Survival Kits : First Aid Survival Kits

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

Next, in terms of car awareness, I want to show you a first aid kit. Okay? Now these
cost about twenty dollars and I believe I got this one at WalMart or Target. They're
not that expensive for what you actually get in this thing. So let me show you all the
different things that come in this pack here. All right. These are great, these little scissors
are very sharp and they can cut away clothing. If you have banged up knee and you need to
cut up to your clothing, these cut off clothing very, very well. Another thing is, I always
like to carry soap. Okay? This did not come in the kit, but I bring it just for personal
hygiene and cleaning wounds, a bar of soap is a very good thing to have. Next, thing
we have here is aspirin. Now, this stuff's great just if you're getting a headache or
something out in the wild or if you're having, if you're coming down off caffeine and you
haven't had caffeine in a couple of days because you've been out in the wild, aspirin is always
a good thing to have right here. Next thing is burn gel. Okay? Burn aid is always a good
thing to have because sometimes when you're making your fire, you're going to get burned
sometimes and it's going to hurt. This stuff cools it down and makes it feel a lot better
and heals it a lot quicker. The next thing, of course, you're going to want your bandage.
Band-Aids, obvious reasons; gauze, obvious reasons. It's always good to get a bunch of
this gauze on hand because you don't want to start cutting up clothing to make your
own Band-Aid gauze. Next thing right here, these things are great, instant cold packs.
These are when you get a bump on the head or something like that. You just crush these
and squeeze them up and they instantly turn cold from the chemical reaction inside and
then you can address your problem that you have. A couple more things in here, antiseptic
cleaning wipes, alcohol cleansing pads, these are all good just for cleaning off a wound
before you dress it with your Neosporin and bandage. Okay? A couple more things here,
these are always good to have a little bit bigger things for specific spots in your body.
You have an abdominal pad, this can also be substituted for a big piece of clothing wrapped
and put around your abdominal. It's always good to have and extra one though. And then,
a couple of these for your eyes and a bunch of different things like that. If you're ever
working on somebody else, these are always good. These are a pair of latex gloves and
that way you don't have to be messing around with their wounds unprotected. So, with all
the diseases out there today, these are always good to have. So that is a first aid kit.
Always keep it in your car. It's always a great idea. Don't leave home without it.