MAA Screencast Project HULU0

Uploaded by mantonioli111 on 14.08.2012

>> Hello there, today I wanted to go through a quick tutorial on how to navigate Hulu+.
I wanted to do this for my mom, because she likes
watching all the TV shows on things like Netflix and Hulu,
and she can do so through her TV with an HDMI cable,
which she doesn’t have a problem with, but she doesn’t really know how
to navigate the websites too well yet, so I wanted to give her a quick tutorial on how
to do that.
So, the first thing we’re going to do is go into the address bar here, type in
[pause] This takes us to the homepage for the website.
The first thing I need to do is log into our account
that we have with hulu+. Our account is through Facebook,
so I click “Log-in with Facebook”, type in our information, which, Mom, I’ll
be sure to give all this information to you so you have it, and then I “Log In”.
Now it takes me to my personal homepage. You can tell that I’ve actually logged on
because in the top right-hand corner it says “Welcome Marguerite” and has my queue,
which it didn’t before. That’s how you know you successfully logged
The first thing I want to show you is where my queue is.
It’s right up here next to where it says “Welcome Maruerite,”
and this it where all your content is going to be,
all the different shows and movies that I’ve said I want to watch.
These are all the things I’ve meant to watch and haven’t gotten around to yet. So I’ve
got some Tosh.O, Modern Family, Saturday Night Live stuff, etc.
Now, my mom’s favorite show is Downton Abbey, and I don’t have that on here right now
because I’ve already finished watching it,
so I’m going to show her how to add that back in,
and then how she can access it whenever she wants.
So I click on the search bar and I start typing in
the name of the show that I want to find, and it comes up here in the drop box.
We see here it says “Masterpiece: Downton Abbey,” that’s what we want.
Now the next thing we’re going to do is go to the show’s homepage, and you do that
by, see it recognizes the show up here, and we
click on that. Now, this is the show’s main page.
It has everything you ever wanted to know about the show,
all the different video episodes and clips that they have,
recommendations based on our interest in this, reviews, discussions, etc.
My mom’s already seen Season 1, so we don’t need all of the episodes, we
just need Season 2. So under the “Episodes” section, we’re
going to go over here to where it says the number of seasons
there are (there are two so far). Then we’re going
to click on Season 2, because that’s the one we want.
And then right to the right of that, there’s a button that says, “+Add All
to Queue,” and that’s what we want to click.
So I do that, and now there’s a check mark that says that those nine episodes
(because there are nine episodes in Season 2)
were added to my queue.
So now we’re going to go back and check, just to make sure that all worked correctly,
and there it is! So then, to watch that, from your homepage you’d go directly into
the queue, come down and find the episode you want,
obviously, you’d want to start at Episode 1,
and then you click on “Episode 1” and the video’s going to start playing,
and that’s all there is to it.
Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and that this helps you with your different shows
that you watch.