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ANTWUAN DIXON: What you want to do?
Go trip by the pool?


Got my little weights out there.
I already worked out this morning.
I woke up at 7:00, and then I was going to go to the park,
but those fools didn't want to go.
Fucking hot out here, man.
Shits cool, right?
You like it-- the house?
It's cool.
I just be chilling.
So I wake up early, since I don't drink
normally, like I used to.
I'll probably have, like, a beer or some
shit, but that's nothing.
You know, just like poolside chilling.
You're sitting by the pool, you got to have
a beer and a blunt.
That's like mandatory, you know?
It's not how I used to get wasted.
MALE SPEAKER: Welcome back to the show.
Since we started the show, there's a short
list of people that--
like, dream episodes.
And I think Antwuan Dixon, for me, is one of those people
that just like really blew up-- came out with
the "Baker 3" video.
No one had ever heard of him.
At the premiere, people were yelling at the screen,
standing on their seats.
It was a really triumphant entrance into skating.
Antwuan Dixon is a legend.
I mean, from the tattoos all over his face to him being one
of the most gifted skateboarders--
and you'll see from this footage, he goes to this
contest, and people just swarm him.
Kids are like breaking it off, and Antwuan comes in--
no skateboard--
and almost, like, wins the contest.
Shows up--
kids are worshipping him.
Older skaters are trying to give him drugs and alcohol.
And it was like he emerged from the contest victorious.
The stuff I filmed is from 10:00 AM till about 8:00 PM.
He's in and out of handcuffs.
I'd never been surrounded by that many cops.
And then I think at about 8:00 PM, I kind of had
enough, and I left.
The paradox is that he's actually kind of a mellow dude
when he's not drunk, when people
aren't giving him drugs.
I'm hoping to explore that.
Who is Antwuan Dixon?
What's his story?
And this is it--
Antwuan Dixon episode.
Hope you enjoy it.

MALE SPEAKER: What are you going to ask Jim and Erik
about Lizard?
MALE SPEAKER: What about Lizard?
I'm going to do a Lizard episode
and an Antwuan episode.
How'd you first hear of him?
ERIK ELLINGTON: First heard of Antwuan probably five
or six years ago.
showed me a tape.
I don't know how he got it.
But he was like, yo, check this kid out.
And he was like 15, just killing it.
ANTWUAN DIXON: How'd you get approached to get on Baker?

ANTWUAN DIXON: By Erik and Andrew at the trade show while
I was watching Eric.
They show him doing Baker at Carlsbad.
And then I seen them, and they're like,
wait, Antwuan Dixon?
I'm like, yeah, like, you know what I'm saying?
What the fuck?
They know me?
That's why I was like, yeah, like--
so I'm like, yeah.
And he goes and gets Andrew.
They're like, yeah, some--
blah, blah, blah, blah.
So we like your fucking [INAUDIBLE].
We want to give you a board.
And I was like, for real?
Like, damn.
ERIK ELLINGTON: Me and Andrew asked him if he wanted to get
boards from Baker.
And he was like, yeah-- just real humble, mellow kid--
really, really mellow.
And he's like, yeah sure.
JIM GRECO: Filming the "Baker 3," hear about this kid that
they put on that was just like the most unbelievable thing.
Then I finally seen this part at the premiere, and I was
like fucking blown away.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
ANTWUAN DIXON: You know, it's like, my first premiere, my
name's on the fucking TV.
People were like not really saying nothing.
You know, they're like, what the fuck was this?
But it was so crazy.
I was like looking, and then they're clapping and clapping
as it's going on, and then after it, the
people just went crazy.

Once it was over, I walked out of there dog, I felt like--

it was the craziest thing-- like, the craziest
overwhelming feeling, like--
you know like--
like, it was weird, but it wasn't like--
not at the time.
I was just feeling like a--
like, oh my-- it was weird, like [BREATHING FAST]-- like
finna cry or--
I can't even fucking explain it.
It was just like probably just so fucking happy.
Every little kid's dream-- wants to get
on Baker, you know?
MALE SPEAKER: After that, it was like it was like being on
was like a green light to just be the best or something like
that, because for a certain period of time, he was getting
like two or three tricks a day-- like
gnarly shit, easily.
And it was all "Baker 3," and then I made this "Baker Has a
Death Wish." He has a full-length part in
that one, you know.
That was all of Antwuan--
those three videos--
that's his career to me so far.
ERIK ELLINGTON: So when we approached Antwuan-- like,
we're starting Death Wish as a board company.
You want to ride for it?
He was just automatically into it because he'd been writing
on his grip tape forever and stuff like that.
MALE SPEAKER: And he hadn't been pro yet?
He turned pro for Death Wish.
There was a demand for his board.
And he's really a charismatic dude, so at signings and
stuff, he's just kind of the center of attention.
And it just seems like once all that stuff comes together,
you just go, oh, yeah, he should be pro.
SHANE HEYL: Just to watch him do a three flip or a crook
back 180, it's just like how do you do it like that?
And you have all these other kids trying
to mimic his style.
That's just how he skates.
He's just chilling--
arms down, kind of relaxed-- and that's how he does it.
And you see people faking the funk, where it's just like
they're trying so hard to be like him.
It's like, come on, man.
You can't do that.
MALE SPEAKER: What skaters did you look up to?
ANTWUAN DIXON: There was one dude that I loved out of
everybody, and I still do.
MALE SPEAKER: Who's that?
ANTWUAN DIXON: His name is Gailea Momolu--
best gnarly [INAUDIBLE]--
you know what I'm saying?--
black power--
real quick.
I don't know, it's just like that's why I do [INAUDIBLE]
He's the man of that shit, and I used to just love how he did
it, so I wanted to learn it like him.
So that's why he's my favorite.
He does bomb ass [INAUDIBLE] flips, like gnarly tail slide,
gnarly [INAUDIBLE] lip, gnarly [INAUDIBLE] back lip, gnarly
[INAUDIBLE] back lip.
He's the fucking shit.
He's so good.
My other favorite skaters are Theotis Beasley.
That's my baby.
He's been there, you know?
Just like how he's seen me-- just like how I've seen him,
we came from nothing to something,
you know what I mean?
Two little hood niggers--
you know?-- fuck.
THEOTIS BEASLEY: Yeah, I knew him for years--
yeah, kind of like my brother.
We all grew up around the same area-- me, Antwuan, and
[INAUDIBLE], but them two is on Death
Wish, and I'm on Baker.
Just everybody in the same area happened to be like part
of the same family, and that's real tight.
And Antwuan, yeah, that's my boy.
And he always looked out for me.
And it was fun when we always go on trips together--
everybody together, it's real fun.
ANTWUAN DIXON: And then my other one is fucking Moose.
Oh, my God, that kid is ridiculous.
He is so fucking good.
He's the coolest, nicest little kid, man.
Fuck yeah, Moose.
You're the man, dude.
You're going to be the fucking-- his favorite
skater's [INAUDIBLE], but if he's consistent like the
motherfucker, he's going to be like that fool, I swear.