Capture One Pro 6: Introduction

Uploaded by PhaseOneDK on 30.11.2010

Welcome to Capture One Pro 6
My name is Peter Eastway and I’m the editor of Better Photography magazine
If you've installed and activated Capture One Pro, we'd love you to update your user profile…
With details of the cameras you use because this information will help the Capture One
R&D team develop even better applications in the future
And although Capture One Pro is a single user license
You are still allowed to install the application
On two computers such as your studio desktop and a portable laptop
One of the new features that's challenging to show a tutorial like this,
Is the increased processing speed
And improved image quality
But you only have to use Capture One Pro 6
For a short while to appreciate what the software engineers
Have achieved
If you've been using Capture One 5, you will find the user interface is very familiar
But with some great new tools
The tools tab on the left…
Holds all the image adjustment tools such as exposure,
Color adjustment and so on
Up the top in the middle
You'll see the curser tools
Which provide you quick and immediate access to Capture One Pro’s adjustment tools
While on the right
A series of assistance tools will speed up the way you work
The center of the screen is called the viewer Where you can work on one, two or more images at the time
Or you can open the one file multiple times as a variant for comparing your work
Below, you find the browser
Which is essentially a list of all the images in the current session, there is a great new filmstrip
Mode to play with
To make the most of Capture one Pro it's best to grasp the concept of a session
A session is a logical folder structure designed to keep image files, folders, albums
and settings
All in the one place
You'll probably create a session for each job or project you do
This makes it simple and easy to copy
move or archive your work
with all your adjustments
Whenever you need to
So what are some of the key new features in Capture One Pro 6?
Let's start with the keystone correction tool
With just a few clicks of the mouse
Capture One will correct your horizontal and vertical lines
To create visually and technically superb
Architectural studies
Black and white photographers will love the new tooltab that have been set up for making
Black and white conversions
Everything you need is in the one tab
Including the option to make some really creative split tones
And don't forget all the presets already loaded into Capture One Pro
They make great starting points for your own adjustments
Perhaps the most exciting tool for me in Capture One Pro 6
Is the new local adjustment tool
With it, I can make a number of separate adjustments to selected areas in the image
Without affecting the rest of the shot
This is a really useful tool
As it will allow you to retain most of your workflow
Within Capture One
A fast and efficient workflow is what Capture One Pro is all about
All adjustments you make to one file
Are easily copied and applied to another
You can copy one tool adjustment, or you can create a whole style, which can be applied to one
Image or entire folder of images
In Capture One Pro, the output tab allows you to create as many recipes is you need
Say a.. 16 bit Tiff file
And another for a web sized Jpeg
The new and sophisticated file naming capabilities are very impressive too
Capture One Pro also let’s you turn your adjusted images
Into a cool
On-screen slideshow
But would’nt it be great to print directly from Capture One to yor printer or a PDF file?
Well, now you can!
The print dialog provides a range of layout options
And you can integrate it with a fully color managed by ICC workflow
There are a lot of great new features in Capture One Pro 6 and I hope you'll find
This short introduction helps you work your way through the application
You'll also find more video tutorials at and on Youtube