooter to shame!
Oh wait, I think they back down to '19 & Counting' now
cause they momma had an afterbirth... No...A stillbirth!
I don't want this to come off wrongly, but... It might be a sign from God that your uterus
has overused its welcome when dead youngins starts fallin' out.
I don't know. Religion ain't really my forte.
It don't take no genius to know that you can only use a cardboard box
just so many times before the bottom fall out.
I mean, it's a vagina, not a clown car! Hey it don't matter noways
cause we all gonna end up part Mexican in the end for too long
cause them motherfuckers, they breeds more than any other color.
They like the Irish 'fore we start exterminatin' the ginger race.
Anyhoo, for all y'all folks out there wantin' to save the planet,
just wrap it up, pull out, pop a pill or yank it out at the clinic.
Cause they's already enough peoples usin' up
the resources of the Mother Earth already! Well, that's How I Seize It.