Interview with the Wonder Girls Part 2

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Let's go on to our personal questions
You guys have filmed in the USA
and also in Korea
So I wanted to know if there are any
major differences in filming process?
So well maybe like,
because of the culture
maybe we became like really close to our movie staff
because we would be like
HI! I'm Yeoni, I'm John..
In the states, everybody is really opened
and friendly
So.. like in Korea, there's sometimes we have to go like
"An young ha seo yo"
Like sun bae and who bae
yes like everybody is friend
I think that's
no matter the ages difference or....
Like we could be friends with the director
Like we would call the director
like Hi, Ethan
What's up!
I'm sorry today, you know?
Next question that we have
Now, when we first came to Korea
like four years ago
There were like lots of cultural mistakes
that we made
because that we weren't familiar with the culture
For example, when we first made Sam gyop sal
We had no idea how to make it
So we looked around and watching
so our Samgyopsal burnt to black
And everybody was like
Eat it fast!!
But we couldn't understand them at the time
So, When you were in the states.
Were there any cultural accidents that you made
that you weren't aware that when you look back at
and laugh at now maybe?
In Korea, we don't give tips ...
that's not a
We love that about Korea!
I didn't know about it.
Nobody told me about it
I didn't pay, I didn't give tips and I just left
and I was just about to leave
and the waiter followed me out
Hey! You've gotta give me my tip
That's when I ran back in and that's was when I first found out
That's a really good one
Yeah.. I can imagine
When you leave the States and go back home
Is there anything you miss, like food wise
like American food
like something weird that you cannot get it Korea
There's a lot
For me like,
the breakfast
it's really like special
I know
We miss breakfast
When we wake up in America
we always have like granola and yogurt
And the yogurt tastes totally different
It's so different, yeah
I know that one too
It's very sticky
You can't buy that in Korea
You can get it but it's not the same
Anything else?
Mexican food.. is also kinda hard to find!
ooh yes!!
I heard that there's a great Mexican food here
oh yeah, very close from here that we had
an amazing Mexican food yesterday
From a truck!
_________and Burritos
Yes..I know
In Seoul, it's so hard to find
In Korea, it's too expensive
really hard to find
In Hyundai Department store, I'm like
5000 KRW!
I know, Lots of people back home doesn't understand those
We all suffer avocados together
And some stuff like
Magnolia in New York
Big cupcakes and like super big cookies
I'm noticing that in Korea
they don't have like soft cookies
the cookies are always crunchy
Like North America has soft that pull apart
that makes you so fat
Obba~ You'll get fat
I think we have one more big question
OK, You're last music video
for 'Be My Baby'
was wonderful
We love the song
and we know that you are coming out
with a new song in June, right?
I was wondering if you could give us a hint about
what the next song might be like?
for our audience?
Are you ready to dance?
Maybe they can do a whisper to your ear
Yes maybe you could whisper it to me or sing it
OK Sun~
Go for it
That was the most beautiful thing
I ever heard in my entire life
Thank you
Thank you so so much
I know you must be really exhausted after flying here
and then interviewing with us but
your international fans will be like so happy
I'm wondering if there is a message
or something you want to say to your international viewers
Something special maybe?
First of all, we want to thank you all so much for your love and support
and we would like to
let you know
that our new album is coming out on June
Can't wait for you guys to listen to our new song
and our concert in Seoul
is in July the 7th
So if you guys can come
hope to see you guys there
You know like, we really feel sorry for
not visiting you guys so often
but we will try to see you guys as soon as possible
We love you ~~
Thank you ~~~
Thank you guys again~
So you guys have seen that we got the WG to sign a CD
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I understand. You must not want the CD or
the other CDs that we've got signed
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But for those who one the CD
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and yah~ the WG are really nice
I wanted to hug them
and they were really nice people
and they were really wonderful and pretty
and I liked their hair
and they said they like my hair
and they touched my hair
I haven't washed my hair
like a month
(so nasty)
whooh so nasty~~