Sony Vegas Pro - Deinterlacing Tutorial

Uploaded by AlesTemple on 31.03.2011

Hi friends! Today's tutorial is devoted deinterlacing ...
Create a new project
Project settings 1920x1080, 25p
Drag your video to Timeline
Clicking the right mouse button, call the properties of video
Choose -> Disable Resample
In the Media tab to select -> Field order -> None (progressive scan)
Now we need to download the plug-in - YADIF (Yet Another DeInterlacing Filter)
Download page - /software/yadifvegas.html
Installation instructions inside the archive!
If you're properly installed, the plugin appear in the Video FX tab
Apply this plug-in to our video
For HDV 50i select "UPPER"
Now our video to progressive format!
A small color correction, and our video is ready!
The end result!
For render your video select template - "Internet 1920x1080-25p"
Thanks for watching!