Revolver standoff BTS

Uploaded by TiagoWazzup on 19.08.2012

Damn it...
You´re recording? No... damn it
3...2...1... Action!
Silence on the set
We already have fans
I can´t see very well, only you!
Today I was jumping and one hit me in the mouth, a bee!
You see those really big black bees? Hornets?
His brother got one here
And he did this and jumped in the water
He stayed in the water! We found 2 today
See if it´s good. A little forward
But stay there or I won´t see you
I missed...
It smells good...
Put in the shirt... No, not yet, later!
Can you notice the water?
The shirt? you didn´t do it I forgot
Let´s go, take 3 Let´s go...
Is it good? yah
What happened?
Hurry, I´m already dry
I can solve that now
Open your mouth It tastes good
It´s not bad, I´ve drank bleach before
Daaamn. Daaamn what is this?
What? I´m not too sweaty enough?
Shake! I can´t do it...
Do it! Do it! Do what?
Hold on...
Let´s go
He´s dripping...
The hair? Is it wet? Yah
What the hell is this?
I´ve never seen a person sweat this much
That´s what´s funny
Where should I look?
I kill you
I want a water drop to fall from your nose
Close your eyes
See if I show up
I won´t show up sweating
Can I smile now?
Can i? I forgot to say action
Put water in my mouth and I will drop it from the sides
Wait this one was for drinking
A little in the nose
Is it enough? Or more?
Get scared
Don´t smile, go!
I drink it!
( trying to get scared) :)
What the hell was that?
You´re interrupting the filming
I don´t get dry anymore
You don´t get dry? Yah you do No!
What are you doing?
Beijinha? What´s hurting you?
Are you going to the park today?
If I want to...
You need to stay looking...
Wait, let me go brush my teeth
You wanna brush your teeth? The hell you are, again...
I forgot
It´s that thing like that
Go, can I?
Yah now... What I´m not dead?!
3...2...1... Action
I can´t do it!
Noting shows up
I´m not seeing it anymore
Now i see it
You can´t talk!
You need to do just this... look
Like this?
yah and you fall back
I´m not sweaty anymore
It feels really good
Let´s dee if I don´t miss it! I´m standing too much forward
Don´t miss the mattress
Shut up! 3...2...1...
I sit down and fall back
This way I kill myself
Where are you gonna stand there?
Where should I look?
But where should I look?
Right there... The little hole??
The little hole
3...2...1... Action Wait let me concentrate
If I miss it I kill myself
No you don´t
I only open my head
3... There´s a mattress behind me right
Are you alive?
You almost miss it He´s dead
You interrupted my filming
Wait first you need to say
I´m sorry sir for interrupting the filming
Of course not
He´s pretending to be dead
No, I´m pretending to be alive
Oh honey
It´s over...
I´m good here
Is it?
You can stay there as long as you want