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In this week's episode, we see that the musical is really
coming together.
And they're ready to move to Boston to practice on stage
for tech rehearsals.
Everyone's really excited.
But tech is a very stressful time for a production.
Because if something can go wrong, it will go
wrong during tech.
And for Bombshell, the lead, DiMaggio,
decides to drop the play.
What a jerk to leave the show right when it's
about to go on stage.
The producers have no choice but to bring back Michael
Swift, as he's the only person who can play the role on such
short notice.
Julia's life is piecing itself back together, as her and
Frank have been getting along for over a week now.
And she plans to keep it that way.
When she find out that they want to rehire Michael, she
puts her foot down and says that if they hire Michael,
she's out of the project.
But Eileen explains to her that there aren't many
options, and she just has to separate her personal life
from business.
Meanwhile, the relationship between Derek and Rebecca is
taking a twist, as we see her putting on a surprise
performance of "Happy Birthday, Mr. Director" with
an additional pinch of sexual tension.
Derek visits Rebecca later on in her dressing
room to thank her.
But he has some other plans on his mind as well, as we see
him giving her a very passionate kiss.
Ivy can hear giggling and whispering from outside the
door, but is prevented from coming in
by Rebecca's assistant.
Is Derek blatantly cheating on Ivy?
A similar event is taking place for Karen as well.
As Dev can't handle being away from her, he finds himself
spending time with homewrecking, trashy, no-class
RJ from work.
Maybe I'm being a little rough on her.
She brings over some whiskey.
The two share some drinks, which leads
to a make out session.
But Dev pulls back before things can get any worse.
Dev decides to surprise visit Karen in Boston, and surprises
her with a marriage proposal.
However, she can't accept right away, because
she's busy with tech.
And the two get into a huge argument.
The show ends in a bar when Dev and Ivy, who are both
bummed out about their relationship problems, meet
each other as complete strangers.
Dev offers to buy her a drink, and the two are seen hitting
it off and continually flirting, even though they
find out each other's true identities and how their lives
are actually connected.
I know I'm not allowed to curse in these videos, but
what the hell, rain, sleet, and snow is going on?
You don't mean to tell me Ivy and Dev are together.
What are you doing?
Smash, Smash, you can't do this.
This is too much emotional tension.
You can't.
You can't.
I can't even.
I can't even.
Even if you've never seen the show before, you have to watch
next week's to see what's going on.
Because this is disgusting.
With that being said, This has been Luan Legacy.
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