The Great Queen Seondeok, 6회, EP06, #05

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Even as we speak enemies of the state are uprising in the border territories.
For Silla, they must be stopped. Are you with me?

To you, sir.
Our mission...
is assassination.
We go to the Yorea Temple.
The 10 monks there are armed and well-trained.
Our target lives in a small hermitage near the main temple.
It's impossible to beat him in a fair fight...
so we will attack while he sleeps.
We move in secret. Don't let anyone see you.
Sir, who is the target?
He's leading a revolt in Manno.
I admire him, just as you do. But Silla's enemy is my enemy.
Those are our orders.
Come again?
Troops were deployed while I was away?
- Not only that... - Well?

What are you telling me?
We've had many missions together, but he's been missing for days.
You've got to move fast. The Princess is on her way to Yorae Temple.
Bring her back safely.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Why you following me?
You can be my bodyguard.
Didn't you have me tied up?
This should be enough.
First, find out where we are.
I have to get to Yorae Temple.
Once we get to where I'm going, we'll ask about the road to Yorae.
Don't you know how to guard?
You can't leave my side.
How dare you touch me?
Look, a snake.
Get it off. Get if off!
I'm not allowed to touch you.
Stop right there! Get it off!
Now I'm not your bodyguard.
Get it off. I command you!
What kind of a nun are you?
What's that got to do with..?
Sister Nun or whatever, can you do anything?
Run, walk...
clear your own path, can't you do anything?
Never mind just being polite. You expect everyone to bow and scrape?
If you can't do anything, you could at least be nice to people who can help you.
So ask.
“Please help me with the snake.” Go on.
Not poisonous or nothin'.
Satisfied? Let's go our own ways.
We going different directions and we're SO different...
It's a trap! Stop!