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I'm standing here with Felicity,
and we're standing in front of a big wheel of pastry.
Felicity, do you do much baking?
-I don't actually, I must admit. No. -Good!
I love it when someone says that
because it means I get to teach you something.
Now, Felicity's a Coles shopper
and she wants to learn a little bit more about baking.
And I hope you do too
because I've got some really amazing tips as to how to blind-bake.
Do you know what blind-baking is?
I have heard of it but I've never done any blind-baking before.
Well, I've got this little thing here
to put on you as a blindfold to start with.
-Really? -Only joking. Boom, boom.
Blind-baking is when you bake the pastry without the filling in.
So the whole idea is you get your little tart tin,
you bake it in there and then when you turn it out,
the pastry is baked and cooked all the way through, right?
So then you fill it up with your quiche filling or your curd filling
or whatever it is that you're putting inside,
and then you still have this beautiful crisp tart base.
-So it doesn't go soggy? -That's exactly right.
So we have to do a couple of things to prepare ourselves first of all.
Put just a tiny bit of butter on the inside here
so that there's no chance of it getting stuck.
And I just run this around.
We have one prepared tart tin.
We need to roll out our pastry.
So the idea is you have just a tiny bit of flour -
and I mean just a tiny bit, you don't need much at all.
Now, you see a lot of people rolling this way and then rolling that way...
That'd probably be me.
-Not anymore. -OK, great.
You always roll in the same direction.
OK, so just pushing it out and making a nice big circle.
There we go, Flickster, all over to you.
-Thank you. -(CHUCKLES)
-Like that? -That's it.
And then you'll give your pastry a turn.
And then this way you're ensuring that
you've always got movement in your pastry -
so you're moving it off the bottom -
and you're also growing it in a nice round circle, which is important.
Now, the end goal here is we're gonna line this tart tin.
-So we haven't quite made it, right? -Nearly. Yeah.
But we need to make it that much bigger on all sides.
Carry on rolling. That's beautiful.
OK, so when that happens, you use two hands, you move it around,
you just get a tiny bit more flour underneath.
Off you go. Rollin', rollin'.
Now, a lot of people have trouble with the next step
which is actually getting the pastry from your board into the tin, OK?
But it's actually really easy. It's probably the easiest part of it.
So what we're gonna do now is get a larger cake tin
and remove the base, right?
And this is gonna be our new best friend.
Felicity, do you feel confident?
-Look, I'm willing to give it a go. -(LAUGHS)
Here, so take that and just gently slide it underneath.
-OK. -That's it.
And pull the pastry onto it.
That's it. Nice and flat.
That's the spirit.
And then you pull the whole thing up, the whole thing up like that.
You just sit that over there.
Then you just pull it off.
-Voila. -Oh, wow.
OK, what we do next is we start really slowly,
you're just gonna feed this down, and you go all the way around,
and then you go back and you feed it down again.
That's it.
So see how I lifted it up and pushed it down?
Because what you wanna do is get that pastry
along the walls of the tart tin.
Right into the edge, yep.
What a lot of people will tell you to do is to just push that down
or run your pin back over the top and cut it all off.
-That's what I've heard. -But don't do it. I'll tell you why.
What happens is you cut the top of the pastry off
and then when the pastry actually cooks, it shrinks.
So what you do is you actually leave this overhang here on
and it'll either melt off
or you'll go back through and trim it up later.
One more important part.
Because we've just worked our pastry,
the last thing you wanna do is put it straight into the oven.
Because if you do that, what's gonna happen?
Will it break?
-The pastry's gonna shrink. -OK.
We don't want it to shrink so we stick it into the fridge,
we let it rest for 20 minutes, we let those glutens relax
and then we pull it back out and bake it cold.
-OK. -Good job. Pop it in there.
So I'm gonna rest it in the fridge and then we'll bake it.
So, Felicity, we have success.
Next we're gonna dock it.
OK, so you do that. Around the centre.
You wanna give it a good prick to make sure that it's not gonna bubble.
And then what I do is get foil,
and I actually line this with foil.
And the great thing about foil
is it's not gonna blow around too much in the oven
like the parchment paper might.
Then you take your cake weights,
or if you don't have them, you can even use a bit of rice
or some old beans or something like that.
It's just to weigh down the pastry
so it doesn't bubble up in the centre.
And literally...layer them in.
And then we're gonna blind-bake this at 175 degrees
for about 17 to 20 minutes,
then we're gonna remove it and give it another four to five minutes.
-OK? -Sure.
Let's do it.
So that's all you need to know.
Take that out in 20 minutes.
You take the weights off, you stick it back in for another five minutes.
And then when it comes out next time,
it's time to fill it with a lemon curd or with a quiche base
or whatever it is that you wanna sort of turn it into.
And once you know how to blind-bake well,
it's an absolute breeze.
It's a lot easier than I thought, actually.
It is, isn't it?
And it totally changes what you can cook in the kitchen.
I leave that little bit of overhanging pastry
so when it comes out,
you just get a sharp knife and you just trim up those edges,
you don't have any shrinkage, and it's perfect.
-Fantastic. -Well, there you go.
Now you know what to do this Christmas time
when it's time to bake your tarts.
-And so do you, Felicity. -I do now. Thank you.
-Nice to meet you. -You too.
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