A father talks about using Cued Speech with his deaf daughter

Uploaded by cuedspeech on 12.11.2010

Um, I started using Cued Speech
with Pearl when she was
2, or 3.
I think, um, really with Cued Speech
it let me be the same Dad with you
as with your brother Eugene.
Um, it was just in a short space of time
you're very disempowered I think as a parent, I think that's really
um, the thing, you know, you lose your role
and you lose your bearings really.
Your child becomes, you know, someone at the hospital
er, doctors are looking at you
and why, you know?
You're just our, just our daughter.
Not just!
You're our daughter, we don't want all this.
We didn't ask for this.
We don't understand what's happening
and then, er, you're lost abit.
You don't know, like, who to ask for stuff
you don't know what's going on
and with Cued Speech, um, you know, it takes
just a week to learn then after I can cue anything.
All the good stuff, all the funny stuff
and other stuff. All your homework!
Um, and that's it really. It just puts you back
it puts you back on ...it puts you back on track.
It lets you be the same Dad for one child as for another.
You know, there's no excuse.
So Pearl, you know, how do you feel when I cue?
Not if I cue well, because it's not so good but
you know, at home or if we're out and about
how do you feel?
I feel really that I can understand more
about everything what you talk about and all that. Yeh.
So when do you, um, when's it best for me to cue with you?
When I don't understand what you are talking about
if I don't understand the words or the meaning.
Yeh, like a new word or something. Yeh.
What about, you know, um, if we go to the pool
and you haven't got your hearing aids in?
Yeh, you cue to me because I can't hear anything. Yeh, yeh.
So it's easier to talk. Yeh. OK.
So I think, um, you know, at first the relief is that
your child doesn't need a lot of language
when they are very, very young.
When children are young you don't need much language.
You can say ba ba ba ba ba! or something like that!
and then as you get older
you can say 'You can't go out in that top'! (both laugh)
So, you know, so your cueing matches the language you need.
You don't need it all at the same time
and in the same intensity (cues intensity).
How do you feel about your brother learning this week?
He's younger than you. He's good, yeh, he's good.
Sometimes when he talks to his friends I keep saying 'what? '
and Eugene can help me with what's going on, which game are we playing.
The rules and stuff. Yeh.
It means that I can understand them. What about if everybody cued though?
Would that be, a good thing? Yeh.
Imagine all sat round the table and everybody cueing
making things clear. You could see what people were saying. Yeh.
That would be nice, wouldn't it? Yeh. We'll see.
What? Who cues best ?
ME...No, No!!! or ... (ends)