Let's Do Coffee!

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Hey team! As you all know by now, if there's one
thing I'm good at, it's cooking If there's one thing I'm not good at
it's sport Or children
Or sport with children. Yours! What do you call that?
But if there's one thing I'm terrible at, it's time management.
I am that person who says "Hey, let's catch up!"
and "Let's do coffee" I don't even drink coffee.
But I never seem to find the time to actually follow through and catch up with people.
What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?!
I just find that I'm that busy, I never seem to have the time.
But that's all going to change.
I'm going to do all the important stuff,
and still find time to catch up with friends.
Who doesn't love to catch up with friends? - Hey Cath!
- Ahh shit, it's Andy again. - (off) Tell him to fuck off.
- What do you want? And what better time to change than right-
Tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow. But what I will do today is make my list of
things that I want to achieve tomorrow.
Ok, I've made my list, now I just have to fill it in
Things to do tomorrow 1. Gain approx 7kgs
I am a little underweight 2. Learn Ikebana.
Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement.
It's a disciplined art from in which nature and humanity are brought together.
Apparently it takes years to grasp, but I'm a pretty quick learner.
Okay, I'll allow an extra hour for it
3. Write a novel.
4. Save a whale. 5. Build a two story mud brick house.
Great! I feel organised already! Now, I'll watch a couple of hours of TV
and get a good nights sleep.

The following morning I may have slept in a little.
I probably shouldn't have spent so much time watching late night TV.
It seemed like a great idea at the time.
So at around 11 o'clock I got up and figured
I should get ready because I was already running late.
I checked my emails, had breakfast, had
a shower, threw some contacts in, got dressed read over my list.
But then I realised it was actually lunchtime.
So I thought it best I eat again before I
start my day. So at around 1 o'clock I was all ready to go

Having eaten two meals in two hours I felt I was well on my way to my first goal
of gaining 7kgs in 24 hours,
so I ticked that off. I thought I should probably prepare some mud
for the mud brick house. Whilst that set, I went to the beach to try
and find a whale to save. Realising the whale would have to be beached
for me to get anywhere near it, I decided to downsize and try to save a shark
instead. The sharks clearly had no idea I was on a
schedule as after one hour not so much as a nibble.
Determined to achieve one of my goals today
I thought I should eat yet another meal to
gain some weight. So I bought flake and chips.
The day is almost over and I had achieved
NOTHING. I still weigh the same amount
The mud brick hadn't set And I realise I ate a shark rather than save
I needed to reassess and prioritise which
of these I really wanted to do.
I remember a conversation I had years ago which at the time,
I thought nothing of. I once had breakfast with a productivity expert.
To confirm that's productivity in terms of work and stuff
not re...productive...ity. It was a business breakfast.
It's not like I need his services, I'm a great worker.
I'm really productive. It was a business networking thing, okay?!
You know what, frankly I just wish you'd take my word for it
and stop bringing it up. Thanks.
But this productivity expert said something which is kinda shocking
Oh my God! Oh, hang on I haven't said anything yet.
He said the fact is that one day I'm going to die
Oh my God! Sorry, still too early, waaay too early.
He said I'm going to die having never completed
all the things I want to do. Oh my - . It's kinda lost it's impact.

As I said, at the time I didn't think anything of it.
But now I think of it, the way that he explained it kinda made sense.
He asked me to make a list of five things I wanted to achieve.
He them pointed out that once you achieve any one of those things off your list,
you immediately replace it with another goal. Like buying a cat!
You know what, he was right! I DO want to buy a cat.
And we DO always have things we want to achieve.
So that list is always going to be full. Realising that achieving things and being
productive was all about prioritising tasks
kind of motivated me to try this all again.
So I set myself some realistic tasks. Things that needed to get done, and things
I wanted to get done. I made sure I put down "catch up with friends"
because I know it's something I keep saying
and never doing, but I also know how much my friends enjoy
having me over. Andy, I don't enjoy having you around!
So the next morning I was up early, got ready and was on a mission
to do all the things that needed to get done first.

I made sure I worked quickly so I could have time to do some of the things that I wanted
to do
after all the urgent stuff had been completed.
But there simply wasn't enough time! No. I did it again.
It's not about completing everything on the list,
it's all about prioritisation. Do I really wanna catch up with friends?
Yes. Then it's something I need to prioritise
higher than these other tasks. Screw the washing I'll do it tomorrow.
I'll record that and watch it another night.
And that can wait until the weekend. We all have 24 hours in a day,
so saying I don't have enough time is just an excuse.
I have to choose to make these things a priority.
So I now have two important things on my list. What are the important things on your list?
Leave me a comment.
Mine are: 1. Catching up with my friends. - Hey Cath!
- Oh for fuck sake, would you stop coming over!
- But I brought coffee! - I don't drink coffee
And 2. Finish this video, but there honestly, isn't much time to do that so I may just have to

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