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Episode 13.
You arrived, Seung Jo-goon.
Hi, Baek Seung Jo.
Sit down.
You don't have to be that surprised. I was surprised too when I heard you were my prospective marriage partner.
"I would never have a marriage meeting"
I was positive there would be no way I would marry a man my grandpa picked out for me.
Because of you, now I look funny.
I, too, had no idea that Hae Ra and you knew each other.
Yes, we go to the same school and are the same year. We're friends.
I did think it was weird that I got her to come out so easily.
But it seems there is a destiny between you and Hae Ra.
Then, let's have something to eat first.
Ah, yes.
Hae Ra, choose something delicious to eat.
Yes, Grandfather.
Seung Jo you also choose what you like.
Oh, Seung Jo doesn't really like oily food.
What do you think about this set meal? It doesn't seem to be too much food either.
That sounds good.
Aigoo, you already get along well just like a married couple.
I'm sorry if I have made you uncomfortable. I will be leaving early.
What's the matter? Do you have something else to do?
Do you think this grandfather doesn't have any sense?
Baek Seung Jo!
Hey, Seung Jo! Mother.
Ha Ni, where is Seung Jo?
He went out.
He went out?
He said he had an appointment, dressed well, and went out.
But why?
You were surprised right?
A bit.
You seem to have delighted my grandpa.
That was the first time he brought a picture and told me to take a look at a guy.
Of course at first, I didn't even look.
But then he said that he was the heir of a successful game company.
And when I saw the picture it was really you!
But how can I not go when it's you? And it would be so much fun?!
I wanted to see your expression.
How was it?
Your expression was... bitter
So, what do we do next?
If we want to be funded by your grandfather...
Does that mean I need to get married?
With you?
Well, that's possible too.
But you wouldn't like that, right?
Wouldn't you be the one to not like it?
Hey! What are you doing acting like a kid?
Do you have a handkerchief?
I don't.
In the condition we're in now, a game can't be released.
We're even behind on employees' salaries.
That's why I came out today.
But, since you're the other person, I'm actually relieved.
But don't you dislike it? Since it's for that reason?
I didn't know these kind of words can come out of Baek Seung Jo's mouth.
Living is pretty extreme. It's no joke.
But, I came out because it was you.
You came and you were relieved that it was me, but I
came because it was you,
even though I knew why you came.
Hey, since I knew the real reason, my pride was hurt so I did actually say that I didn't want to come.
But when this morning came around, I wanted to come out looking pretty.
Doesn't it seem like I really like you?
But don't worry. Even though the situation seems real, I don't want to go that far.
Let's just take a chance... on each other.
Let's try it out...
Okay, it's good.
It's alright. Be strong.
Right now those people are probably just seeing his fright. But once they see his true colors, they'll probably say no first.
He's not humane, he's no fun, and he's not good to the ladies.
How is Seung Jo's dad doing lately?
He is getting better.
I'm back.
Let's talk for a bit Baek Seung Jo.
Aren't you going to Father at the hospital?
Just go. We'll talk next time.
Aigoo, look at that brat.
Who would like someone that cold?
You're probably the only person that can handle that temper of his.
Be strong, okay?
You came back early.
I can't?
Excuse me...
You had a marriage meeting?
How was it?
Did you hear who it was with?
Hae Ra.
I heard it was the granddaughter of Windy Media.
Pretty perfect, isn't it?
Will you... get married?
Get married?
Marriage naturally follows a marriage meeting.
Ha Ni!
Oh! Ha Ni!
What happened now?
I guess something happened again.
Ha Ni, why do you look so down again?
Was Baek Seung Jo mean to you again?
Did you get kicked out of Seung Jo's company?
I said I was sick and that I was going to take a day off today.
So, you're really sick?
You should go to the hospital if you're sick. Why did you come to school?
It hurts here.
It's because there's going to be a marriage .
With who?!
Maybe... Baek Seung Jo?!
Who's the other person?
Yoon Hae Ra.
Yoon Hae Ra?!
Why suddenly with Yoon Hae Ra?
It was a marriage meeting.
One of the big investors of the company, she's his granddaughter.
Oh my goodness.
Yoon Hae Ra is no ordinary girl.
So are they going to get married?
He said he likes the idea.
It's the first time I heard Seung Jo say something like that.
Hey! That's good then!
Now, you can completely forget someone like Baek Seung Jo.
And you can meet a good guy.
Excuse me, President.
How did the meeting go with the chairman's granddaughter?
I heard that you two already knew each other.
Yes, that's true.
President Yoon seems to like you quite a lot as a groom.
Is the Powerpoint tutorial going well?
Oh yes, we're working on it right now.
Ah, yes. Then, I'll be leaving.
Even if you're busy, don't skip meals. Fighting.
Acting like a girlfriend...
You've got a text.
Looks like you're taking a leave of absence. I'll take it from today's salary.
Really delicious.
Did you make it all by yourself?
Of course. I made the soup base on my own, and made the noddles too!
This whole bowl I made all with my power.
How did you already...
You're amazing Bong Joon Gu.
I wanted to let you have the first noodles that I made.
Before I started working, I washed my hands throughly and prepared my heart.
I put all my passion into it.
What am I that you'd go that far for me?
What do you mean what are you? If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even wash my face.
It's really true.
Since I never know when you're coming, I dress nicely, wash my hair everday, and work hard at learning how to cook.
To put it in one sentence, Ha Ni, you are the reason that I live.
Thank you.
Since you're saying that to me, I feel like a special person.
And this is really delicious.
You're really cool. You did well Bong Joon Gu.
If you think that, we should go on a date sometime..
It would be good to go on a date...
Ok, let's do it.
Let's go on a date.
Rea... Really? For real?
Date, date.
Ha Ni, thank you!
When will we go on one? When will we go on the date?
Where is Ha Ni?
She is going on a date.
She really dolled herself up before leaving.
A red coat, and red shoes. She went out completely in red.
Sounds like she went with a guy with strange tastes.
Ha Ni!
Here, here!
Did you come early?
No, it has been about 3 hours?
Did I get the time wrong?
No, it's not that. At home, I kept looking at the clock but it felt like it wasn't moving.
So I just came.
I see.
You really came.
I'm so touched that I feel like I'm going to die.
Ha Ni is very pretty today.
Where are we going now?
First, the basics of a date...
Let's watch a movie first. It was a wish of mine to watch a movie with you.
I did too...
Oh, I really wanted to see this movie.
Is that right? I thought so that's why I got it.
Let's go in.
You want some popcorn?
Here's the Giant Combo.
Let's go!
My beating heart
Is a mess like my room
I just can't get a hold of it
Take this.
How is it?
It's delicious.
How is it?
For your own sake, forget all about me
I will call you, you
I wish to marry you
I wish to kiss you
I wish to steal your heart
-Should I put it in (your hair?) -I don't want it.

It's pretty, why not?
Do you want to take a picture?
- Watch, watch! - Hey!
I'm sorry, but can you take one picture for us?
-Hey! -Here.
-You do it too, you do it too.
-Okay okay.
My beating heart
Like my messy room
I found out that the both of them got into Parang University ranked 1st or 2nd in their schools.
During some point in high school,
I heard that they met once at a tennis tournament.
It's a match made in heaven isn't it?!
If that's why you think so, then every couple is a match made in heaven!
For a couple to be a match made in--
But this goes for both Seung Jo and Hae Ra. Maybe after they finish their studies--
Can they not study after they get married?
I'm thinking it might be nice if they study abroad.
If those two get married think about how talented their children would be?
Doing business and all, I've learned that people are the most important factor.
One smart person can do the work of 100 people.
Chairman Baek, no need to worry about money now. Just carry on with your company.
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Baek Seung Jo! Yoon Hae Ra!
Laugh while you can!
After today, living will suck.
It's very entertaining.
Keep going.
Ah, I'm so full.
I was going to buy dinner.
What are you talking about? The man usually pays for the meals.
Today was fun.
The movie was fun as well.
I also had a great time.
This is the best day of my life.
Ha Ni, your smiling face is the best thing in the world.
If I got to see your smiling face everyday,
I'd probably be full even if I didn't eat.
Is there something on my face?
Then, am I being strange?
Thank you.
Ha Ni.
You really are a good person.
I already knew...
but I really feel it these days.
Ha Ni, have you ever been to the Han river?
I haven't been there at night.
I haven't been there since I came up from Busan.
Do you want to go?
Wah! The Han River is so pretty!
It is.
Your mind is everywhere these days, isn't it?
Is the game development going okay?
My grandpa said that the idea was really good.
It's just okay.
I'm going to go at it like a blue frog.
Blue frog?
Since everyone is always saying 3D, 3D,
I'm planning to do something different from 3D.
Like an animation.
That's great.
Everyone's always talking about how to make a game more realistic,
An animation type of game .
That's contrarian.
That's exactly it. Contrarian.
Taking the game's weakest point and making it into the strongest.
I'm thinking about making it look like an animation.
There was a reason that my Grandpa was so interested.
He's really into you.
Do you want to go to a jazz bar in a little bit?
Omo, omo. Ha Ni, let's get going.
Wow, is this really the Han river?
It's really pretty.
Ha Ni, what's this lit up area?
It seems like it's a cafe.
Then, let's go inside the cafe.
Should we have a caramel macchiato?
Let's go.
Let's go.
The cafe is really pretty.
This is the first time I've been someplace like this in my life.
If I didn't know you, I would have never come here.
These places come out on dramas.
Do you like it?
I really like today.
Ha Ni, aren't you cold? You should have dressed warmly.
Oh, Baek Seung Jo
You're on a date?
Can you not see?
Hey looking at you two, it looks like you're having a good time too.
Yeah. It's good.
Could it be that Seoul is that small?
How did we run into one another here?
I wonder...
Ah! You wanna go together?
We're going to a jazz bar.
It's just a casual place.
What's wrong? It'll be annoying for all of us.
You guys should go to some place like an arcade.
Isn't that more comfortable?
Hey, what are you implying?
We have ears too and we know how to listen to music as well.
That's right. You know me quite well.
Let's go somewhere else, Joon Gu.
Oh Ha Ni...
You look quite good together.
Does it really look that way?
You guys are a match made in heaven too! You and your nasty personalities look perfect together!
Let's go.
Good bye!
Ha Ni...
It's so pretty!
It's really pretty.
Thank you
for bringing me here.
Marry me.
What I'm saying is...
marry me.
Do you not have hands?
You'd probably say that if I were Ha Ni.
Why are you so mean to Ha Ni?
Oh, am I weird?
Why do I feel that it'd be nice if you were mean to me too?
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Will you...
marry me?
Bong Joon Gu.
I look at you,
and you look at Baek Seung Jo.
It's already been 4 years of that.
Of course...
I can wait however long for you.
But, Baek Seung Jo...
he's found someone else now.
Both looking at someone else's back like that...
let's stop that now, Ha Ni.
All you have to do it is turn around.
If you just turn around...
I'm right here.
Joon Gu...
Let's get married,
Ha Ni.
He's late.
What is he doing right now?
Jazz bar.
It must be fun.
I'm thinking of Baek Seung Jo again.
You were home.
What time is it right now?!
11 o'clock.
What have you done until now?
You go to a marriage meeting without even telling us.
I heard you went on a date again.
What are you planning to do?
What are you doing right now?
He said he's fine, so what's wrong with you?
You don't have to do that. Your father's fine.
I'm not doing it because of Father.
What a liar.
You're doing this for your father's company.
No way.
You really don't know your son?
what's the reason to keep seeing President Yoon's granddaughter?
Are you really curious?
Because I like her.
That makes no sense.
That reason is enough right?
You... Baek Seung Jo.
Welcome back.
You're late.
You came early.
You looked good together.
Yes, it was good.
It was fun, and he was nice.
Unlike someone, he wasn't mean to me.
I liked it.
That's good then.
Good luck to you.
What? A proposal?
Bong Joon Gu is amazing.
So, what did you say?
What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
What is this?
I know that Joon Gu is a really good person,
but still...
I don't have those feelings for him.
Even when I received that sudden proposal...
I was a little surprised.
But since it passed, I just calmed down.
where is there a person who thinks about you as much as Joon Gu?
Hey, honestly speaking,
instead of Baek Seung Jo,
you look much better with Bong Joon Gu.
Baek Seung Jo
is getting married with Yoon Hae Ra.
Yeah, Ha Ni.
This time, think carefully about Bong Joon Gu.
He looked at only you for four years.
You probably know how Joon Gu feels, better than anyone.
You know what I'm saying right?
- It's pretty. - Ah, Seung Jo.
Which one is better?
The white one.
I think so too.
Should I wrap them together?
Please do it separately.
I'll pay for it.
Thank you.
Ah! Then, I'll buy dinner.
I know of a few places.
The person that looks good with me
is not Baek Seung Jo,
and it could be Bong Joon Gu.
Even if I don't get excited, he's comfortable,
like family.
I see you again.
Are you shopping?
We're going to go eat dinner.
Do you want to come with us?
Shall we?
Yes, let's go together.
Whatever you choose.
It's not like I'm begging you to come with us.
Yes, let's go together.
Are you going to look at those all day?
Oh, Chef! I'm sorry.
Clean it up.
Oh! Ha Ni!
Come in.
This place...Ha Ni, this is your...
Yeah that's right.
Oh Ha Ni and Bong Joon Gu...
This place has 60 years of tradition, So Pal Bok Noodles, which Oh Ha Ni and Bong Joon Gu will be taking on!
Ah, but you're friends?
Friends, Chef? They're getting married.
Is that so?
Sit... sit down please.
I looked it up on the Internet and decided to come here.
Your restaurant is really pretty.
Ah, yes.
Wow pretty.
It's so pretty it feels like a waste to eat it.
Since this rascal came, our chef
made something special.
Of course.
If it's Seung Jo and his friend, then they're VIP.
Please eat a lot.
Yes. I'll eat well.
Ah look at this, look at this. You don't even know how to eat it.
With this Pyongyang Neng Myun...
you put the vinegar right onto the noodles.
And after waiting a little bit for the noodles to soak up the vinegar...
you pull them apart and eat them.
Oh, it's like that. I didn't know either.
Really? Well it's okay to not know. A lot of people don't. Eat a lot!
Makes me look at him differently.
You must be happy, Oh Ha Ni.
Since your boyfriend knows a lot.
I can't use chopsticks very well.
You can't make fun of me for using them strangely.
Ha Ni.
What are you looking at like that?
Seung Jo's face will fall off.
Your Imagination Will Become A Game.
Your imagination will become a game.
We've portrayed many fun features for users within this game.

It's a stylish action with top notch visuals.
With the various missions systems,
users can enjoy different levels of enjoyment through the game.
Especially because our games style concept differs from other games.
Action game...
That's the focus and the factor that will differentiate our game.
Then, I will show the demo version.
You have all just experienced the world of imagination.
Just like he said, it looks like an animated movie.
It must not have been easy, but you finished in a short time period.
It was due to the late nights that the employees worked.
-You worked hard. -Goodbye.
You worked hard.
Should I ask Hae Ra to come out so that we can go eat somewhere?
I'm sorry.
Today is the day that my father gets discharged from the hospital,
so I have to go home and eat dinner at home.
Ah is that so?
Then the timing is good!
I'll ask Hae Ra to go over there.
She needs to give her greetings now that he's out of the hospital.
Seung Jo, your mother came out.
-Hello. -Yes.
Why are you here? Come here.
I've met you once before.
I'm Yoon Hae Ra.
Oh is that so?
It seems like I've seen you before,
but I guess your impression wasn't that great.
You know that Ha Ni and Seung Jo are living together right?
Yes, of course.
Oh my, you bought cake.
He's (father) forbidden to eat anything sweet.
And Seung Jo doesn't like sweet things.
I bought it, so that you could eat it.
Oh, really?
These are rice cakes.
It's set to eat comfortably.
Please eat it once.
She is different from Oh Ha Ni.
What about rice cakes?
Even if it's simple, rice cakes are rice cakes.
Shall I eat cake?
Then please talk.
I should go in and lay down.
Me too.
Seung Jo.
He is my son,
but Seung Jo has a very tiring temper.
He's self centered and naughty...
And he's no fun.
That's not true.
He is fun.
And he can converse well.
You too...
must be a boring style.
You talk back well and only talk about things from books.
You must be like that?
Yes, you're right.
We're both rational and logical.
But even though people look at us like that,
it's fun for us.
More than that, he is not good to women.
He doesn't say a single nice thing.
He's the type of person to fix someone's love letter and give it back.
I've done that before too.
Wow really? You really did that before?
You guys must be one of a kind.
Baek Seung Jo seems like he's smart, right?
But, he's dumb.
He doesn't know his own feelings.
If he likes someone, he's colder to them and hurts them more.
And he pushes them away. That's what I see.
That means he's scared. People's feelings...
can't be solved easily like a math equation.
that he might get caught.
Are you like that too?
You're childish.
What? Childish?
I won't say anything about you liking Oh Ha Ni.
But, why are you pushing me to like her as well?
Were my words wrong?
You are my son.
I know you.
But you don't know yourself.
Even if I don't,
Let me do things the way I want.
Beak Seung Jo.
My career and even my love life.
Please stop your meddling.
I have always respected your decisions.
Isn't that so?
But what is this?
You obviously know Ha Ni's feelings and you still brought her to our house!
This is a problem with courtesy among people.
Are you a kid that doesn't have courtesy?
I'm fine.
Now, please
Would you stop this!
Baek Seung Jo, you!
Since you have always respected my decision, please do so this time as well.
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I thought that Seung Jo really liked Ha Ni.
Since he is my son I believed that he would eventually come to like her.
You can't control your kids like that.
But don't those two really suit each other well?
They fill the missing spots and share what they have too much of.
Isn't it really like that?
That's how I see it too,
but Seung Jo is not going that way. What can we do?
What to do?
I feel like I did something bad to both Seung Jo and Ha Ni.
He likes her.
Hyung likes Oh Ha Ni.
So don't cry, Mom.
Eun Jo! What are you talking about?
Baek Eun Jo!
Are you really going to get married to Hae Ra?
Isn't she pretty? You like pretty Nunas.
Do you like that Nuna?
Won't it turn out like that, if we keep going on?
But still!
Still, the person you like is . . .
That nuna is a woman that suits me very well.
She is smart, and she can play tennis well too.
If you meet her for a couple more times, you'll definitely like her.
Sleeping in a place like this...
She's really carefree.
A bug on top of her hand?
Oh Ha Ni, you'll be surprised for sure.
Then hyung went back to the pension.
So it was a dream!
H..hyung kissed Oh Ha Ni.
After doing that...
I saw everything.
But still I can't tell that to Mom.
Hyung is saying it isn't so.
But this is for sure.
Hyung likes Oh Ha Ni.
Is something going wrong?
No. There isn't anything that's going well or anything that's going wrong
I'm just playing.
What is this, genius Yoon He Ra?
Should Grandpa put some speed into it?
Put speed?
Yeah, we're the ones that pulled the knife.
He's the one that's supposed to be trying, not us.
I don't want it, Grandpa.
Scaring someone to make them do something, that hurts my pride more.
Then should Grandpa just stay still?
Yeah. For now.
If I really think there's nothing I can do,
then I might ask you to use a knife.
Yeah. Don't hold it in.
I won't hold back.
Baek Eun Jo...
I made the pudding that you like!
Here! Eat it.
Is it good?
That's a relief.
But, Eun Jo...
what was that you told me before,
about Seung Jo liking Ha Ni.
I'm not eating anymore.
Ah, why?
You're hiding something aren't you? Come here!
Maybe because the weather is clear today, there are many stars in the sky.
What do you think about me dating Joon Gu?
Joon Gu?
Why? Did something happen?
No, I was just saying "What if"
What if that's the case.
What if?
Yeah, what if that's the case.
Well, who knows?!
I didn't like him much because he was rough on the edges and all...
He's like a man.
And when he cooks, he really focuses.
As a chef I think he's great.
And more than anything else, he really likes you Ha Ni.
He cares for you, so there's nothing not to like.
Is that so?
I guess Seung Jo's getting married?
It's that girl who came to the restaurant?
I feel like I've made an unwise decision.
We shouldn't have moved back in no matter how much they tried to convince me.
You know.
If we stay here longer, it will get strange.
It'll get uncomfortable between people. We won't even be able to talk.
Seung Jo...Well Oh Ha Ni was a really good lady.
Making me really think about it,
it was a good opportunity.
There are many stars, right?
Oh, Joon Gu!
At the restaurant?
Why? Today is your day off, isn't it?
What are you doing on your day-off alone?
I'm making a new menu Can you come by after school?
If you say it tastes good, then I want to officially present it to the chef.
You have to come, okay?
These little punks... What are you doing?!
Get up quickly! Move it!
Sunbae, can we not rest for a while?
What did you do so that you can rest?
Training does not stop. Never stop!
It's supposed to rain tomorrow morning. Are we doing this tomorrow too?
You crazy jerk
Why would it rain on a day like this?! I'll bet my life savings and my left hand that it doesn't rain!
Hurry and get up and stop with the nonsense.
You're the same.
Aigoo! Hey!
Seung Jo! It's really been a long time!
I've heard about your father. Is he alright now?
Yes, he got through it.
Oh! That's a relief!
What to do about this? Since you don't come, the girls don't come as well.
Look at this! It's full of men. Aigoo really.
You came well. Since you're here, let's play a game.
I came to clean out my locker today.
I don't think I'll be able to come for a while.
Something must be wrong with you. What kind of freshman is that busy?
I don't see the ball boy today.
Ball boy?
Ahhh. Ha Ni?
She's always skipping these days. She must be busy dating that guy who works in the cafeteria.
These little punks! What are you doing?! Move it!
This is our school's tennis court.
Ah, the tennis court where Ha Ni suffered and got ignored a lot?
Yeah. This is the place.
-Woah. -It's good, huh?
Yeah pretty extreme.
Wow, oh. Practicing...
Oh! Baek Seung Jo!
Why are you here?
Shouldn't I be asking you that?
Ah.That's right.
Anyway, we heard you're getting married.
With Yoon Hae Ra?
Today, isn't Ha Ni meeting up with Bong Joon Gu?
Yeah! Bong Joon Gu is making something really yummy for her.
Bong Joon Gu is so great!
I know! Who knew he'd even ask her to marry him?
Is she responding today?
Ah, that's right! That's why she dressed up so nicely.
Then won't Ha Ni be the first one to get married?
Ah I know!
So Pal Bok Noodles.
Eat more of this.
Ah, I'm full.
How can you be full already? I prepared a lot.
Next time.
But these are really delicious.
Be sure to tell Dad. It'll be a jackpot.
Is that so?
Drink this. It's plum juice. You'll digest nicely.
Joon Gu, you're really great.
It seems like your cooking skills have gotten better than my dad's.
Aigoo what are you talking about?
I still have a long way to go to be like Chef.
But since you're complimenting me, I do feel good.
My heart is beating.
It's raining really hard.
Ha Ni...
What I said last time...
I didn't just say it.
Have you thought about it?
But... I...
A little more ti...
It still can't be?
I'm talking about Seung Jo.
He even went on a marriage meeting. You can't get rid of your feelings yet?
No, more than that...
Ha Ni...
That cold and bad guy, what do you like so much about him?
I told you last time. I'm a house.
Whenever you come, I'll be always there.
if you let the house be empty for too long,
you can't use it anymore.
Joon Gu...
Are you okay?
Ha Ni, are you okay?
Ha Ni, I really like you!
Joon Gu...
Ha Ni...
Joon Gu, don't do this.
Joon Gu!
Don't be like this.
No, don't do it.
I told you not to do it! Joon Gu!
I guess...
that it can't be me.
I'm sorry, Joon Gu.
I really am no good.
After making Joon Gu that hopeful,
he only ended up getting hurt.
What is this? Did I make it so that if it's not Baek Seung Jo, it can't be anyone?
-What are you doing here? -What do you mean? Isn't it obvious?
There's no chance that you'd take an umbrella with you.
Then, were you waiting for me?
Are you coming from meeting that guy?
Which answer did you give him?
I heard he asked you to marry him.
I can't do that?
That's why I ask, which answer you gave him.
Whatever I said to him,
it's none of your business.
That's right.
am going to move out.
I've talked with my father about it.
I'm going to get in your way.
It's a relief that Joon Gu works so hard.
My dad likes him a lot too.
Now, I should help my father at his restaurant with Joon Gu.
Do you like him?
Bong Joon Gu?
Of course I do.
For 4 years, he only liked me.
If someone says they like you, then you just like them like that too?
I can't do that?
I'm tired of having a crush now.
I want to see a guy that likes me. I like Joon Gu.
You ...
You like me.
You can't like anyone but me.
What is this, that confidence?
Am I not right?
Yes, you are right!
I only like you.
So what am I supposed to do?
You don't ever see me. Someone like me...
Don't say that you like another guy.
That's the second one.
Second what?
It's the third.
It's fine.
you don't have to count those things.
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There are actually results from having a crush for four years.
Get in.
You finally did it.
Then what about Bong Joon Gu?
You're faster than I thought. I knew that someday you'd find your true feelings.
But you're not having a hard time anymore?
I'm not.
It became fun.
Yoon Hae Ra, what's wrong with you?
I wanted to call you "Father."
I wanted to call you "Father-in-law."
Congratulations on your marriage.
I'm sorry.