Ablevision interviews Verne Troyer at the Best Buddies Football Challenge

Uploaded by AbleVision on 09.06.2011

Hi, this is Jack Barry again and I'm here with Verne Troyer.
Verne, how are you doing today?
I'm good, how are you?
I'm great, thank you.
How many years have you been coming to this event?
This is like my third year now.
That's awesome, do you enjoy it?
Definitely, that's why I come back.
What's your favorite part about doing this event?
Oh, just all the families, everybody getting together and just having a good time,
you know, supporting the charity that is... I think it's very important to,
you know bring as much attention to as possible.

What's the best part about being with
the Best Buddies Program or being... talking to them?
Just hanging out with the kids and everybody, it's like a family.
You know I live in California, my family lives in Michigan
so it's like a big family when I come in.
Jack: What's it like being a movie star?
Verne: It has its ups and downs, good and bad
depends on the day or the evening.
But I enjoy it, it's something I always wanted to do so I'm trying to stay busy.
What made you get involved with the movies?
I actually kind of fell into it, my first movie was a movie called "Baby's Day Out"
and they needed a stunt double for a nine month old baby
so they couldn't find anybody close, I was the closest
so I had to do all the dangerous stunts for the baby.
What other interesting movie things you've been involved in?
I've done a lot of movies but probably most of them that you haven't really noticed
it was me because in the beginning,
I got started doing stunt work and costume work so
I've been a baby gorilla, been a chimpanzee,
I've been a baby panda bear so anything in costume.
I was in "Men in Black", I was an alien, so just like a lot of different things
and then after "Austin Powers" it kind of changed.
Do you have a favorite role that you were in?
I got to say Mini-Me because it's the role that really got me noticed
and you know, I got to have respect for that character
because you know, he's the one that got me involved and has kept me out there.