Gönülçelen )) Episode 43 - complete [English Subtitles]

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we forgot the invitations. I will go and get them
I forgot my eyeliner in the toilet.. I'll go and get it
I lied today
The wedding gown suited Jeren a lot
Jeren is such a beautiful girl
You make a good couple
I hope you will be happy with her
don’t say anything
I just want to say
only one thing
this florist girl will never forget you Murat Hoca
In every note she hears even in the last note she will only remember your music
Now it is the time for both of us to stay silent
where are the cars??
Hasret where are you?
is Hasret with you Levent?
No.. isn't she's home?
No.. she's not
did you call her sister?
I called and she's not there
what happened Mrs Saime? Any new from Hasret?
No news
I called everyone..
isn't possible that she just needed some fresh air?
Impossible! once you see her room you'll understand
she had torn apart and threw away everything
let's go she might have left a note.. come on
where is Hasret?
she is not here
Is something the matter?
I can't find Hasret
she has disappeared
I can't find her anywhere
did she not tell anything to anyone? Did she not even leave a note?
I don’t know. All I know is that she cannot be found
maybe Ms saime has got news.. we will go and see
Ok brother.. thanks.. thanks
she didn't call for a cab she might have took one passing by
she's a smart girl.. she didn't leave a trace
where are you Hasret? Where are you brunette girl?
Nothing bad happened to her.. right Gülnaz?
Oh! God Mrs. Saime
What will happen to her? Don't you know her? She's just a crazy girl
She goes then comes back
The guards saw her leaving this morning carrying a luggage bag
could she have gone to someone in the neighborhood
No Mrs Saime I don't think of anyone she might go to there
last time she disappeared she went to that ruined house
I checked it she's not there
call her again Kadir maybe she opened her phone
(The number you're calling is not available try calling later)
Is there news?
No. Do you have news?
What ever will we do?
don’t worry
We will sort it out
You should just calm down
My daughter has disappeared Levent.. How can I be calm?
did she not leave a note or even a letter?
no I've looked everywhere.. she didn't leave anything
You should see her room it is a mess
She ripped and tore everything
can we have a look in her room?
of course get in
It's all because of those two duffers, tarred with the same brush
what Murat hoca has to do with this?
my sister run away because of Levent
She is nowhere.. Oh! my God
And you talk as if you knew everything
Those two hand in hand drove my sister mad
look she ran away
my flower I'm leaving, there is nothing here...
Oh God! GO
Give me the key so I can open the mayor's office
The mayor's office is open
Jafer opened it with the spare key
is he taking care of the neighborhood in your absence?
excatly that
he'll be taking care of the distribution of food to the poor
you mean you gave such an important task to Jafer Gülnaz?
leave me alone Cobra.. I've got enough on my plate now
just GO!!
Oh my God!!
are you coming brother?
I'll go back to the neighborhood too.
Maybe someone saw my sister
look kid, if you hear anything inform me
Ok sister
Ok. go
we called the nearby Cab Co. she didn't use their service
the guard saw her leave walking
she had her luggage bag
I've told you before don't get attached to the girl
look what happened
the girl left to the United States and you're hear just like a fool
how are you Cobra?
thanks sister
is she really not coming back?
she might come back once she finishes her studies
AHhh! so you have to wait forever
Just forget about her brother
And anyway she was older than you
you deserve a better looking one..
you are handsome, you are a musician, and an artist!
I am going
where? We'll go together to the mayor's office
we'll kick Jafer out of there and save the mayor's honor
No. You go brother in law.. I'm not in a good mood
really you made me sad..
(the number you're calling is not available try you call later)
Where are you sister?
Mrs. Nesrine
look what I just received
what did you receive Nakiye?
I don't know.. I'll see now
A puzzle
A puzzle after a pink panther
the house is like a toy store now
is this also a childhood memory?
No it's not
Oh! there is a letter
I found the missing piece from my life
little time is left for her to find me finally
without you my heart is broken into pieces
Don't you forget start from the corner to put the puzzle together
did you notice Mrs. Nesrine? we writes poetry.. AYYyy
I'll go start putting it up together right now
is there no news till now?
if you hear anything tell me
what happened my dear?
you don't know?
Hasret disappeared
what does that mean?
she's gone.. she ran away
Everyone is looking for her including Murat
She hasn't called yet
At least she could've called and told us not to worry about her
please don’t cry.. Hasret will call
but we should do something
We shouldn't wait for her to call
what can we do?
we can call the police and give a missing person's notice
they won’t search until after 24 hours of her disappearance
they will if I call them..
anyway you can go home now.. I'll handle this
don’t ever tell me what to do
Murat don’t make things more difficult
the number one responsible for Hasret disappearance is you
you rushed and announced a wedding date
without even asking Hasret
our private issues are noconcern of yours
They are my concern
they're about to fight Mrs. Saime
Jeren is your concern
you banned her from going to school
You intervened with everything she did
You prevented her from doing anything she likes
stop butting your nose into stuff that is none of your business
I'll tell you one thing
You don't even know HASRET.. not even a tiny bit
She hates being ordered and bossed about
She couldn't handle the pressure and she ran away
and now no one knows where she is because of you
That’s enough.. no one is asking for your opinion..
go away now and stop interfering
what are you saying?
I said stop...
shup up!
you should both shut up..
you are talking about is my daughter
I don’t know if you are aware of that
Hasret ran away because of the both of you
not one but both of you are guilty
You cooperated in ruining my daughter’s life
me I my daughter were recently reunited
I searched for her for years..
I'm living the same agony now all because of you both
I lost my daughter and I am searching for her all over again
Mrs. Saime
you should leave!
both of you should leave now..
I don't want any of you here
sit down here Mrs. Saime
are all of these mine?
thank you
They see our situation despite that
they came all the way here to show their manhood
they deserve what you told them Mrs. Saime
they couldn't even say a word
if anything bad happens to Hasret
then they should be afraid of what I might do
if anything happens to Hasret, they should be afraid of us both
but Gods' willing nothing bad will happen to her
oh Mrs. Saime
when these two showed up in our neighborhood
we were all so happy we though Hasret was fortunate
we were extremely happy
later after I thought about it
I told myself I wish they never came
we didn't have money, fame, or glory but we were HAPPY
we didn't have fancy houses like this and we weren't rich
but we were in a good state
Hasret has everything now
but now she's always crying
stay away from our life ok?
This is my last warning to you
this is not your life
It is Hasret’s life
And now her situation is important
Hasret is my fiance..
And everything about her concerns me
you can't meddle in our affair
I won't just sit and wait while Hasret is nowhere to be found
don’t try to stop me
You are being childish
Murat stop it. I won't allow this anymore
You ruin everything?
Why can you not just stay away from our lives?
I won't stay away ok
I'll always care about what Hasret is doing and where she is
you can't ever stop me with all your power
why are you so interested in Hasret?
what are you trying to imply?
you heard my question, just answer it
Hasret is important for me
and she will remain that way
if you want her to be happy just stay away from her.
You tried and lost.. She chose me
but she doesn't love you.. just accept this fact
If she loved you would she run away from you?
If she loved you would she tear apart everything you gave her?
she is just a little confused and you're the reason
you cannot blame me for everything
You should ask yourself what you did wrong too
I'm the only person that can make her happy
When I find her I will talk to her and she will understand me
I'm going to marry Hasret do you understand?
And you will stay away from our lives forever
I wouldn’t count on it if I were you..
MAYBE I will find her first
we will see about that
I don't know if you're gonna keep your promise or not
But I will
I will be your best man when you marry Jeren
if you like an invitation from the catalogue I will order it for you
No. We don't want invitations
aren't you gonna invite anyone?
we'll invite our close friends only
So you've decided on everything
yes.. we're planning the wedding next month in Paris
Good day Jafer Mr. Jafer
get out of there
Good bye Jafer
Gülnaz asked me not to let you in here
how much money is there in the save?
what?? This is my place
how is it your place?? you lost the election
since Gülnaz isn't here I'm the most rightful one to sit here
she's pregnant
Cobra I promised Gülnaz.. Get up of there
I'll do all the work today
you want to distribute the food aid to appear as a hero
a hero? I don't think of such a think
I just want to do what I was asked to do
you won't deceive them
I'll distribute the food aid today my brother
I won't be next to the citizen at election time only, but after it too
what are you doing? what are you doing?
what are doing man?
have a good day Cobra.. you won't get in here
wow! you're doing this to ME?
Good bye Cobra.. Good bye
if you get in here I'll call the police
I'm going now Jafer but I will be back
I will be back JAFER!!
Good bye Cobra.. Good bye
I will be back Jafer
where fo you think she went?
I have no idea Mrs. Saime
No one would know what this girl is doing
what if she didn't come back Gülnaz?
what if she was like Burhan...
No Mrs. Saime.. Hasret is not like her dad
she'll be back.. once she feels better she'll be back
why doesn't she call and tell us where she is then?
I don't know.. maybe she left her phone somewhere
maybe she's mad at us
No Mrs. Saime.. Hasret won't get mad at us
a person doesn't get mad at his mother and sister
what have we done to her?
don't be sad Mrs. Saime
look.. we will get news from this brunette before the evening
Call all the hospitals immediately
see if anyone has Hasret's name
what happened Mr. Levent?
Hasret disappeared.. Hurry up
call Kamal bey for me
my friend in the Police.. you have his phone number
I'll call him right away
Sevgi.. don't let the media knows about it.. OK!!
I am coming!
give me your coat
what's happening?
I don't know but he looked tense
it's all Hasret's doings.. who else
she calmed down a while and started all over again
what happened? Any news about Hasret?
so what are you going to do? Don’t you have a new plan?
oh so sad. You can't play games anymore Hasret has ran off
Now I'm sure both you and Levent must be ecstatic with joy
Jeren look I'm tense as it is.. Don't push it please
how is Levent? Did you argue with him?
can we close this subject? I want to be alone for a while
who do you think yourself are?
you are sitting in the place of whom my friend?
very soon your place will be in paradise my friend
I can't swallow all this, this is too much
I will digeste you Jafer
you used to sing nice song in the past girl
yes dear audience, welcome to our program tonight
tonight we'll be singing for you the "don't wear the white" song
Ouff! all I have in mind is "white"
hello to the one who has the voice that theaters won't ever forget
go away!
why should I go away? I'm saying the thruth
Yeah! only the ones who don't know you would believe you
I'm busy.. I need to prepare the food.. say what you want
Oh! speaking of food.. what is Jafer favorite dish?
what would you do with Jafer's favorite dish?
I'm ashamed because of what happened yesterday
the stamp issue, Jafer was sad
so I wanted to apologize from him
are you preparing a new prank?
No. What prank?
I just want to send him his favorite dish as an apology
you think everything has alterior motives
go then send him chicked soup
Huh.. As if he knows how to savor food?
Do you have chicken?
get out of here.. are you crazy?
I am bored.. I'm going for a little walk
Hello Mrs. Saime
I'm calling to apologize
forgive me the argument was inappropriate
let's close the subject
do you have any news about Hasret?
I contacted the appropriate places to look for her
in few hours we will have news.. don't worry
I hope what you're saying would really happen
have no doubt Mrs. Saime
I will find Hasret and bring her back
if you hear anything let me know Levent
Don't worry I'll inform you immediately
what happen Mrs. Saime?
any news?
Good day dear viewers
Good day brother Ismat
our dish for today is Chicken Soup a la Cobra
we boil the chicken really good
then we get to the most important step brother Ismat
the laxative
a laxative I bought from the pharmacy
just little laxative, little more laxative
some laxative
the whole laxative over the chicken
Ok the salt
now it's ready.. we just leave it until the chicken is cooked
Now Mr. Jafer we will see what will happen
I feel guilty I want to see you
come in
I must find Hasret
But I do not know how to find her or where to start
I cannot focus
ok let's put our head together
Could she be hiding in her neighborhood?
I called kadir and he said she is not in the neighborhood
Once she had ran away...
but it was not like this exactly..
tell me
I had found her in an empty old building
She used to hide there when she was a kid
does she have any relatives or friends she can be staying with?
I don't think she's staying with anyone
I think she wants to be on her own for a while
so she must have gone to a calm place
Jeren there are millions of calm places
she doesn't know how to drive
she can find an airplane ticket in such a short time
I think she must've taken the coach..
we should ask all the coach companies
I thought of it
But no one would give us information except the police
customer privacy
I wonder how Levent is searching
he knows people from higher posts
He must have everyone searching for her already
so he can find Hasret before you do
Today is the first time I have decided to write a diary
Actually I'm not sure how to start, I'm just trying to write
I'm far away now
As far as I can be
I am walking on my own
I feel lighter the more I walk
The wind makes me feel good
I missed the wind
missing is a beautiful thing
Because it has hope at the end
But I have no more hope
No one is after me now
Where am I exactly? Where is that little girl inside of me?
have I grown up now?
Is this what being mature is?
Why did no one warn me about this?
I am on my own
Am I far away now?
All I know is he is far away from me
(the number you're calling is not available...)
there is no file under the name of Hasret in any hospital Mr. Levent
that is a good news
Levent Bey..
just say it Sevgi.. say it
the bonds we signed for the advertisement agency is due tomorrow
you said you'll do something but if we don't pay you know
I know Sevgi.. I know
But you can see that I can think of that
I am trying to find Hasret
what did you do Gülnaz
you have to eat something Mrs. Saime
I'm not hungry
staying hungry won't speed up Hasret's return
never mind Gülnaz
come on
listen what I remembered while I was cooking
when Hasret was 10 or 11 years old
she went to school in the morning
it was night and the girl did not come back
we waited for her but she didn't come back
I went to school and didn't find her
I searched the neighborhood's houses, street,.. and couldn't find her
then I went to the police
they told me they will look for her and asked us to return home
we came back home but
I wasn't feeling good about it
I started having bad thoughts Mrs. Saime
there is a lot of bastards out there
what if one of these bastards had her
what if something bad happened to her
my heart was gonna explode
I was all tensed up at home
when I heard a voice coming from the window
I opened the window..
to find Hasret downstairs crying
she was saying are you gonna hit me sister?
Oh! Mrs. Saime
I ran to that brunette and gave her a big hug
I gave her a big hug and my heart was beating so fast
if I did hit her it would have been better
I was mad that morning I don't remember why
that is why she came home late that day
she didn't on purpose
I feel so much better now
you always think of others Gülnaz but never about yourself
come.. cry a little
Hasret will be back Mrs. Saime
don't worry
this crazy girl will be back
we'll hear her voice from the window and we'll both hug her
come on eat before the food gets cold
did you eat?
I did
I forced myself
I didn't want my babies to get hungry
I have no more hope
because he has someone else in his life now
I had never dreamed it would be like this
Everything had started so beautifully
I was in a dream
I had mud and thorns between my nails when I first met him
I learned everything from him
first to sing, then how to walk properly
how to talk kindly
And most important of all
how to love
I want to be near him
It is even enough if I am just close to him all the time
When I am near him my lips will will go dry
my hands will be damp
I will have stomach aches..
and I do not mind any of this
As long as I am close to him
I want my lips to be dry
my palms to be damp
and my stomach to ache
always with him, always near him
open your phone Hasret.. open
she can go anywhere she wants, what does Murat care?
he cares about her, she was his student
I am so fed up of this hasret issue she is like a curse
Mrs. Nesrine...
leave her alone she will calm down.. come
Murat I think it is enough
I want you to close this Hasret subject forever
Why do you care where hasret is or what she is doing?
you just mind your own business my son
mom.. This is not a good time to discuss this issue
It never was a good time
Whatever I said I was at fault according to you.
Mom ok.. Mom don’t talk.. Mom don’t interfere
But that is enough.. But that is enough
I don't want her coming into our lives and ruining it
Do you understand? I don't want that
mom. Hasret has disappeared
Nobody knows where she is or if she is ok or not
How can you talk about her like that in a sad situation like this?
I don't believe she is lost
She is just trying to get your attention
I am sure she will be home by tonight
that’s enough mom
I don't want you talking like that about Hasret ever again..
you are shouting at me because of that girl huh?
what is going on here?
I can't believe you two are fighting.. just calm down
she is engaged and my son is still after the girl
I don’t know what I have to do
I love Murat so much
I want to be with him forever
But I know this is impossible
I feel so hopeless
I can tell from the way he looks at me that Levent loves me
why can't I give the same love to him in return
He deserves to be loved the same way he loves
but I can't do it
I couldn't love him
Will you run after a hopeless love Hasret
or will you try to Love.. Which one will you choose?
Yes.. my mom.. Ok. Ok. connect me with her
Hi mom, how are you?
you're right.. you're right, we were coming but
we couldn't make it because of work
she also wants to meet you
we will come, we will come
you'll see, you'll like Hasret
Ok mom, see you
Mr. Levent
yes Sevgi
I know you'll be mad but I have to tell you
tell me
The loan you took from the bank..
Ok, that's enough
no need to say anything more
can you make me black coffee
(Cobra can't enter)
what's up? what are you doing here?
why have we become this way Jafer?
can't I see you cold at work and bring you soup to warm you up
whether I became the mayor or not
nothing has more value than human in this world my friend
did you bring the soup for me?
yes my dear friend
chicken soup, but I don't know if you like it or not
I like it
how nice
ok then take it my brother
to feel warm add to warm up our friendship
Oh! Cobra.. what kind of a person you are
I knew you have a good soul but you don't show it
thank you
have some before it looses all its vitamines
don't worry, I'll have it all
God bless you brother, bon appetit
Hello brother Jafer, did the load of food arrive
No it did not arrive yet
The soup smells good
Ok then take it home and enjoy it
Really? My mom will be so happy
take it of course, bon appetit
did you understand?
what you'll do when the truck load of food arrives?
I will run to you and tell you immediately
now go and watch the mayor's office and don't miss the truck
go on now.. go
Jafer will have the soup
then the truck arrives
Cobra will come and distribute the food
then cobra will be loved by the people of the neighborhood
I am smart.. very smart
thanks Balçiçek the rice is delicious
bon appetit
can I have another plate?
Ok wait one minute
- I'll bring it - one for me too
I'll bring it
- another one for me too Balçiçek - Ok OK
Hurry, I'm starving
what will happen to you? You ate 5 plates.. you should be full!!
why are you counting how much I eat.. just give another one
Ouffff!! Ok
woow too many customers Balçiçek!!
Cobra I made rice and everyone liked it
give me
Fluffy rice, fluffy.. fluffy
indeed very delicious, right?
- does anyone need anymore rice? - Yes get us another plate
you always act this way Nesrine
what will happen if you tried acting calmly
I can't
I can't control myself when things are related to Hasret
I am bit at fault in my behavior
you know
since this girl entered our life, our problems never ended
we had problems way before Hasret
Please Ethem, don't defend Hasret
I'm not defending anyone
I want you to get rid or your bad presumption
I don't have bad presumption against anyone
all I want is hapiness to my son and peace to our family
your pushing Murat away with the way you're reacting
Hello Mrs. Saime
Is there any news about Hasret?
Unfortunately NO
I came to apologize for yesterday
I overstepped my boundaries against my own will
I couldn't control myself, Excuse me
look Murat
we know each others for long time now
I'm a mom who wants to see her daughter happy
I won't interfer with her private decision
Hasret will choose choose the one who makes her happy
But if I see someone hurting her or making her sad
I will simply NOT ALLOW IT!!!
these rules are not only for you but for Levent as well
I don't want to see my daughter unhappy anymore
Jeren is such a beautiful girl
You make a good couple
I hope you will be happy with her
don’t say anything
I just want to say
only one thing
this florist girl will never forget you Murat Hoca
untill the last note she hears, she'll always remember your music
Now it is the time for both of us to stay silent
why is the truck late?
I have a stomach ache from waiting now
what's happening man?
Oh man!! Oh man!!
out of my way!!
yes.. yes.. Gülnaz everything is under control
The food aid load will come for sure but the truck is late that is all
did Cobra come?
Cobra? of course he did? how can he not come?
but don't worry I did not let him in
Jafer take your precautions from Cobra
He'll try to do something in my absence
Ok.. don't worry.. see you
see you
where are you sister?
you're gone and Yildiz is gone too
Please open your phone I need to talk to you
thank you
give me your coat
He came
thanks Nakiye
Nesrine please, act as we agreed
Ethem, you think I don't know how to act??
Is there any news?
did he go up to his room?
he's not in a good mood
I'll talk to him then
Nesrine, leave him
I will talk to him later.. in a calm manner
Ok.. As you wish
Jeren come.. your food will be cold
AHhh.. I'm done for...
what's wrong with you?
I will die from pain..
what is this? My stomach ache is unbearable!!
Cobra what did you do to us? You want us to close your restaurant?
what happened my brother?
you harmed our stomach? do you cook with rotten fat?
What rotten fat?
I'll call everyone so you see for yourself
what are you saying?
what's happening to you man?
this is the cleanest restaurant in Istanbul..
how did you cook the rice Balçiçek?
with the chicken stock
girl which stock?
it was here on that table
why? what happened?
girl how can you do this?
what did I do?
oh my God!!!
welcome.. you got the load of food aid right?
for the food aid, sorry for being late
never mind
what did you do Balçiçek?
Oh my God.. what did I do?
didn't you eat from the rice?
No.. I am on a diet
you follow a diet plan and we loose weight
what are you saying?
brother Cobra the truck arrived
I am coming
stop.. explain to me what's happening
are you doing a puzzle
what do you mean?
this game my dear
Ah you mean putting it up together
I started from the corners but..
I am so curious
I think the true puzzle is in the kitchen
you won't be able to finish all the work
No dear I can finish it all in 5 minutes
the real problem is here.. all these pieces look alike
it looks alike but it's all different
like humans
we all look alike but in reality we're all different
you look like an expert in this game
help me please
look I can do the corner but not the middle
I'll help you a little for some amusement
can I come near you?
of course dad
Oh hot coffee.. thanks
and a little bit of rum inside it
good idea
so what is the latest news?
Hasret is still missing
she is nowhere to be found and I don't know what to do
I hope you are not blaming yourself.
of course I am
I upset her and she could not bear the pressure
She could not breathe so she ran away
I think she has gone to think and will be back
What’s more important is what will you do when she comes back
will you go on playing this game with Jeren
or go and tell the truth to Hasret?
This love thing does not happen to everyone my son
when you find love you should know it is valuable
Now you have 2 roads ahead of you
Either you go and tell Hasret exactly how you feel about her
or keep silent forever
I wouldn't choose the second one if I were you
there are many who chose the latter but they regretted it all their lives
you're right dad
I will tell her everything when I find her
I don't intend to continue this game at all
hello sister
how are you kadir
where are you everyone has been searching for you like crazy
I'm somewhere.. never mind.. how are you?
how can I be.. Yildiz has gone and so have you
where has yildiz gone to?
to the USA
Her dad sent her off to a school there.. Unhappy ending
everyone is unhappy in this life
what sister?
I know it is easier said than done but
try not to think about it
and focus on something else like your music
never mind me.. where are you?? why did you go??
Kadir please don't ask me
Where are you?? I won't tell anyone
it’s not important Kadir
Why did you leave? Did Murat hoca upset you?
I only wanted to be on my own for a while.. that is all
I do not want to see Levent or Murat
My sister and Mrs saime are very upset
Murat and Levent have been searching for you everywhere
Did Murat say anything?
He keeps calling me and asking if I have news
don’t tell him you talked to me.. Don’t tell anyone.. ok
Ok I won't tell
How long will you be staying there?
I don't know.. I need to be alone for a while
And this is a very nice place.. It calms me
there is a beautiful and still lake.. It listens to my problems
is this place close to Istanbul
it is.. I came here before you know..
I have to go now
sister do you want me to tell Mrs. Saime?
No.. don't tell her anything now, I will tell her myself later
Take care of yourself.. OK?
Ok sister you two.. Thanks
who are you talking to?
a friend
you have a new lover so quick!!
oh go away..
you go away!!
let me help you
now I got you
Come on Cobra...
oooh! ouf
come on.. come on..
I can't stand it anymore
Brother Rifat...
Brother Rifat open the door.. Brother Rifat!!
what happened Cobra?
brother Rifat how are you? Haven’t seen you for a long time
Let us talk later
where is the toilet?
where is Cobra?
He's not here, he has gone
Balçeçik get Cobra for us
He is not here, how can I get him to you?
let's never come here again
you're right
we shouldn’t come here ever again
what is going on? Tell me
the rice we ate spoilt our stomachs
we can't go out of the toilet
maybe you have kept your feet in cold
We never have spoilt meal here
we thought so, but you see it
that is all Cobra’s stuff my friends
He takes revenge for the elections
Let us go and find him
you're right.. let's go.. come on..
I wonder what you are doing? I am thinking of you
what are you thinking about?
about me? or...
do you know, I can't stop thinking about you
I wish I could have told you this
I wish you would have told me something
it's so painful not to be able to hear your voice
So painful
he started again
I think he wants to calm down
Nesrin: what did you talk about
nothing just general...
what do you mean general
about the weather and temperature
oh don’t tell me... oh don’t tell me
Murat is feeling down
Are you still dealing with it?
what should I do?
You left me after ten pieces
Did you get something at least?
I guess there is a face, but...
Ah, this is me, in the primary school
Who is the next to you?
I don't know
Nakiye don’t you remember this photo?
so much time has passed
and I used to have a photo with everyone
Ok then, let's join the pieces, and discover who he is
but you won't leave at once
we should finish it by tomorrow morning.. OK
We will work on it thoroughly
Ok let's try
whom could he be? Can it be Ercan, or OSman?
I don't know who it is but...
he must be very strange if he does such strange things
I hope he is swarthy
I don't like blonde guys, and abominate auburns
but there are very handsome auburns
I thought you loved swarthy men
I mean
the most important thing is a man having nice character
Yes, you should know his character first
and then concordance of our skin colors is also important
let's do it
man, did they leave?
who they?
The food aid
they left
I received all the aid and everything was ok
Ouff ya, what have you done?
what happened? why are you asking?
I wanted to help you
thanks Cobra that's nice of you
what have you done Balçeçik
they left, I am done for
are you ok?
I'm fine
nothing wrong with you? have diarrhea.. stomach upset??
No Cobra
I'm not sick
you ate the soup?
Oh! Cobra I didn't eat the soup
a child in need came, so he got it
God bless you, you did a good deed
what else can I do? I couldn't say no
next time you get me something I'll eat it all, I promise
when will I get rid of this man? when?
what's wrong?
Brother Cobra.. Brother Cobra
what happened?
the neighborhood's searching for you brother
who's searching for me
the neighborhood brother
see here
here he is
Jafer I have to go
what's happening
the wanted brother Cobra.. here he is
come on.. go straight to home
((A Moonlit Night)) Original Singer: Seyyan Hanim
In a moonlit night
I saw and loved him
Like every love affair
Maybe this will end too
In a moonlit night
I saw and loved him
Like every love affair
Maybe this will end too
He will love you and cry for you
He will make bouquet’s for you
And one day he will forget you
Find another love
And he will be loyal to her
And this is the end of your love
When I see you
My heart goes out to you
But you do not love me
You let go of our love
You toss me out
You burn like hell
They said love was sweet
I wanted to taste it
And that is why I had fallen in love with him
We used to make beautiful love once..
They said love was sweet
I wanted to taste it
And that is why I had fallen in love with him
We used to make beautiful love once..
Will our lives always be like this?
Will we laugh and cry at the same time like this?
I am tired
Thank God you are here
the place is dirty
It’s ok.. I don’t mind
Thank God I came across you before
Thank God I found you..
I guess I don't trust anyone else except you
where's the owner of this car?
he went in there, brother
Murat hoca are you in there?
Is this you Kadir?
yes it's me
what are you doing her hoca?
I just felt like it..
any news?
did Hasret call you?
No.. she didn't call
I have to find her
I must find her by all means
well sir, we all must find her
we're all suffering from her absence
I know.. We all had hard days
but all this will end soon
I have to talk to Hasret and explain everything to her
well excuse me sir
I think you're a bit late regarding this issue
I'm not late.. I must find her
Hasret will listen to me.. and understand me
why was I silent
I'll tell her why wasn't I able to talk before
I'll explain to her everything from the start
and she will explain to me too
I will listen to her too
we will have a new beginning together
like starting a new song
but I have to find her first
I have to go
you're in love with my sister, right?
can you promise me to make her happy and never hurt her?
you know where is Hasret?
promise me hocam
that you won't hurt my sister
I promise you everything
I won't ever hurt Hasret
did you sleep here Mr. Levent?
did you get the newspapers?
I was gonna leave it on your desk
is there any news?
is anything wrong?
They knew about Hasret disappearance
((The disappearance of the singer who's album failed))
The singer Hasret who's Album success fell below expectation
has disappeared and no one knows her where about
No clarification regarding this issue has been issued
from the album's producer Levent Yildrim who's..
going through though days due to the Album low sale
Damn them!! take the newspapers Sevgi
don't say anything if someone calls
yes Mr. kamal
are you sure? where she is?
Ok thank you very much
they found Hasret.. I'm going
did you sleep here Mrs. Saime
I tried to.. but till morning
I was waiting for the door to knock or the phone to ring
I didn't sleep either
Gülnaz, you had left your home and work
what will they do..
I don't care about them now
I can't think about them now
Mrs. Saime
I must go to the neighborhood
someone is filling in for me at the mayor's office
Go Gülnaz and if I get any news
I'll call you and let you know
Mrs. Saime
I've a strong feeling that we'll hear good news from Hasret
I hope so
Mrs. Saime, I was thinking all night
when Hasret comes back
I will tell her
not to worry about anything
I will tell her she can do whatever she wants
and to get out of her life all the one she doesn't love
life is too short to be anything but happy
specially if it's because of some men
one time she asked me for
a red scarf she saw once on TV but I forgot to sew it
I'll sew it for her this time
Mrs. Nesrine you broke my puzzle
I was gonna see his face
who's face Nakiye?
my secret admirer, who else? I'm disappointed now
what is this mess Nakiye?
I'll clean it all up soon, Mrs. Nesrin
I know everything
what do you know?
the sickness of the neighborhood people
everyone suspects you
I have nothing to do with it
it's a virus due to the poluted water in the neighborhood
Jafer did you cook the rice?
No. Everyone got sick because of the rice
how? it was so good
Balçeçik has cooked it with the chicken stock
it sure was so delicious and finger-licking
chicken stock??
She used the chicken stock that Cobra prepared
Now I understand!!!
what do you understand?
you added the laxative to the soup you prepared for me
right Cobra?
then you fell into your own trap
is that possible?
Nothing happened to me and I ate 5 plates
Huhh Jafer.. did you hear that?
if that was true aunt Kadriye would be sick too
look at her.. God bless her
Aunt kadriye are you ok?
I started having stomach ache
oh! my God
I can't leave Cobra alone, he stirs up trouble
He added laxative to the food
My sister Hasret disappeared and I can't concentrate
on her issue because of that crazy man
you're absolutely right
this morning I had to block his way
and pressure him until he confessed
He said he made this plan so be can keep Jafer
away from the mayor's office
he's gone mad
what upsets me
is that I was the one who made the rice
and I lost my good reputation in the neighborhood
you don't have one anyway
you shut up.. ouff
I have found Hasret I'm going to her
really? Excellent.. Where was she?
I will explain everything when I get back
I have to rush now
ok.. I'll be waiting for mews from you
I will tell her everything
nothing matters to me
I will pick up the courage and tell her I love her..
I will scream out my love for her
that is more like it.. great..
I am waiting to hear the good news
we found Hasret Mrs. Saime
I'm going to the hotel she's in
thank you God..
Did you talk to her? Is she good?
No. Her phone is closed
they just found her name in the hotel register book
look Levent, now is not the time to make problems.. OK?
don't worry
we will talk calmly when I get to her
see you
Damn it!!
I wonder where this one goes.... Ah!!! here
Ah! it doesn't fit here
Ah! let me see if I have any messages
welcome my flower
I can never trust or rely on you
why are you saying this?
I heard of what you did the whole neighborhood
it was not my intention my flower
my plan was designed only for Jafer but it failed
So now I have to take care of your mess but
you should thank God because they found Hasret
- Ah! They found Hasret? - yes
my flower didn't I tell you she's all right
come let's go to Hasret
you have to say SORRY to Jafer
why should I say sorry to him?
He didn't take any laxative
go on
I beg your pardon
I beg your pardon
I didn't her nor understand
Please say it loudly and slowly
I beg...
your pardon
it's ok Gülnaz.. It's ok
I forgave my friend
but we need to get our customer's trust back
Cobra should think of that now
should I fill it up
fill it.. fill it
hurry up.. hurry up..
the coffee Nakiye...
Ah! Nakiye..
I was making coffee.. I forgot it and it burned
open the window fast
you filled the kitchen with gaz
where is your mind Nakiye?
if I didn't come you would've sufficated from gaz
Oh! Mrs. Nesrine you saved my life
I'm sleepy ..
go outside and smell some fresh air
wouldn't something happen to the puzzle because of the gaz
out! I said go out!
hours passed and no one came
they won't come of course, you poisoned them
what should we do?
special! special!
a bye one get one free meal
you're right! A special is a good idea
my dear people of the neighborhood
we were all victim of a misunderstanding
and we all got sick including me
yesterday we got sick, but now yesterday is gone
We are today, and today is another day
we will prepare delicious food for you
Today and to compensate for yesterday, I will be offering
a "Bye One Get One Free meal" special
I invite you now to eat the meal that Chef Jafer
cooked for you delicately and carefully, we're waiting for you
don't give me this look I'm not hiding or playing games with you
get out!
Oh! come one
the famous news anchor Ugur Dündar eats in our restaurant
I'm waiting for you
can I have Miss Hasret's room number
of course, one seconde
Sir, Hasret checked out of the Hotel
she's not here you mean?
Hasret! my daughter
we were so worried about you
my lovely sister
give her a "squeeze hug" Squeeze!!! Squeeze!!!
careful don't suffocate me
Ah! this is Shewket
any news from Murat?
He said he's on his way
but he's not answering any of my calls now
Jeren.. hurry.. hurry
what happened?
I finished the picture
who is he?
Shewket.. Shewket
and who is he?
I'm trying to remember details about him but
do you know his last name
but we can search for it
we can look him up through the internet
Oh God! Finally...
come on
my daughter, why did you leave?
I wanted to make up my mind and decide
did you decide?
yes. I did
I'll get the door
Hello Mrs. Saime
welcome Murat
Hello Mrs. Saime
did Hasret come back?
she came back
come on in.. wait for her in the living room
Hasret will join you shortly
I was really worried about you
are you ok Hasret?
yes I am fine
I am sorry I made you worry but
I really needed to get away
No we are... I mean I am sorry
I have upset you
But from now on..
I've thought about what will happen from now on Levent
Hasret, look if you want I can
Will you let me finish what I was saying?
the wedding date.. everything.. we can postpone
Please do not make a hasty decision
this is why I went, so I won't make a hasty decision
I needed to think and it's better done good when one was alone
I had time to thing really good about everything
But I guess I was being selfish and I upset you both
I do not want to postpone anything
You can choose whichever invitation you want
I am ready to marry you in 2 weeks
This is my decision