Webserie Falcões - Trailer Falcões 2011

Uploaded by EspiritoFalconation on 15.08.2011

Trailer showing Falcões adventures in 2011 Film made by friends in order to create a webserie
For 2012, we signed with a production company specialized in TV Series (still without exhibition channel)
An explosive sport
Attack, strength all the time!
With the Brazilian swing
A team
Falcões, dude
Wait, it's missing my name
In pursuit of victory
The Falcões came out champions!!!
It's champion!
Inside the field
Get him!!
And outside the field
The game has started, brother
I'm focused
on... on... on the moves
Understood? Look:
The beer was very cold
And look:
Let's go to WAR
The same spirit
This is friendship This is pure friendship!
Get out, get out!
Brother, go fuck yourself Fuck you
Where do you know me from? Fuck you man!
Wait for the unexpected
The thing about Falcões just happens We don't...
We don't have any script, any standard We don't follow any standard, got it?
The things just happen...
See? You have to let it flow, man
Cameraman: Don't, don't, don't. Don't, crazy!
Fagot, fagot Give a little kiss to the fagot
Little kiss to the fagot, give a little kiss to the fagot
One, two, three. Falcões!!!
Why did you came using a robe like us?
Ih, it's the Saci
Go Bubba, go Bubba...
I'll kill someone
These titties...
Taz mania...
It's good, it's good Faaaaalconation