A bag full of apples 1974 meshok yablok English. subtitled Russian Animation

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Studio Soyuzmultfilm 1974
A bag of apples
Scenario V Suteyev
Director: V Bordzilovskiy, Art director V Arbekov Music M. Zib
camera M Druyan Sound V Kutuzov
Animators: A Abarenov, A. Davydov I. Davydov, F Eldinov O Komarov, I Kuroyan
N. Kukolev, V Likhatsjev, O Orlova T Pomerantseva, O Safronov
Artist: D. Anpilov Cutter G Smirnova Assistants Z Plekhanova, N. Nayasjkova
Voices: B Andreyev, G Bitsin, A Papanov B Vladimirov, L Kataeva, B Runge T Dmitrijeva, Roninson Gotlib
Scrip editor P Frolov Producer L Butyrina
Sings: Tral-la-la-la-la-la-la
Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la
Tr ... trya-la-li-la-li-la-la
Hur-ra-ay-ah! Apples!
Ah, nice goodies! My kids will be happy!
-Ushastik, Pushistik, Zvonok, Prygunok, And waiting at the table, the impatient Poskok
-What is this? What are you doing?
-Everyone comes here, each taking and taking Have you shame? No conscience?
-Why are you fussing about?
-This is a wild apple tree. It has apples enough for all of the wood.
-And at my house the little rabbits are hungry ...
Sings: -All rabbits are waiting for daddy
-All have different name
Four sons and a toddler-daughter
-I love my little rabbits I love my kids
-Why should you hurry for those rabbits?
Mimics: -Little kids. Waiting for Dad.
-Then there comes a hunter: Bang-bang! Oh-oh-oh! And they're gone, your rabbits.
-Don't say that! Do not talk like that!
-Or ... or a wolf: Am! ... and that's it!
Look, how much you took - You can't even lift it.
Just look, you crook, look. You should watch out your rabbits won't burst!
-Oh! Oh st! Oh! Ugh! Oh!
Well, little crook, well, I'll remember it! In the future, in the future you won't be getting apples here!
-So. pull, pull, pull, pull.
-Oh! What is it?
-Ah. That's it. So. and pull, and pull, and pull.
-Oh! Again.
-Ah! Pull, what is this?, I swear, I .. AHHH!
-What are you scared of, goosey?
-Do not be afraid, I will not harm you.
Well, tell us what you are carrying, Where are you heading?
Sings: -Do-do-do-my family is waiting for me at home
My sons like fruit
-Ushastik, Pushistik, Zvonok, Prygunok, And waiting at the table, the impatient Poskok
I have four sons and a toddler daughter
-Help yourself, Misha!
Small-they are.
-Oh! And sour! ... Come on, give me some more!
-Uh,do take. Take as many as you want Uncle Misha. I have enough.
-There's nothing like apples! So refreshing!
Yes? Ha ha.
Well, be healthy!
-Cheers, Misha.
Bear sings: -Ah-la-la-la-la-la-la!
-Uncle Rabbit! Uncle Rabbit!
-Uncle Rabbit! Give us an apple too.
-Eat, little tree fellows! I have a enough.
-Eat to your health!
Thank you, thank you, Uncle Rabbit!
-Hey! What are you puffing, barbed head?
-Here, I'm looking for a few mushrooms. But I haven't come across any yet.
-Poor fellow! Here, take some apples.
-I have enough! Hand me your basket.
-You rescued me! Thanks neighbor!
-To your health, barbed head!
-Who's there? It's me, Rabbit.
O-ho-ho-ho! Cool lad! Long time since we've come across!
-And what is that smell, right?
-Wait, that's apple!
You guessed , dear man! Here, have a couple.
Thank you, friend. I'll see you soon.
-Hey! Wait a minute!
-Who is there? It's me, the Raven.
-That's a laugh! The hare gives apples away. At home he has enough to feed fill a bowl.
-His little rabbits sit hungry at the table!
...and when you come to the end there's a mansion on a stump.
In the attics lives the fly, the frog and the hedgehog and on top the golden cockerel .
-A certain day they went ...
A dad is coming soon? -Soon, honey, soon.
-And now you know everything, neighbor!
The rabbit keeps giving apples away.
-And at home, they have nothing to eat. There are only hungry rabbits.
Look, there is lying an abandoned cart
I suppose, because it can't be driven properly! Her wheels are all different.
-I want to eat.
-Sit still. Here comes father - Just sit down for dinner.
knock at the door
Papa! Daddy's here!
-Who's there?
-We! It's us!
-Tell them! No, you tell them.
-Together! -Lets go then!
Chorus: -Mama send us with a gift for you!
-What kind of gift?
-We do not know. She just told me to tell this.
-They brought nuts! Hooray!
-Wait a minute! After you've been so kind and generous to all!
-You've given all something, but me? What about me?
-Well, I'm so sorry. I forgot you. I will give you something now ...
-Look! All the others stuffed themselves with apples!
But for your hungry children at home... Northing's is left!
-Not true. I will go back to the forest. And get another bag of apples.
Well where do you want to get them? Where will you go, stupid?
-It is almost evening and some bad clouds are rolling in. By the looks of them, a storm is coming!
-And your share of the apples will gather too!
-As if I need your apples! Ugh!
-I met your husband in the woods. He had gathered a big bag of apples.
-He didn't come here with it yet.
-Probably the bag turned out very heavy to carry. So he is late.
-He'll come. I better be going now.
-Where are going? why don't you sit down, rest, and wait for him?
-No, no, no. I can not. My wife is waiting for me as well.
-Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You forgot your basket with mushrooms.
No,no. It's my gift to you, and the hare.
Well, how is that?! The whole basket! That can not be true! We must give it back! Oh!
-Be-ee. Hello, neighbor. Not disrespect, But we thought you might like some good cabbage.
O-oh, what a disaster? And, uh, who's there?
-Uh-uh ... I ... s- the hare.
-That insolent creature! What are you doing here?
-Uh-uh I came... to collect.... Apples.
You want apples?
-Er ... It's not for me. It's for the little rabbits.
-At home there are 5 hungry little rabbits.
Sings: -Poor children without a father!
-Will cry endlessly.
-Ushastik, Pushistik, Zvonok, Prygunok, And waiting at the table, the impatient Poskok
Four sons and toddler daughter.
-Oh-oh-oh! Interesting, interesting. Four son and a big daughter!
-No, no!! And a toddler-daughter!
-Very, very interesting, interesting. And a toddler?
A toddler-daughter!
-You, hares, then like apples, yes? -We...we. love them.
-And Me? I love rabbits... raw.
-Where am I? Who's there?
It's me, the hare's wife. The rabbit did not come home yet.
-Right, that's why I made the tunnel!
I can smell it's the hares house. Well, mistress, wait a minute
-Cheers! Hooray! Hooray!
You better, lock the door!
-Rabbit, my poor fellow!
-Papa, papa, what did you bring?
-I have nothing, nothing at all I brought for you...
knock at the door
-That's the Wolf! Hide! Hide!
-Where are you guys? Hey, squint-eyed, where are you?
-Do not be afraid, It was me banging the door.
-I am here, Misha!
-Here, take this gift from me. Real honey, linden blossom!
-It's good for kids.
Hare sings:
Ah, nice goodies! Eat, eat, kids.
-Ushastik, Pushistik, Zvonok, Prygunok, And waiting at the table, the impatient Poskok
Four sons and a toddler daughter.
-And I'm not ever, ever, allowed to sing a song!
Sings: Four sons and a toddler daughter.
The end Subs by Eus after a Russian sub for the hearing impaired